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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 01 October 1875


A CHANGE. -- Mr. William Holtman now occupies the Gabriel End building on the west side of the public square.

PERSONAL. -- Judge Robinson left for Fredericktown last Sunday morning to hold the Madison county circuit court, which commenced last Monday.

BRICK KILN. -- Mr. John C. Popp has just finished burning a kiln of one hundred and fifty thousand brick and they are represented to be a superior article.

FOOT CUT. -- Mr. John O. Brewer while lately engaged hewing logs for Mr. Montgomery, five miles northwest of Perryville, accidentally cut one of his feet quite badly.

ON THE MOVE. -- Several movers passed through Perryville since our last issue, wending their way for the southwestern counties of the State, where they expect to make their future home.

DR. J. W. FUTRELL. -- This gentleman's card will be found in another column of this issue of the Union. He comes among us well recommended, and solicits a share of the patronage of the public. Give him a call.

BROKE HIS NECK. -- Last Saturday a fatal accident occurred in our neighboring county across the river. Mr. Joseph Armour, while on the road between Sparta and Eden, was thrown from his wagon, and had his neck broken.

HUNT YOUR GREENBACKS. -- Mr. John C. Doerr, our gentlemanly collector, started out on Monday last on a collecting tour, in the very best of humor, and the tax payers will doubtless shell out punctually as they ought to.

NEW STOVES. -- Mr. Otto C. Nabert our accommodating tinner, has just received a large supply of new cooking and heating stoves, which he intends to sell at bottom prices. If you want to save money be sure to give him a call.

IMPROVEMENT. -- Mr. James Burgee, our efficient Circuit Clerk, has the carpenters at work in the second story of his large building on the west side of the public square, and ere long will have it divided up in to good, comfortable rooms.

MARRIED, on Thursday, September 23d, 1875, by Rev. W. L. Lee, at his residence in Bois Brule bottom, Mr. Thomas McLane to Miss Eliza Hunter.

Married, on the 22d of September, 1875, by Mr. James M. Warren, Mr. Henry Smith to Miss Sarah E. Spray.

THE PUBLIC SCHOOL. --The Perryville public school will open next Monday morning, and a session of eight months will be taught. Mr. David W. Crow takes charge of the higher department, and Miss Crosby will assume the duties of the primary department. Both are competent teachers.

COTTON. -- Perry county does not only grow excellent wheat, corn and other cereals, but can make a pretty good showing in the way of producing cotton. Mr. Wm. H. Hoskins, residing nine miles east of Perryville, has cotton growing upon his farm this year, the stocks of some of which measures five and a half feet in height, and well filled with cotton. Can anybody hereabouts beat it?

COMPLIMENTARY. -- We have received complimentary tickets to the Ste. Genevieve County Agricultural fair, also to the Cape Girardeau fair, and also to the St. Louis fair, and had we the time should be more than pleased to attend them, but the crowd of business will prevent us from doing so. These fairs, however, will be well represented by Perry county, as some of our citizens will certainly attend them.

BIRTHS. -- A little boy stopped at the residence of Mr. Vincent Layton not far from Silver Lake one day last week.

A little girl called at the home of Mr. Frank Turlen, three miles west of Perryville last Friday.

A great big, good looking boy stopped at the home of Col. R. M. Brewer five miles northwest of Perryville, on Tuesday morning last.

A little boy put in his appearance at the residence of Mr. George Difani's on Sunday last.

     Baby buggy

WILL IT PAY TO RAISE WHEAT? -- Last fall I sowed thirty-four acres in wheat, and from it received exactly by weight six hundred and seventeen bushels of wheat, which at $1.30 per bushel, yielded me just $802.10. Now the expenses is for seed $34, to sowing and harvesting $200.50, to stacking $20, to threshing $58, to conveying the same to market $60.70. This includes all necessary expenses, and I find that I have $328.90 left. Does raising this cereal pay?


FOUND DEAD. -- Mr. John Bienlein, residing about seven miles northeast of Perryville, has been keeping bachelor's hall for quite a while, he preferring to do so, hence lived alone. On Friday morning of last week, so we are informed, Mrs. Weidt had occasion to pass the residence of this gentleman, and when quite near it, made a noise in order to attract attention of the occupant, but receiving no answer concluded to enter the dwelling, when she discovered Mr. Bienlein sleeping the sleep that knows no waking. The coroner was at once notified of the fact, when a jury was summoned and a inquest held upon the body of the deceased, and a verdict rendered that he had died a natural death. The deceased was about sixty-eight years of age. He was born in Bavaria, Germany, in the year 1807, and emigrated to Perry county in 1840, and resided here up to the day of his death. He leaves four children and other relatives to mourn his death.

DIED, on Wednesday, September 22d, 1875, at the residence of her parents, three miles southeast of Perryville, an infant child of Mr. Peter and Mrs. Mary Hoffman.

Died, on Saturday, September 25, 1875, at the residence of his parents four miles northeast of Perryville, an infant child of Mr. Jules Vallroy.

Died, on Saturday, September 25, 1875, at the residence of her parents four miles west of Perryville, a child of Mr. Verchardie.

Died, on Saturday, September 25, 1875, at the residence of her parents in Bois Brule bottom, Emma, daughter of Mr. Bruno Stenbucks, aged six months.

