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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 03 June 1870


THE PIC NIC, of last week, was a pleasant one, so we are informed, and everybody and his wife were there to participate in the pleasures of the occasion.

THAT BOUQUET. -- Miss Mary Vessels has our thanks and best wishes for that handsome bouquet of flowers presented to us.

THAT SERENADE. -- On Saturday night-last we were the recipient of a nice serenade, something we have no dislike for, on the contrary, are very fond of music. The gentlemenly serenaders have our thanks, and could we return the compliment, would willingly do so.

THE POTATO WORM. -- This troublesome worm has made its appearance in this portion of God’s vineyard, and are playing havoc among the potato vines. We understand that some of our farming friends have had their entire potato vines destroyed by these pests.

A DANCING PARTY was held at the Hooss’ Hotel on Tuesday night, which was pretty well attended, considering the inclemency of the weather, and all present seemed to enjoy themselves.

MR. ANDREW KLUMP and family left this county on Tuesday for Sebastian county, Arkansas.

THAT MINERAL exists in this county, there seems to be no doubt, but to what extent, we are not prepared to say. On Tuesday we were shown several specimens of mineral. Some of these are lead, some iron, and some is supposed to be silver. It is also thought kaolin or porcelain clay exists in this county in paying quantities.

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