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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 06 January 1871


SORGHUM MOLASSES. -- Mr.s Louis Guyot, one of our farmers, informs us that he produced forty-nine gallons of sorghum molasses from sugar cane that was grown on one-quarter of an acres of land. Can any of our Southeast Missouri neighbors beat it? Don’t all speak at once.

THE WESTERN HOME for January gives evidence that the spirit of improvement has full possession of its new administration. More space is devoted to interesting matter than ever before. Its contents are unusually attractive. It is only one dollar a year. Published by Western Home Co., 133 Dearborn street, Chicago, Ill.

COUNTY COURT. -- This body meets on the first Monday in February next. John J. Seibel will make final settlement of the estate of Joseph Wimsatt, C. F. Leonhard will make final settlement of the estate of F. G. Leonhard, and Simeon Mattingly will make final settlement of the estate of R. S. Mattingly. On the second day of term several tracts of land will be sold.

PERSONAL. -- Wm. H Bennett, Esq. left Perryville on Friday of last week to attend the State Legislature, which convened on Wednesday last.

A. M. McPherson, who removed from our county, some two years ago to the Southwest portion of the State, returned to our town on a visit this week. He looks natural and in the enjoyment of good health. He is well pleased with his new home.

THE OLD YEAR was escorted out and the new year wheeled in by our community in quite a pleasant and becoming manner. Near midnight of the 31st ult., the ceremony was inaugurated by the booming of guns, the plealing of the church bell, the silvery tones of the brass band, accompanied by the hoarse notes of the base [sic] drum. ‘Twas thus we bid farewell to the old year and welcomed the coming of the new.

PERSONAL. -- Wm. H Bennett, Esq. left Perryville on Friday of last week to attend the State Legislature, which convened on Wednesday last.

PETERS MUSICAL MONTHLY. -- We have received the November number of this popular monthly and must say that age improves it. Every number is better than the one preceeding. It is filled with a choice selection of vocal and instrumental music from the best author, giving each month, more real worth of music than the cost of the months one year. Musicians can scarcely do without it, and all would be doubly repaid by sending three dollars to J. L. Peters, No. 509 Broadway, New York, for one year’s subscription.

DEATH OF MRS. SUSAN MICHLES. -- This lady departed this life on the night of the 31st ult., after a long and painful illness, in the seventy-seventh year of her age. The deceased was born in this county, and about one mile from Perryville, in the year 1793, and was twenty-seven years old when Missouri was admitted in to the Federal Union as a State. The deceased was a strict member of the Catholic Church, and was highly respected by all who were acquainted with her. She was conveyed to her last resting place on Sunday morning last. The deceased leaves many relatives and friends to mourn her loss.

Correction: Susannah Layton "Michaels" was born in Washington County, Kentucky in 1793, and came to Perry County, Missouri with her father, John Layton.

THE PERRY COUNTY TEACHERS’ INSTITUTE met at the Brewers School House on Monday, December 26th, and had a very interesting session of three days. The turn out of teachers was pretty good, but not as many were present as should have been. The teachers have no excuse for not attending, as the law requires, all public schools to be closed during the sessions of the Institute, and the State Superintendent has decided that teachers, attempting the Institute, shall not lose the time. A fair proportion of lady teachers were present, through we were sorry none of our teachers from Perryville attended. The following resolutions were passed: We the members of the Perry County Teachers’ Institute, believing it to be the duty of all the teachers in the county, engaged in teaching the public schools, to attend all sessions of the Institute do resolve: First, that all teachers, who willfully, and without good and lawful cause, hereafter absent themselves from the meetings of and Institute, shall ot be considered as having done their duty. Secondly, that we tender our thanks to the citixens of School Township 7, for their courteous and friendly reception, and their endeavors to make the meeting a success. Thirdly, that these resolutions and proceedings of the Institute be furnished the Perryville Union and Post Clarion for publication.

JOHN F. AIKEN, Secretary.


On Christmas day a row of houses in Ste. Genevieve, known for years as the Scott buildings, was consumed by fire. So says the Ste. Genevieve News.

The same paper says: “Alexander Grass’ sentence being commuted by Judge Carter last week, the prisoner was discharged from further free board at the County Hotel, but we’re not sure that “he went on his way rejoicing”.

The other night a man entered the residence of Dr. Carr in Potosi for the purpose of stealing a large sum of money that was in the house at the time, but failed in the attempt.

Mr. Shields, of Potosi, had an arm broken by the accidental fall of his horse which he was riding at the time of the accident.

On the 13th. ult., the death penalty was executed upon Jeremiah Bailey, at the town of New Madrid, for the murder of James Brock.

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