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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 03 September 1875


FOR SALE. -- Mr. Joseph Huber, Sr. has something to say to-day. Read his advertisement.

MOVERS. -- Several wagons passed through town last Saturday evening en route for Illinois.

A COUPLE of balloons were sent up in these parts last Saturday, but they wouldn't stay up.

PICNIC. -- On Wednesday next a picnic will be given at St. Mary's for the benefit of the Catholic church at that point.

THE MISSISSIPPI River has fallen very rapidly, and it is now quite low, and boats find some trouble in navigating it.

PROBATE COURT will convene at the court house in Perryville next Monday morning, and will be in session all week.

TO TAX PAYERS. -- In another column will be found an interesting article from Mr. John C. Doerr, our efficient Collector.

A SOCIAL PARTY was given at the residence of Mr. William Litsch on Wednesday night, and the young people enjoyed themselves.

COUNTY COURT. -- An adjourned term of this body will be held next week for the purpose of appointing judges for the October election.

IMPROVING THE RIVER. -- We understand that Government boats are busy engaged in the neighborhood of Claryville, removing obstructions from the river and otherwise improving it.

HUGE APPLES. -- Mr. Alex Courtois, residing a short distance southwest of Perryville, presented us with a lot of apples on Saturday last, some of which measured fourteen inches in circumference.

OFF FOR SCHOOL. -- Lawrence Moore left for Kentucky on Wednesday last to attend school.

Leon DeLassus left for St. Louis on Wednesday to attend school the coming session.

MARRIED, on Monday, August 23, 1875, near Perryville, Mr. James Manning to Miss Theresa Layton.

Married, at Claryville, August 26, 1875, by Squire V. P. Tucker, Mr. Charles Riley to Miss Martha Duke.

JUSTICE COURT. -- The case of Andrew Nesslein vs. John Moran, which was tried on a change of venue before Squire J. M. Moore, was decided on Thursday of last week, the jury giving a verdict for plaintiff.

QUITE LENGTHY. -- A few days ago Miss Matilda Nesslein, daughter of Mr. Andrew Nesslein, residing two and a half miles south of Perryville, presented us with a bean pod that measured over two and a half feet in length.

JUDGE NICHOLSON is snugly located in the southwest room over Mr. Litsch's new store. Dr. Penney is also comfortably situated in the adjoining room, and both gentlemen are now ready to accommodate the public in their professions.

THAT NEEDLE. -- One day last week Mr. Joseph B. Parres, residing near St. Mary's, butchered a large sheep, and while so engaged, discovered a large sewing needle in the lights of the deceased animal, but how it came there, or how long it had occupied that position, Mr. Parres was not able to say.

BIRTH. -- A little female called at the residence of Mr. Andrew Nesslein, two and a half miles south of Perryville on Tuesday night of last week.

A little girl stopped at the residence of Mr. Felix Cissell, three miles north of Perryville, on Monday of last week.

     Baby buggy

WAS FOUND. -- The mail bag that was lost by the boy carrying the mail between Perryville and Jackson, on the 21st ult., was found by a gentleman about three miles east of Perryville, and was brought here and turned over to our postmaster on ... had been disturbed.

NEARLY 28. -- Mr. John P. Moore, residing about three miles north of Perryville, threshed his wheat crop a few days ago. He had forty-six acres in this cereal and from it reaped one thousand two hundred and seventy-six bushels of wheat. This is an average of nearly twenty-eight bushels to the acre. Who can beat it in the hills?

REAL ESTATE TRANSFER. -- A few days since Mr. John Weibbrecht purchased a farm from Mr. William Litsch, situated some six or seven miles east of Perryville, paying $700 for the same.

Last week Mr. Charles Hubert purchased lot No. 77 in Perryville from Mr. Joseph Degger, paying $125 for it.

RAILROAD. -- We see it stated that monied men are talking about constructing a railroad from Chester, Ills. The St. Louis Globe-Democrat says the road will "run due north along the line of range 6 and 7, township 86, passing near Muscoutah, Lebanon, Troy and Alton; cross the Illinois river some distance north of the latter city, thence through Putnam, Joe Daviess and other counties in Northern Illinois, on to Madison, Wisconsin.

GRAPES. -- Mr. John Holmes, who resides near Frohna in this county, was in Perryville on Thursday of last week with a lot of Concord grapes raised upon his farm. He sold them at five cents per pound. Mr. Holmes has not got an extensive vineyard, but what he has is property attended to. There is no better place for vineyards than Perry county, and already there are several fine ones in the county, and other parties are contemplating going into the business of cultivating grapes. A good deal of wine is annually made in our county.

SOMETHING WRONG. -- A reverned [sic] gentleman and a young lady, both from Ste. Genevieve, were passengers upon the steamer Emma C. Elliott for St. Louis last Monday night. While on the trip they occupied the same state-room, which is not allowed, and Capt. Lightner, believing there was something wrong, made him open the state-room door, when the Captain administered him several kicks. The reverned gentleman claims that he is innocent of any wrong act, but was simply remaining with the lady because she was unwell and had been placed under his charge. The gentleman proposes to prosecute Capt. Lightner, when the facts in the case will be developed to the satisfaction of all interested.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. George Campbell and family who reside near Hillsboro, Montgomery county, Ills., arrived in our county on Thursday of last week on a visit to relatives.

Mr. George T. Tucker left for Indiana on Wednesday of last week visiting relatives. Mr. William Furth left for the city of St. Louis last Monday on business.

Three Sisters arrived in Perryville on Wednesday morning, and will begin their school here on Monday next.

Father Rhode, of the Catholic Church of Chester, Illinois, was in Perryville this week visiting Father Kleiser.

Mr. James Rice and lady left for St. Louis on Wednesday afternoon on a visit.

Miss Rosa Rice and Master Chas. Rice left at the same time for St Mary's on a visit for a few days.

DIED, of typhoid fever, at Quincy, Illinois, on Saturday, August 27th, 1875, Mr. Charles Bertsch, aged twenty-nine years. His body was brought to Perryville and interred in the German Catholic cemetery on Wednesday morning last. The deceased has been married but a few months, and leaves a young wife, and many relatives and friends to mourn his untimely loss. The subject of this notice was born in the province of Schlesien, Purssia, and emigrated to the United States about six years ago, and was a miller by trade, which business he followed for a livelihood. He was a good honest, and industrious young man, and was much respected by those who knew him.

DIED, at six o'clock on Thursday evening, August 16th, 1875, at the residence of her parents two miles south of Perryville, a daughter of Mr. Louis and Mrs. Victoria Guyot, aged eight years four months and eight days.

Died, on Wednesday, August 15th, 1875, at the residence of his parents near Allen's Landing, John B., son of Mr. J. H. and Mrs. B. H. Stynes, aged five months and nine days.

Died, on the 19th of August, 1875, ... Bois Brule bottom, a daughter of Mr. H. L. Belsha, aged nine years.

PERRYVILLE WHEAT AND FLOUR MARKET. Corrected weekly by Fred. Schindler:

Wheat, per bushel  -  $1 to 1.15
Flour, choice per barrel  -  8.00
Flour, choice per hundred  -  4.00
" XXX per barrel,  -  7.00
" XXX per hundred,  -  3.50
" XX per barrel  -  6.00
" XX per hundred,  -  3.00
Bran, per bushel,  -  12½ cts.

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