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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 03 May 1867


BORN TO BAD LUCK. -- An original romance, entitled, "Born to Bad Luck," written for the Perryville Union, will be commenced on the first page of Next week's issue. The author of the above is Baron de Barrens, a talented gentleman and a fine writer, and the above production will be found humorous, interesting and entertaining.

WHEAT. -- The memory of man runneth not back to the time when the wheat crops of this county looked more hopeful, at this season of the year, than now. Wheat never looked more promising, is heard from all parts of the county. From the number of acres sown, with a continuance of good seasons, our farmers may confidently hope for a larger crop of wheat, by far, than has ever before been harvested in this county.

FRUIT. -- At this writing the fruit crop of the county promises a most abundant yield of every variety of fruit cultivated; there is not even any one kind of fruit injured, or that threatens a short crop. From every section of the county we hear the same thing, fruit of all kinds in the greatest abundance. The cultivation of fruit is second in importance, only to wheat, as a staple of this county, and we might, we think, safely predict that at no distant day, it will be of more importance than even wheat itself, so well is our soil and climate adapted to fruit culture.

MARRIED, at the Ste. Marys' Seminary on the 28th of April, 1867, by the Rt. Rev. Father Hennessey, Mrs. Augustus Doerr to Mrs. Mary E. Philips, both of Perryville. At the Seminary, just before the ceremonies, Miss Louisa Shelby performed upon the organ followed by vocal music by the church choir. After the marriage the couple, accompanied by their friends, repaired to the residence of John C. Doerr, where a sumptuous supper was partaken of. The Printers were not forgotten as a fine lot of nice, delicious cake was sent to us, which was pitched into and devoured without any ceremony. We wish the newly married couple a long, happy, cloudless and prosperous voyage through life.


Dealers in
Apothecary jars
Paints, Oils
and Dye Stuffs,

Have always on hand a large stock of
and all kinds of
N O T I O N S,
which we offer to our patrons at
We invite Physicians espcially to give us their orders which we fill with the greatest promptness and at reduced prices.
F Prescriptions are put up with the greatest care, at all hours, day or night.
F Call at the corner of Ste. Marys and St. Joseph streets opposite Public Square. Perryville, Mo.

100 Sacks salt for sale by BURGEE & CO.
1000 Pounds Feathers wanted by BURGEE & CO.
The Perryville UNION PRINTING OFFICE is prepared to do all kinds and description of Job Work at reasonable prices.

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