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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 06 October 1871


PERSONAL. -- Quite a number of persons passed through town on Sunday last, en route for the city of St. Louis to attend the fair and see the sights.

NEW CENSUS AND PATENT LAWS. -- We are indebted to Munn & Co., publishers of the Scientific American, New York, for a neat little bound volume of 120 pages, entitled as above.

THE CAPE GIRARDEAU FAIR. -- The Southeast Missouri District Agricultural and Mechanical Fair will commence at Cape Girardeau on next Monday, and a “heep of peoples” is expected to be present on the occasion.

BURNED OUT. -- On Wednesday night of last week the house was occupied by Bede Layton and Damon Layton, situated some ten miles west of Perryville, was consumed by fire with its contents. We have not learned the amount of loss sustained.

THAT PONY. -- We have neglected until now, to note the fact that Miss Julia Staley, daughter of Dr. J. C. Staley, has received a beautiful little pony as a present from her uncle (Chas. Carlet) residing at Kansas City, in this State. We wouldn’t care if somebody would just think enough of us to give us such a present.

BIG POTATO. -- In our last issue we made mention of a large sweet potato, but since then, we have stumbled on one a little larger. This potato was raised upon the farm of H. F. Quick, who resides some eight miles northeast of Perryville. I weighs five pounds. This is what we call large, huge, mammoth. -- Can anybody beat it? Speak out and don’t be frightened!

J. C. NOELL, ESQ. -- We learn, through the Bollinger County Standard, that our old friend, James C. Noell of our town, has just purchased the residence of S. W. Whybark, of Marble Hill, from which we infer that Mr. Noell contemplates, at an early day, of moving to that place, and making it his permanent home. We shall be sorry to lose him, for he is a good citizen, yet our loss will be Bollinger county’s gain.

REPORT OF PERRYVILLE SCHOOL, first week, ending September 30th, 1871.

1st Department
Number enrolled 1st day, 43
Number of pupils close of week, 44
Number of days absent, 5
Number absent cause by sickness, 2
Number of times tardy, 8

Charles McBride, grade 1; Katie Nellis, grade; Ella McBride and Emanual Block, (perfect) grade 3; John Kiefner, grade 4; and Emma Burns, grade 5, excelled in recitations in their respective grades during the week.

Second Department
Number enrolled 1st day, 43
Number of pupils close of week, 52
Number of days absent, 16
Number absent cause by sickness, 4

Willie Power and Mattie Burgee, grade1, Pauline Doerr, John Faina and Levi Block, grade 2; and Nancy Bagget and Nancy Short, grade 3; excelled in recitations during the week.


Notice is hereby given that the undersigned curator of John P. and Mary Klin[e], has made a just and true exhibit of the accounts between himself and his wards, and filed the same with the Judge of the probate and common pleas court of Perry county, Mo., and that on the first day of the next December term, 1871, he intends to apply to said court for leave to make a final settlement of his curatorship accounts and for his discharge as such curator.


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