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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 06 June 1873


GOOSEBERRIES and Cherries have made their appearance in our market.

POTATO BUGS have already put in their appearance these parts and have commenced business.

DR. A. D. PENNEY will be at Perryville, Mo., June 10th, 1873, for 10 day, at Hooss’ Hotel -- Parlor Room.

DIED, On Friday night, the 30th of May, 1873, at her residence in Perryville, mo., Mrs. Luvinia Cissell in the 42d year of her age.

FOURTH OF JULY. -- Our citizens of the colored persuasion are determined to celebrate the 4th day of July, as will be seen by hand bills stuck up.

TRANSFERED. -- Dr. R. Shelby sold his farm, situated about one and a half miles west of town, on Monday last, to Felix Seemes, for $?,050. It contains 181 acres.

MASHED FINGER. -- On Tuesday morning last, while working about the wood sawing machine of Harvey Walker’s, Joseph E. Brewer had the middle finger on the left hand badly crushed by being caught in the machinery.


All persons knowing themselves to be indebted to me for Taxes, are politely requested to come forward and pay the saem, as no longer time can be given.

Ex-Collector of Perry County, Mo.

CLARYVILLE. -- We learn, through the medium of ‘Squire Picou, that the local directors other public school in that district have contracted for the erection of fine school house, an estimate having been made for that special purpose. Said house will be completed by the first of September next. A school site was given to the board of education by Mr. W. Rogers, of Illinois.

DIED, In Bois Brule Bottom, Perry county, Mo., on June 1, 1873, Mr. William Allen, in the 61st year of his age. The deceased was one of the oldest citizens of Bois Brule Bottom, having been born and raised in that township, and never resided out of it. He was thrice married. Mr. Allen was highly respected by all who were acquainted with him, and has left many relatives and friends to mourn his loss.

PERSONAL. -- Dr. S. T. Hall will be in Perryville next week and remain ten days.

Mrs. S. G. Mills and daughters arrived last Sunday on a visit, and will remain during the summer. -- She was escorted by her brother, our young friend Geo. Y. Gostorf, who is now an attorney at law, having been admitted to the St. Louis bar in April last.

Rev. William Moore, St. Vincent College in Cape Girardeau, was in town this week on business.

Probate Court Proceedings

Monday, June 2d...John C. Doerr & Bros. had note classed against estate of Lewis Miles for $33.64. Also note for $16.06 against same estate....James Burgee, guardian and curator of Henry Burns, made settlement; balance due $315.94.

Tuesday, June 3d.--J. C. Doerr & Bros had claim allowed against estate of Lewis Miles for $72.94.

Wednesday, June 4th...Frank Michaels was appointed guardian and curator of B. Vanderwaller, ordered to give bond...J. C. Doerr & Bros against F. D. Brewer, note of $5 allowed...

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