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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 02 August 1872


DR. A. D. PENNEY will visit Perryville on the 3d of September next. Read his card in another column.

MR. MILES CECIL and family passed through our town on Monday afternoon en route for their old home out West.

JUDGE NICHOLSON and JOHN V. NOELL, ESQ., left town on Sunday afternoon for Ste. Genevieve on business.

W. A. CASHION, ESQ., left town on Monday of last week for the State of California on business, and will be absent a short time.

PETER OBUCHON, our present Assessor, will commence assessing on the first of August, so get yourselves ready to receive him.

ROBT. N. DEAN, Sheriff of this county, had a valuable horse stole from him a few nights ago. The thief is known, and he will probably be captured.

MEN’S BONNETS, so we see it stated, will be the prevailing fashion for September. We are anxious to see them. What will probably be the next fashion?

LIGHTNING does some queer things and seriously things. A few days since a large tree, not a great distance from Perryville, was torn into fragments by lightning. Fortunate “nobody but the tree” was injured.

PHOTOGRAPHS $2 per dozen. Ambrotypes 25 cents each, at A. A. Segar’s gallery near Doerr & Bros. store. Taken in all kinds of weather.

RAIN. -- We have not been visited with a drought this season, on the contrary, we have had a abundance of rain, and in some portions of our county, done injury to the crops, besides washing away fences and doing other damage.

GEN. JAMES R. MCCORMICK, our present member of Congress, was in town this week and gave us a call. The General intimated that he had not yet determined whether he would be a candidate for re-election or not, but thought that he probably would. The General is an industrious and energetic man, and will not be found lagging behind, should he become a candidate for re-election.

A LITTLE CHILD of Mr. Augustus Doerr’s accidentally got a grain of corn lodged in its throat one day last week, from which it suffered a great deal. Drs. Byrnes, Mann and Moore attended the case, and after consultation, cut the wind pipe and extricated the grain of corn. All efforts had been made to remove it without performing this operation, but failed. The child will probably get well.

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