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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 07 Aug 1874


RAIN fell in these parts Wednesday last, and vegetation was the gainer by it.

CANDIDATES. -- Several new announcements will be found in to-day’s paper.

PEACHES have made their appearance in our market. They are selling at fifty cents per bushel.

LOSS. -- Mr. John P. Welker lost a valuable mare last week, and Mr. Marke Geringer also lost a mare.

LARGE. -- We saw a gourd on last Tuesday, raised near Perryville, which will hold a full half bushel. -- Who can beat it?

PLOWING. -- Many of our farmers are now busily engaged plowing their land, preparatory to sowing their wheat.

DIED, on Wednesday night, July 29th, 1874, at Ste. Marys Seminary, Mrs. Manerva Tucker, about thirty-two years. old.

THE KATYDIDS have made their appearance to remind the nightly traveler that summer would not be completed without them.

RATTLESNAKE. -- Mr. Jules Richurdet, residing five miles northeast of Perryville, killed quite a large rattlesnake a few days ago. it had thirteen rattles.

CROQUET has broken out in our town in a most alarming shape. -- Some of our young men had it so bad last Sunday that they were hardly able to come to their meals.

AN ACCIDENT. - Joseph Hunt, son of Cornelius Hunt, was run over by a horse, while walking in Father Kleiser’s yard last Sunday. he got one of his legs quite badly bruised.

HEALTH. -- From the conversation we have had with our physicians, and many of our old citizens, we learn that Perry county has experienced a more healthy July this year that [than] it has enjoyed for a number of years.

AN ARM BROKEN. - A fracus took place in Bois Brule Bottom on last Tuesday between two men, and resulted in one of them getting his arm fractured between the elbow and wrist.

RUNAWAY. -- On Thursday of last week, while a gentleman by the name of William Bradham residing near the bottom on the Chester road was driving along, his team became frightened and ran away, but nobody was hurt.

BRICK. -- Mr. Henry Holtman, our neighbor, has just opened a new kiln of brick, which are really a superior article. Mr. Holtman has furnished the brick for some of the largest and finest buildings in town. He make good brick.

AN ACCIDENT. -- One day last week while Mr. A. L. Hagar, residing about three and a half miles southeast of Perryville, was hewing a log the axe glanced, striking one of his legs, inflicting a severe cut, though not a serious one.

ROASTING EARS. Mr. Robert M. Slaughter, residing about seven miles south of Perryville, informs us that rain has not fallen on his farm since the 3d of last May, and yet he got a "mess" of roasting ears the other day. What do you think of that?

IRISH POTATOES. -- We learn that the early potato crop has about proved a failure in this county, in some sections, not enough has been raised for seed. it is thought, however, that the late potatoes will turn out pretty well, at least, the crop looks promising now.

BIRTHS. -- Mr. John Cannon, residing six miles south of Perryville, had a fine little boy to stop at his house one day last week.

A little girl put in her appearance at Mr. Vincent Miles residence, three and a half miles west of Perryville, on Thursday of last week.

TWINS. -- Joseph F. Weiss, Esq., of Muhlheim, (Conrad’s mill) in this county, came into our sanctum the other day looking as happy as could be, if not more so. Upon inquiring we found that he had, on Sunday the 2d inst., became the father of two children, a boy and a girl, and no wonder Joe looked happy.

     Baby buggy

CORRECTION. -- In a notice last week in regard to appointments of Central Democratic Committee, an error occurred, which should have been ,for Salem township, omitted, W. R. Venable; Cinque Hommes township J. H. Abernathy; Central township W. P. Faherty.

RESIGNATION - At the regular meeting of Fire Company No. 1, last Monday night, Mr. O. C. Nabert handed in his resignation, as foreman of the company. Mr. Samuel Graden also resigned as a member of the company, for the reason that he is going to leave our town.

TRANSFER. Mr. John Klemp, residing at Highland, in this county, on Saturday last, sold to Mr. John Weinkein two and a half acres of land, and intends to lay it off n town lots at once. he also contemplates erecting a business house upon one of the lots. Highland is growing

GRAND PICNIC. -- There will be a grand picnic at Silver Lake, in this county on Saturday, the 15th of August, 1874, and everybody and his family are politely invited to be present. The Perryville Cornet Band will discourse music during the day. and a general good time is anticipated.

LEG BROKEN. -- Mr. John Weinrich, residing some seven miles east of Perryville, while hauling wheat from a thrashing machine on Monday afternoon, his team became frightened, and ran away. he was thrown from the wagon to the ground breaking one of his legs between the knee and ankle.

