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Weekly Perryville Union

Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 06 June 1867

Local Matters

A PIC NIC. -- The people of St. Marys, so we are informed, had a fine pic nic in their town last Sunday, which passed off pleasantly.

SODA WATER. -- If you want a real good and refreshing drink of Soda Water, we advise you to call at Weber & Hutcheson’s Drug Store, and you will be certain to be accommodated.

A GRAND PIC NIC. -- A grand pic nic was had a Javaux’s grove on last Monday by the citizens of this vicinity. We are informed that a large crowd of persons were in attendance, all of whom seemed to enjoy themselves very well. A sumptuous dinner was had. The brass band, too, was on hand to enliven the scenes of the day.

THE BLACK CROOK, a great drama which is being performed nightly at the Varieties Theatre in St. Louis, is creating a good deal of noise. Quite a large number of persons from far and near have visited the city for the express purpose of seeing this fine drama, and they still continue to go. We see it stated that the Captain of the steamer Fannie Scott, which runs between Chester and St. Louis, proposes to take persons to St. Louis and back for four dollars. Certainly cheap.

MARRIED -- On Sunday the 2d day of June, 1866, Ferdinand Sutterer to Miss. M. Mertz, all of this county.

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