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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 02 July 1869


JOHN SUTTERER was arrested on Tuesday, on the charge of killing and converting to his own use, two hogs belonging to John P. Pahner, and brought before ‘Squire A. H. Cashion for an examination, when he was required to give bail in $300, which he did.

BROKE JAIL. -- On Thursday night of last week two prisoners, confined in our county jail, made their exit out of the same and made good their escape, as they have not been heard of since. Here of late, jails do not seem to be strong enough to hold criminals, for we notice through our exchanges, during the past few weeks, quite a number of prisoners getting out of various jails.

GOOD WORK EXECUTED. -- Henry Nufer, of Longtown, has recently manufactured the wood work of a splendid two-horse wagon, to which the blacksmith, F. Schade, of the same town, has attached the coup de grace in the nature of fancy iron work. -- They wish us to notify they brother mechanics throughout the county to come down en masse to inspect the work before they send it away to France to await the next exhibition.

THE FOURTH OF JULY. -- The 3d of July which is next Saturday, has been agreed upon as the day in which to celebrate the fourth of July, in the Doerr grove east of town. All kinds of refreshments will be furnished on the grounds. The Perryville Cornet Band will be present. Speeches and music will be the order of the day. Those who can conveniently bring their provisions are requested to do so, but those who can not, will be furnished on the grounds by Mrs. Hooss at a reasonable prices. The procession will start from the public square at 10 o’clock A. M.

IMPROVEMENTS. -- Our neighbor, John Long, has had his residence repaired, that is, he has had a portion of it ceiled, and a portion of it plastered.

William Litsch, one of our merchants, has just built a neat porch in front of his residence, and has had it nicely painted. We understand that he intends to soon erect a handsome dwelling near his present residence.

Capt. W. H. Bennett has had an addition put to his house, which makes it more convenient. Captain, what is the use of having a cage, unless you have a nice bird in it?

Vincent Brewer has also put an addition to his residence, and when painted, it will look neat.

Dr. C. A. Mann has just had the finishing touch given to his handsome brick office.

George Kock has just put up a mammoth barn, east of the public square.

Augustus Doerr has erected a barn on his farm near town.

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