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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 05 October 1877


SHANER & WILSON received several premiums at the late Ste. Genevieve county fair.

THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER is low, and on account of it boats are several hours behind.

THE TURNIP CROP in our county will probably be a fine one, if all reports are correct.

MOVED. -- John J. Seibel and lady now occupy the second story of Dr. Murphy's building.

READ Blesius Untereiner's advertisement in another column, and if you have any guns to repair, give him a call.

WILL CONVENE. -- The Platonian Debating Society will hold their first meeting this season on Tuesday evening, Oct. 9th.

THAT RACE. -- Charles Vessels is daily training Milton Dean's colt in Bois Brule bottom for the colt race on the 28th of October.

EVERYBODY is busy putting in wheat crops in Bois Brule bottom, and it is thought that a larger number of acres will be sown than last year.

NEW WORK. -- Paul Zahner, residing eight miles southeast of Perryville, has rebuilt his dwelling house, making nearly a new structure out of it.

A CONFLAGRATION. -- On Friday night last the fruit drying house of Jeremiah Pecaut, one and a quarter mile west of Perryville, and contents was burned.

A LITTLE UNPLEASANTNESS grew out of some repairs done on the bridge spanning Little Apple Creek recently, but it has since been amicably settled.

WANTED. -- A girl who can do house work and is industrious. None other need apply. Apply at the Union Office.

BRICK KILN. -- Christopher Popp and brother have just burned a nice kiln, containing something near one hundred and forty thousand brick, and they are good.

SORGHUM MOLLASSES. -- Several of our farmers have already made arrangements for manufacturing molasses, and a few have already got it made and stored away for home consumption.

PAINTING UP. -- Mrs. Miner, just across the street from us, is having her residence nicely painted, also her picket fence, and is now preparing to build a brick side walk. Good improvements.

OLD RELICS. -- From the Valley Clarion we ascertain that George W. Staley of Chester, has a set of chairs that were in use in 1822, General LaFayette having set in one of them at that date in Kaskaskia.

WESTWARD, the empire takes its way. Last Friday evening several wagons. Accompanied by men, women and children, made their way through Perryville, and the last seen of them they were stealing westward toward the setting sun.

DIED, a few days since, seven miles south of here, a little daughter of Anthony Schrenck.

Died on Saturday, Sept. 29, 1877, at the residence of his parents, three miles west of town, an infant son of William Little.

ARM BROKEN. -- On Wednesday of last week a little daughter of Victor Manche, residing three and a half miles southwest of Perryville, met with a bad accident. The little girl, while riding towards home, was precipitated to the ground, breaking her left arm.

STILL BETTER. -- John Muanch, residing four miles from Perryville, has raised corn on his farm this season, some of the ears of which contain nearly thirteen hundred grains of corn. John F. Renaud has raised corn on his farm nearly as good. Who can beat this?

FIVE HUNDRED STRONG. -- Sunday evening last we noticed a large number of birds, known as the Swallow, flying about in the air. Several eye witnesses tell us that the whole flock numbering five hundred took possession of one of our chimneys on that night for camping quarters.

FOR THE FAIR. -- Last Monday morning John Hooss, Henry Hooss, O. C. Nabert, A. H. Cashion, Wm. A. Cashion, Anton Hunt and lady, Gabriel End, Thomas Layton and lady, Herman Binz, D. C. Farrar, N. E. Farrar and Andrew Scherer left for St. Louis to attend the fair.

A large immigration to Ripley county is looked for.

SCHOOL REPORT. -- We have received the twenty-seventh report of the public schools of Missouri, and from it we learn that the number of white persons in Perry county between the age of six and twenty years is 3,742 while the number of colored persons is 141. This county has about sixty public school houses.

WORK AND FUN. -- One day last week there was a fodder pulling at John Watkins, in Bois Brule bottom and a dance at night and a good, social time was had.

At. Mrs. Wm. Flynn's on Thursday, the 27 ult., there was a corn cutting. A nice dance and a fine time was had at night.

