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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 03 November 1871


COUNTY COURT. -- This body will convene at the court house Monday next.

CIRCUIT COURT will convene in the city of Ste. Genevieve next Monday.

MR. FRANK RICE has put up a neat frame residence on his lot opposite Mr. McBride’s residence.

MR. JOHN C. MCBRIDE has purchased Simon Duvall’s interest in the Saline Mill, and now owns the whole of it. The mill is in a flourishing condition.

PERSONAL. -- Mr. James C. Noell and family left our town on Tuesday morning last for Marble Hill, in Bollinger county, where they will hereafter reside.

LARGE TURNIP. -- James L. Crow, Esq., presented us with a turnip on Wednesday, raised upon his farm, which weighed eleven pounds. A pretty fair vegetable.

POISONED BY A SNAKE. -- We learn that on or about the middle of May last, Miss Amandiville French, the youngest daughter of Oliver P. French, of this county, while engaged in cutting down weeds on the farm, came in contact with a copper head snake. Almost before she was aware of it, the reptile has wound itself around one of her legs. After some exertion the young lady freed herself of her unpleasant visitor, and since that time has suffered much pain, caused by the poisonous reptile. She is now under medical treatment.

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