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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 05 November 1869


C. H. EDDLEMON. -- We have just recieved [sic] a letter from our old friend C. H. Eddlemon. He is now a resident of Nevada City, in the State of Nevada. He has gone into the milling business. We hope he may be successful in his new home and business.

APPLES, sweet and Irish potatoes and turnips have, during the past week, been brought into our market, and appear to be a ready sale. Apples are selling at sixty cents per bushel; sweet potatoes at one dollar per bushel; Irish potatoes and turnips are disposed of at forty cents per bushel.

THE ELECTION on Saturday last passed off quietly, and but a small vote was polled. Brazeau township held no election at all, and it seems but a very little interest was manifested in regard to who should be elected. There were three candidates in the field, of the three John H. Simpson was elected county surveyor to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of A. M. McPherson.

AND STILL THEY GO. -- Almost every day wagons pass through town bound for some of the lower counties of the State. On Sunday last a number of emigrants passed through town on their way to Stodard county. That county is, at this time, receiving a heavy emigration, and we should not be surprised if it does not outstrip most of the counties, as to population, in a very short time.

DOERR & BROTHERS -- The business stand on the northeast corner of the public square, belonging to Phillips’ estate, has been very neatly fitted up, and Messrs. Doerr & Brothers transferred their large stock of merchandize from their old stand on Wednesday to the Phillips business house, and are now at home, and ready to wait on customers. They inform us that they do not intend to be undersold, but will sell their goods at the lowest living prices.

PERSONAL. --Leonard Fath, which his two daughters and son have been on a visit to their relatives in this county some two weeks, left for their respective...

COUNTY COURT. -- This body convened on Monday morning last, Judges Abernathy, Fischer and Conrad being present to attend to the duties devolving upon them as Justices of the County Court of Perry county, while its efficient clerk, Charles A. Weber, was at his desk, with pen in hand, ready to make a record of the proceedings of the court. A goodly amount of business has already been transacted. -- Court will not adjourn before Saturday. We will here give a summary of the proceedings up to Wednesday night.

First Day of the Term. -- The following allowances were made, to come out of the road fund: To F. Nennert, road overseer, $103; Theo. Picou. road overseer, $152.75. The following allowances were also made, to be taken out of the revenue fund: Jacob Unteriner, a pauper, $15; J. V. Moore, judges and clerks of the election, $9; Oziah Keith, a pauper, $10; Washington Polson, a pauper, $15; Thos. Sanders, for holding inquest, $26.15; Patrick Monaghan, judges and clerks of election, $9; A. H. Bishop, blind pauper, $15; R. M. Brewer, for judges and clerks of election, $9; M. Tucker, for Barney Tucker, insane, $87.50; F. Robinson, for John F. Robinson, pauper, $30; Mary Sheuner, blind woman, $15.

Appeals from the assessment of 1869 were granted to John E. Aikin and John A. McLane.

A new road was ordered to be opened in Brazeau bottom.

Probate. -- D. C. Hope made final settlement of his gaurdian [sic] and curatorship of C. R. Ingram, and was discharged. Also E. E. Buenger, curator of Elizabeth Vissing, made settlement; also Zachariah Wynn, deceased, by his administrator, curator of H. Eddlemon, made final settlement; Jos. Cissell, jr., administrator of the estate of Jas. B. Mattingly, made report of sale of real estate, which was approved; Jacob Hoffman, curator of Rhyan Heiss, made 2d annual settlement; Henry Brulhl, guardian and curator of the estate of Louis Herrman, had his bond approved; Anton G. Sebarrowsky, natural guardian of Matilda Sebarrowsky, was ordered to give bond as curator; Paschall Abernathy was appointed curator of Frank, Dora, Laura and Anna Pierson, minors.

Second Day of the Term. -- The following allowances were made: McBride & Layton $17.70 for medicine furnished prisoners in jail, and stationery for court house; Dr. Wm. P Newman for medical attendance on prisoners $9; Arsan Callier for Jos. Tucker, insane, $39.50; Charles Jesudenand, a pauper, $10; Napoleon Cartlamy, blind man, $20; E. Estel, for holding inquest, $22.30; Jos. M. Moore, road overseer, $80. Appeals granted for erroneous assessments to Martin Bingenheimer, F. Baudendistel and Jos Cartlamy. A petition for change of a road for William Hemman, was read and ordered to be surveyed.

COMPLIMENTARY. -- Ste. Marys, Mo., November 2, 1869.
On last Monday the Board of Trustees of the town of Ste. Marys tendered Louis Filleman a unanimous vote of thanks for the prompt and efficient manner in which he collected and paid into the Treasury the revenue of said town, and ordered the same to be spread upon their journal.

Yours, &c., GEO. MATTINGLY.

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