DAMAGED. -- On Thursday evening of last week William Hagar, having business in Perryville, came to town and hitched his mule to a post on the west side of the public square, and while thus hitched, succeeded in getting a chain (which is stretched along the fence) wrapped around one of his legs, and before he could be freed, the leg was quite badly injured.

NARROWLY ESCAPED. -- We understand that a gentleman, whose name we have failed to learn, while on his way home from Claryville a few days since, his horse became frightened and threw him, one of his feet catching in the stirrup of the saddle as he fell, and he was dragged several yards before he was extricated, yet he escaped without being seriously hurt.

ANOTHER MURDER has been committed in Randolph county, and this time the deed was perpetrated in Sparta. A gentleman named R. B. Little, a merchant of that place, while on his way home from his store at half past seven o'clock on the evening, was struck on the forehead with a singletree, hilling him almost instantly. After relieving him of two hundred dollars the murderer decamped.

CONTINUED. -- The cases of James T. Greenwell, administrator de bonis non of Joseph Pratte, deceased, vs. James L. Crow, ex-administrator of said estate et al, and the case of Jas. T. Greenwell, administrator of T. T. Brown, deceased, vs. James L. crow, ex-administrator of said estate et al, which cases were taken from this county to Madison county, on change of venue, have been continued to the March term of said court.

PERSONAL. -- Dr. W. P. Newman, who formerly practiced his profession in our town, but some five years ago removed to North Missouri, returned here last Sunday evening on a visit. He looks well. Since his arrival here he has concluded to locate in Perryville, and his professional card will be found in another column of the Union.

A HUGE GOARD. -- We have seen and heard of large watermelons, big pumpkins, huge apples, and nice goards, but the one now in view, rather beats anything we have ever heard of in the goard line. This goard grows upon the farm occupied by George Winfield, six and a half miles north of Perryville, and is reported to us as measuring just five feet in circumference, being the largest ever produced in this region, and those doubting it can get an ocular view of it, by calling at Mr. Winfield's residence. This would have been a right good thing to send to the St. Louis fair.

Brewersville Items.

EDITOR UNION: Health is pretty good in this section.

Saturday last was Squire Moore's law day, and there were several cases disposed of.

Playing ball is now in order every Sunday evening in our quiet little town.

Business is rather dull here, farmers all being busy plowing and sowing wheat. More wheat will be put in this fall than ever before.

Married, at the Catholic Church in St. Mary's, on Sunday, Sept. 23d, 1877, Mr. Edward Moore to Mrs. Anna Miles, both from near Brewersville.

Thomas Tucker and Thomas Duvall bid us the last adieu on the 25th ult., and left for Texas, where they may reside.

Brewersville, Oct. 1st, 1877

Silver Lake News

EDITOR UNION: Wheat sowing is now in full operation.

Five miners from St. Joe mines were here last Saturday, hunting mineral land.

Peach drying is about over in this part of the county.

The great picnic at Silver Lake on the 24th ult., was well attended and everybody appeared to enjoy themselves, everything passing off pleasantly.

On Tuesday, the 25th, the great shooting match took place, and our marksmen enjoyed the occasion. A handsome little sum was raised for the church building, which will now be pushed through to completion.

The new store house is now about ready for occupation. It will be painted this week, and next week Messrs. Dickinson, & Moore will be found on the hill, a half mile west of this place.

Business is pretty fair at the present time.

Health is improving.

Silver Lake, Oct. 1st, 1877

St. Mary's Items

EDITOR UNION: The weather continues very warm and dry in these parts. A little shower of rain occasionally would greatly improve the appearance of mother earth, and we could get our breath without an overdoes of dust.

Quite a number of the citizens of Perryville took passage on the Elliott last week, going to St. Louis, some to attend the fair and others on business.

The river has got so low that the Elliott does not make her regular trips, in consequence of having stuck on a sand bar twice within the past week.

The brick work has already begun on Jules Rozier's building, and is progressing very rapidly, and in a short time the building will be under roof. Wm. Vanwinkle has the contract for the brick work, and Bartle & Voelker the carpenter work.

