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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 07 April 1871


There will be a Grand Ball given at Hooss Hotel on Thursday evening, April 13th, and all who delight in “tripping the fantastic toe” are respectfully invited to attend as a good time is anticipated.

Two men, Joseph Phillips and Thomas Simpson, while fishing in the Mississippi river, during last Monday caught seventeen sturgeon with a trout line, some of which were nearly three feet in length.

Much of the inside of today’s paper is set up in new type, and in the course of two weeks the entire paper will appear in new type. -- Now is the time to subscribe so send in $1.50 and try our paper at least one year.

We this week send the paper to a number of the Clarion’s subscribers, and will continue to do so, until their term of subscription to that paper has expired. After your time is [over] we should be glad to have you subscribe for it.

In another column will be found the advertisement of Mrs. J. J. Seibel and Miss Mary Fath, who have just opened a Millinery Store in town. If you need anything in their line give them a call and they will please you.

American Live Stock Journal published at Buffalo, New York, is a one of the best monthlies of its kind in the country, and no farmer should be without it. Send a $1.50 to the American Live Stock Journal, and subscribe for it.

We are now better prepared than we ever have been to execute Job Work in a neat, tasty and workmanlike manner, and at living prices. If you need anything in this line, give a us a call before going else where.

No article or communication, of a personal nature, will be admitted into the Union hereafter, unless it appears as an advertisement, and charged for at the rate of fifteen cents per line. This we intend to strictly adhere to.

When is the Grand Tower rail road to be built through Perry county? This is the question just now. We are not prepared to say when that event will take place, nevertheless, we should like to see the iron horse pass this way at a very early day.

Emmett Dean and Charles French, both young men and citizens of our county, left for Montgomery county, Iowa, on Friday of last week, for the purpose, we understand, of making that point their future home. We with them a pleasant journey and a profitable field in which to accumulate the wealth of this world.

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