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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 03 December 1869


CITY LIVERY STABLE. -- A change has taken place in regard to our Livery Stable, Mr. Pius McCauley having been duly installed as partner in the firm, which now consists of J. J. Seibel and Pius McCauley. We call the attention of our readers to their advertisement in to-day’s paper. Ladies in particular ought to take advantage of the times and make life easy and pleasant in the way of buggy riding. We know of nothing more pleasing then [sic] to see a nice good looking and healthy women [sic], holding the ribbons over a pair of dashing horses. Success to the firm.

PERSONAL. -- J. B. Robinson, Esq., returned from the circuit, after an absence of five weeks, on the 25th ult., and is looking well and hearty. He remains here till the 1st inst., when he leaves for Jackson, in Cape Girardeau county, to attend to the celebrated Kitchen-Whybark case, in which we are told some twelve thousand dollars are involved. Bush & Robinson are for Kitchen. Mr. Robinson is in receipt of a letter from Indiana, in which the writer desires him to negotiate for the purchase of a tract of land, in one body, in this county, sufficient for the settlement of a colony of twenty German families. -- He thinks he can secure the location desired, and has so advised the writer.

MAMMOTH CORN. -- We were presented with an ear of corn on last Saturday from Dr. W. P. Newman, raised upon the farm of Peter S. Bruner in Bois Brule Bottom. The ear of corn contains twenty full rows of corn and weighs two pounds, requiring only thirty-five such ears of corn to make a bushel. We call this corn that is corn. -- Can anybody in Southeast Missouri beat it? and can our neighbors of Mississippi county produce a larger ear of corn than this? If they can, let them come forward with it. Think you can beat it, Brother Martin? Guess Perry county is entitled to the horns, as we have heretofore shown that our county produced the best flour, raised a superior quality of wheat, secured the premium for fine stock at the Randolph county (Illinois) Agricultural Fair recently, and grow the largest and nices[t] sweet and Irish potatoes. Bully for Perry county. Persons seeking homes “in the far distant West,” had better conclude to pay our county a visit, at least, before pitching their tent in some other locality. We think they would do well here. There is nothing like trying it, so come right along.

PERRYVILLE, MO., Nov. 27th, 1869.

Pursuant to legal notice given, more than twenty of the freeholders of Perry county, who had heretofore petitioned the County Court of said county to organize and incorporate an agricultural, horticultural and mechanical society, met at the court house in Perryville. -- The meeting was called to order, Col. R. M. Brewer was called to the chair and J. C. Noell was appointed Secretary. On motion, Sections 1 and 2 of chap[t]er 60 general statute of Missouri, were read by the secretary, in explanation of the object of the meeting.

The following named gentlemen, members of this society, were unanimously elected directors thereof, for one year, and until their successors are elected, to-wit: R. M. Brewer, C. A. Mann, Emanuel Estel, Geo. M. Shaner, Isadore Layton, J. C. McBride, J. C. Doerr, J. H. Abernathy and Wm. Conrad.

On motion it was ordered that the Post Clarion, PERRYVILLE UNION, and Rural World, each be furnished with a copy of the proceedings of this meeting and requested to publish the same. There being no further business, at present, the meeting adjourned.

R. M. BREWER, Chariman
J. C. NOELL, Sec’ry.

The above Board of Directors will meet at the court house in Perryville on Saturday the 11th of December, 1869.

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