John Seibel's building is progressing, the foundation for the same being completed.

St. Mary, Oct. 3d, 1877

Circuit Court Docket.


The following is the docket of the Circuit Court of Perry county, Mo., for the October term, 1877:

Monday, October 8th.
State of Missouri vs. Francis Maddock, indictment for murder in the 1st degree.
State of Missouri vs. Fred. Nennert selling liquor without license.
State of Missouri vs. Flavian Guyot, obstructing public road.
State of Missouri vs. Chas. Layton selling liquor without license.
State vs. [blank] on information of disturbing the peace.
State vs. Edgar Ingalls, recognizance from justice peace.
State vs. James Robinson nd Lewis Beasley, recognizance from justice peace.
State vs. Daniel E. Watkins, recognizance from justice peace.
State vs. L. J. Douglas, recognizance from justice peace.

Tuesday, October 9th.
State vs. James Elder, for neglect of duty as road overseer.
State vs. Andrew Gorman, for neglect of duty as road overseer.
State vs. William Cambron, for neglect of duty as road overseer.
John Hof vs. John Layton, appeal from justice peace.
Christopher Popp vs. the estate of Simon Popp, dec'ed, appeal from the probate court.
H. C. Cole & Co. vs. Wm. Greenewalt, appeal from justice peace.
Hood & Gordon vs. Wm. Greenewalt appeal from justice peace.

Wednesday, October 19th.
Michael Schaupert vs. Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of John Schaupert, dec'ed appeal from probate court.
Mary J. Cissell vs. estate of Joseph Cissell, appeal from probate court.
J. C. Killian vs. Theresa Wilkinson, appeal from justice peace.
Jas. T. Greenwell, public admr. of Perry county, vs. Jas. L. Crow, ex-admr. of Valerin Faina, dec'ed, et al, appeal from probate court.
Mathew Schnurr vs. S. Schmidt, debt.
John E. Aikin vs. Theo. Picou et al petition for decree.
Mathew Schnurr vs. S. Schmidt, debt.
Charles K. Hayden et al, ex parte, partition.

Thursday, October 11th
John C. Doerr, guardian and curator of Mary G. Cissell, vs. estate of Joseph Cissell, appeal from probate court.
John C. Doerr, guardian and curator of Mary L. Cissell, vs. estate of Joseph Cissell, appeal from probate court.
Jas T. Greenwell, admr. of John M. Favell, vs. Jas L. Crow et al, appeal from probate court.
Barbara Kestner vs. Joseph Biegler admr. of Fred Kestner, appeal from probate court.
Jos. R. Garner et al vs. Aaron H. Garner, civil action.
John B. Robinson vs. Fred Sittner et al, partition.
State ex. rel Chas. W. Nance vs. J. A. Rutledge et al, an action on curators bond.
Emily May et al vs. John May, partition.

Friday, October 12th.
Oscar Morgan and wife vs. Gregory Brewer, appeal from probate court.
Thos. Layton, guardian and curator of Ambrosia Tucker vs. Gregory Brewer, appeal from probate court.
Thos. R. Moore vs. Emma R. Dickinson, civil action.
Martin Reiss vs. Michael Zink, damages.
George W. Hudson et al vs. Mary Nanny et al, partition.
Jas.F. Tucker vs. Joseph Tucker et al, partition.
Martin Rond vs. Josephus Tucker et al, partition.
Anson H. Morey et al vs. Nelson L. Morey, partition.

Saturday, October 13th
Geo. R. Swan vs. Missouri C. Swan, divorce.
Elizabeth Schmid vs. Alois Schimid, divorce.
Michael Zink vs. Andrew Schnerer et al, partition.
Celestian Tucker vs. Minerva J. Tucker, appeal from probate court.
John A. Renaud vs. Martha E. Renaud, divorce.
Emma C. Schriver vs. Noah N. Schriver, divorce.
In the matter of John L. Lhot, petition for a writ of ad quod damnum.
Wm. H. Walker et al, ex parte, partition.
John E. Aikin, admr,. of E. & F. DeLassus, vs. Wm. Drury et al, vendor's lien.
Irenius Brown vs. John P. Layton et al, partition.
James J. Moore et al, ex parte, partition.
Jane Seifelt et al, ex parte, partition.
Nereus Layton et al, partition.