THEM PEACHES. -- On last Tuesday morning Mr. Wm. A Cashion, our gentlemanly assessor, created quite a sensation in our office, a d for a while stopped all hands from work, by bringing in a large basket full of the most delicious peaches, we have tasted this year. We never get mad at such visitors.

CHANGING RESIDENCES. -- On Thursday of last week Col. J. C. Killian and family moved into their new residence east of Perryville, and on Saturday Mr. John Hooss and family took possession of the property, just vacated by Col. Killian. On Monday Mr. Charles Voorde moved into the dwelling recently occupied by Mr. Hooss.

GOOD WORK. -- Mr. Andrew Gorman informs us that on last Friday, Messrs. Schindler & Preston thrashed with a Pitts Jr. Machine five hundred and seventy bushels of wheat in one day, with eleven hands and stacked a portion of the straw at that. This is said to be the biggest days work ever done in this section with a thrashing machine of that size.

MARRIED, on the 26th of July, 1874, at the residence of Mr. Rigdon Quick, about twelve miles east of Perryville, Mr. William Privet to Miss Catharine O’Neal, all of Perry county.

Married, on Tuesday night at 8 o’clock, at the residence of Delphen Callier in Perryville, by Rev. Henry Dalton, Mr. Henderson Hollybee to Miss Jane Bowen, all of Perryville.

GRAPE CROP. -- Mr. Hornere Besancon, residing about four miles west of Perryville, on the Fredericktown road, has a fine grape prospect this season. he informs us that he has eight hundred bearing vines, and has many others that have not yet commenced bearing grapes. He thinks that he will have fully ten thousand pounds for sale. Mr. Besancon has the finest and largest vineyard in our county, and takes much pains to cultivate it. -- We wish him success.

THE COLT SHOW in Longtown on Saturday, the 17th of July, 1874, was a success. There were a large number of entries for the premium offered by Mr. E. Urban, which was for the best colt by his fine Morgan stallion. Mr. Wm. J. Cashion was awarded the blue ribbon; Mr. John Weinrick, the red, and Mr. Michael Ochs the white ribbon for the best colts. The difference between six or eight was so little that the committee had hard work to decide which were entitled to the ribbons, but their decision, when rendered, satisfied everybody.

RUSTICATING. -- On the 30th ult., Mr. W. A. and A. H. Cashion, and James L. Crow took their families (numbering fifteen, counting Jos. Brewer) went out to the Saline to rusticate in the shady bowers, bordering its rippling waters. The day was fair and pleasant. The juveniles amused themselves in various ways, while the gunners took to the woods and down the creek in search of game. About thirty fish, among them a trout weighing five pounds, three squirrels and five ducks succumbed to the terrible fusible of four small howitzers. At noon a royal dinner of fish and fowl together with other delicacies, prepared for the occasion, was disposed of, much to the gratification of the rusticators. The children slept soundly the night following. All ye who have crying babies, try rusticating. ‘Tis better than Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup.

PERSONAL. -- Dr. R. Shelby and John E. Aikin, delegates to the Charleton convention, left on Monday last. The delegates meet on the 5th inst.

Mr. E. Urban, of Longtown, was in town on Monday.

Mr. William Ponder, of Uniontown, was in town this week.

Mr. Robert Campbell, of Linn county, Kansas, but formerly of Brazeau in our county, returned here on a visit last week. Mr. Campbell speaks very encouraging of that section of the country, and says it is rapidly filling up.

Col. Jos. C. Killian left town for the city of St. Louis on Sunday and returned on Tuesday.

Mr. A Bemmermann, of the firm of F. Smith & Co., of St. Louis, was in town this week.

Mr. C. H. Witte, of the firm of L. W. Hemp & Col., of St. Louis, was in town this week.

Mr. James and William Morrison, of Chester, Ills., was in town last Saturday.

Mr. Brown, of Cape Girardeau, is here on business.

THE PERRYVILLE FIRE COMPANY NO. 1, met on Monday, August 3d, 1874, pursuant to adjournment, and among other proceedings, on motion of John J. Seibel, the following resolutions were adopted:

Whereas, it has pleased an all-wise Providence to remove from our midst our fellow member, Geo. Koch, of Perryville, Perry county, Missouri, therefore,

Resolved, That in his death this company has lost one of its most influential members, the county one of its best citizens, and his family a kind husband and indulgent father.

Resolved, That we, the members of the Perryville Fire Company No. 1, tender his bereaved family our heartfelt sympathy in this their great loss.

Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the record of this company, and that a copy thereof be furnished the family of deceased.

Resolved, That the People Forum and Perryville Union, each be furnished with a copy hereof.

A true copy.

Attest: J. T. GREENWELL,

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