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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 06 March 1874


DR. S. T. HALL will visit Perryville next Tuesday and remain one week.

COMMUNICATIONS receive no attention at this office unless accompanied by the author’s real name.

WHOOPING COUGH. -- We understand that the whooping cough has made its appearance in our county.

JOHN KIEFNER. -- We call the attention of our readers to the advertisement of the above gentleman in another column. Read it. He sells cheap and his work is well done.

A YOUNG GRANGER visited Mr. Hilary Moore’s residence one day last week. He is only a little over one week old, and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hilary Moore, will provide and kindly care for little Jimmy.

LAST TUESDAY we were surprised by spring showers, accompanied by thunder and lightning, which was succeeded by the soft, balmy winds so charming to lovers, and Jake Killian killed a snake! Hurrah for spring.

IF A MAN and his wife are but one, which one is it? There may be honest differences of opinion on this point; but we are firmly persuaded the woman is that one. If not, why did not the visiting angel, last Sunday morning, leave that little girl with us instead of with Mrs. Booth.

THE GRAND ORGAN for the use of Ste. Mary Church has at length arrived. We predict that Rev. Father Rubi will receive the thanks of his large and appreciative congregation as well as the gratitude of all lovers of grand and impressive music for his successful efforts in procuring so fine an instrument for the use of the church.

THE FIRST DAY OF MARCH has passed -- the day of moving with renters. We learn that the tenants of Bois Brule bottom find it more and more difficult, each succeeding year, to obtain lands to cultivate; that they are now paying the enormous rent of five dollars per acre for land, and cannot obtain, even at that price, sufficient to supply their wants! -- This is simply astonishing.

THE PRESENT WINTER has been very remarkable in some respects. -- The amount of rain fall has greatly exceeded that of any winter within our recollection, while the fall of snow has been quite insignificant. -- It has also been very warm; the ice has reached three inches in thickness but once, and lasted but a day or two. What effect will this produce on the growing wheat crop, is a question now frequently asked. -- Time alone can answer.

OBITUARY. -- On Friday morning last the angel of death visited this community and took from amongst us Mrs. Clarissa Campbell nee Fitsgerald, a long-time resident of Perryville. She survived her husband Lee Campbell, to whom she was married on the 6th day of December, 1842, since which time she has been a resident of Perryville. She was the mother of three children, only one of whom survived. She was highly esteemed by all who knew her, and will be long remembered as one, ever found following closely in the wake of sorrow and suffering, with words of cheer and kindly ministrations.

FIRE. -- About 9 o’clock last Friday night, the quiet of our town was disturbed by the cry of fire. -- The ringing of the fire bells at all the engine houses, the shouts of the firemen, and the noise of the horses hoofs, as they galloped over the maeadam of Ste. Mary’s street with the new fire engines (that our town is going to buy), soon roused all the citizens of the neighborhood. The chief of the fire department soon made his appearance, and all hands crowded around him and wanted to know what to do next. "The next thing is to find out where the fire is," remarked that worthy, and all present seemed to be struck with the force. After numerous inquiries had been made it was finally ascertained that the alarm had been given by some small boy that saw the chimney on Mr. Zink’s building burning out, and supposed that the building itself was on fire.

Probate Court Proceedings

...Doer Bros. had claim classed against Felix Tucker for $6.

...John Essory was appointed guardian and curator of Wm. Chambers.

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