Return Docket.

Henry Kerstner vs. Henry Bodenschatz et al, action on note.
Augustin Hunt vs. Andrew Scherer suit for debt.
John M. Wilkins vs. Wm. Bradham, attachment.
Virginia A. Newberry vs. Horatio Newberry, civil action.
Francis L. Polson vs. Sarah B. Polson, divorce.
Octavia Cissell vs. Isidore Cissell, executor of Joseph Cissell, civil action.
Margaret E. Robinson and John B. Robinson vs. Isidore Cissell, executor of Joseph Cissell, civil action.
Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of James A. Rutledge, vs. Sidney Abernathy, suit on note.
Thos. Layton, guardian and curator of Jesse Fox, vs. Gregory Brewer, civil action.
Chas. W. Nance et al vs. Trusten W. Nance et al, partition.
John C. McBride et al vs. C. J. Fenwick et al, suit on note.
State vs. rel. of Emanuel Urban, guardian and curator vs. Jas. T. Greenwell, admr., of James A. Rutledge et al, suit on curator's bond.
Amanda Zahner vs. George Zahner, civil action.
Ceron F. DeLassus, et al vs. Josephine DeLassus, partition.
Henry B. Knox et al against Marion Abernathy et al, suit to set aside deed.
Augustus Doerr vs. Luke J. Hutcheson, ejectment.
Anton Hunt, admr. of Wm. Litsch & Co. vs. Simeon Layton, debt.
Fred. Kaiser vs. Stephen L. McAtee, suit for debt.
Anton Hunt, admr,. of Wm. Litsch & Co., vs. Geo. Fenwick, debt.
Claus Tomforte vs. Henry Kerstner et al, suit for decree of title.
James T. Greenwell, admr. of Mary Abernathy, vs. A. G. Abernathy, civil action.
Francis X. Miles vs. Jas. T. Greenwell, admr. of Varece Reed, foreclosure of mortgage.
Peter Wirth vs. Laura M. Abeerthy et al, ejectment.
Martha E. Renaud vs. Cornelius Horrell et al, civil action.
Joseph Cissell, Sr. vs. L. H. Tucker et al, suit on note.
State ex. rel. Alonzo Carr et al vs. John O. Abernathy et al, suit on curator's bond.
Henry Barbier vs. John C. McBride et al, partition.
Robt. A. McCauley vs. Marion Yates et al, partition.
C. A. Weber, admr. of Wm. Litsch, vs. Wm. Rodewalt, suit on note.
Anton Hunt, admr. of Wm. Litsch & Co., vs. John Essary, suit on note.
John C. McBride vs. Jos. B. Tucker et al, suit on note.
John C. McBride vs. Vincent Layton et al, a suit on note.
Andrew Gorman et al vs. James I. Horrell et al, partition.
Wm. B. Noble vs. John Hooss, mechanics lien.
Tabitha A. Fillinger vs. Mathew Schnurr, damages
James I. Horrell vs. Andrew Gorman, admr. of H. P. Cissell, appeal from probate court.

Physician and Surgeon,
RESPECTFULLY tenders his professional services to the citizens of Perryville and surrounding country.
F   Office at John C. McBride's residence in Perryville.
Perryville, Oct. 5th

Attorney & Counselor at Law,
Will attend promptly to all business entrused to his care in this and the adjoining counties.


Those knowing themselves to be indebted to me will do me a favor by settling their accounts by the 1st of November.

Perryville, Oct. 5

Biehle's Store,
IS Now prepared to repair guns and pistols, &c., in a neat and tasty manner, and at low figures. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Biehle's Store, Oct. 5th

Final Settlement.

Creditors and all others interested to the estate of William Morgan, dec'ed are hereby notified that on the first day of the probate court, to be held in the town of Perryville, Perry county, Mo., on the second Monday in November, 1877, I will make final settlement of said estate.


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