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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 05 December 1873


DR. A. D. PENNEY, of Chester, Illinois, will visit Perryville on Tuesday the 2d of December, and remain ten days. Office in the parlor of Hooss Hotel.

SHERIFF DEAN got the horse at the raffle last Saturday night. He was lucky.

BUTCHERING. -- Some of our citizens have been busy the past week butchering their swine.

CHRISTMAS IS COMING. -- Toys, Candies, &c., at Lion Drug Store at panic prices.


A TIN ROOF was this week put up on the building recently used as a law office, belonging to Bernard Cissellís estate.

THE WEATHER, the past fall, has been really pleasant, more so than it has been for several years. It has been predicted that we are to have an open winter, and probably we shall.

F Good Boots from $3 to $4 per pair, best home made at $5 a pair at Furth's.

NEW RESIDENCES. -- Mr. Chas. A. Weber has moved in to his new residence, and is now at home.

Mr. John B. Gottoís residence is nearly completed, and he will soon occupy the same.

LOTS OF CASES. -- We are informed by our correspondent in Bois Brule Bottom, that there were filed in the office of Peter S. Bruner, Justice of the Peace of Bois Brule township, fifty-six suits in one day. How is this for high?

F THE BOYS should not fail to enjoy themselves with a bunch of firecrackers from the Lion Drug Store.

PERSONAL. -- Messrs. M. Biehle and Estel left this county last week for the city of New Orleans, on business.

Mrs. Wm. Furth and children, after an absence of several weeks in St. Louis, returned home on Friday of last week.

F SOMETHING NEW. -- Leamonís Aniline Dyes at Lion Drug Store, by Thos. Layton. Are the strongest, most brilliant and most durable coloring preparations known. Silk, Wool, Cotton, Feathers, Hair, Wood, &c., are colored any desired shade, with the greatest ease. Ask to see beautiful sample card. Call for a book of instructions.

Probate Court Proceedings

Tuesday, Dec. 2 ...Augustus Doerr as guardian and curator of Thomas Phillips, had a claim classed against the estate of Ignatius Moore for $110.36. ...William Doerr had claim classed against the estate of P. F. Miget for $14.38.

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