Died, on Sunday, September 26th,, 1875, at the home of her parents, three miles north of Perryville, Miss Julia Miles, aged 14 years.

Died, on Sunday morning, September 26th, 1875, at her residence one mile west of Perryville, Mrs. Julia Drury, wife of Mr. William Drury, aged about 66 years.

Died, of typhoid fever, on Monday September 27, 1875, at the residence of his mother six miles north of Perryville, Mr. William Vessels, aged about 24 years.

Died, on Tuesday, September 28, 1875, near Bailey's Landing, Miss Frances Hagar, daughter of Milton Hagar, aged about 17 years.

A LIST OF CLEMENS SCHINDLER & Co.'s Steam Threshing Machine work:

For whom Threshed No. Bushels No. Days
C. Schindler 1,452   
Mrs. Kahle 330    ½
J. F. Gerstacker 301    ½
Joseph Blechle 299    ¾
Joseph A. Elder 295    ½
Henry J. Tucker 1,135   
Andrew Klump 353    ½
Dr. Reuben Shelby 1,225   
Christopher Popp 760    1   
James Power 435    ½
Jerome Moranville 1,230    2   
Leo T. Dean 693½
Peter Tucker 315½ ½
F. E. Bergman 659    1   
Mrs. J. Bergman 1,735   
John W. Thomas 580    ¾
J. G. Kropf 488    ½
Andrew Huber 631   
Clement Knott 419½ ½
F. Miles 548    1   
F. Rodewahl 525    1   
V. Cissell 699½ ¾
A. Schindler 1,347    2  
George Hahn 483    ¾
Mrs. J. Moore 752    1   
George L. Fox 683    1   
Cassimere Chappius 494    ½
Alfred Chappius 460    ½
William Maisel 151    ¼
  __________ __________
Grand Total    19,321    27½

Average of 715 per day.
The work done was approved by every one we threshed for.
  C. Schindler & Co.
Perryville, Sept. 27th, 1875    

The Ironton Register says sumac grows in great abundance in Iron county. It is worth $150 per ton in New York.

Probate Court Proceedings

An adjourned term of the Probate and Common Pleas court of Perry county, Mo., held on Monday, September 27th, 1875.

John C. Doerr, guardian and curator of John P. Layton et al, had bond approved in the sum of $1,800.

John McBride, guardian and curator of Josephine Brown, had bond approved in the sum of $500.

George E. Bergman, administrator of Peter Fassold, dec'ed, had letters granted and bond in vacation approved.

John P. Welker, administrator of the estate of Jos. Schnurbusch, was ordered to pay the 5th class claims against said estate.

John E. Aikin, guardian and curator of Jos. R. DeLassus, got an appropriation of $10 for school purposes.

John F. Abernathy, administrator of Louise Clifton, had letters and bond granted in vacation approved.

Charles A. Weber, administrator of John Bienlein, was ordered to take charge of said estate. Bond presented and ordered to be approved.

V. D. Layton, guardian and curator of Mary E. Layton, now Mary E. Tucker, wife of George W. Tucker, Said George W. Tucker acknowledged to have received full satisfaction, and the guardian and curator discharged.

James L. Crow, administrator of Hilary Tucker, vs. Wm. Moore, had claim allowed for $49.

James. L. Crow, public administrator was ordered to take charge of the estate of James Oneal.

Basil Moore, administrator of M. V. Moore, guardian and curator of Jos. Wimsatt; final settlement forward. -- Case continued until Wednesday, to which time court adjourned.

Wednesday, Sept. 29th. -- Court met pursuant in adjournment.

Ann E. Brown was appointed guardian of Gussie Bloom.

The sum of $15 was appropriated for the schooling and clothing of Gussie Blom.

Alonzo Farrar, guardian and curator of Adolphus Farrar, got an appropriation of $100 for the schooling and boarding of said minor.

Adolphus Tacke, administrator of Andrew Schwein, was ordered to make repairs on house.

W. W. Mattingly curator of Luke J. Mullins, had bond approved in the sum of $1,700.

Basil Moore, administrator of the estate of M. V. Moore, made final settlement for deceased of the estate of Jos. Wimsatt.

Frank Renaud, guardian and curator of Jos. Wimsatt, by his attorney, made objections. Evidence was heard, and the curt charged said M. V. Moore's estate with $632, from which decision there was an appeal to the circuit court, asked and granted, when court adjourned until court in course.

Circuit Court Docket.

The following is the docket of Circuit Court for the term beginning on Monday, October 11th, 1875.

Monday, October 11th, 1875.

State of Missouri vs. James Huntley; selling goods without license.

State of Missouri vs. John and Lewis Grass; disturbing peace of family.

State vs. Henry C. Hardin; indicted for an assault to kill.

State of Missouri to the use of Perry county vs. George Lodes; damages.

Tuesday, October 12th.

Francis L. Jones vs. Leon DeLassus; debt.

John C. Farrar, guardian and curator of Venable's heirs, order of sale.

Mary E. McLocklin vs. William J. Morrison; ejectment.

John N. Frank vs. Charles Dinkhabin et al; ejectment.

Willie A. Bell vs. James M. Bell; divorce.

Sarah A. Kennon vs. Elijah Daniels; appeal from justice peace.

James M. Lasater vs. Henry Frazier; appeal from justice peace.

Kreft, Frye & Co. vs. A. Estel; appeal from justice peace.

Wednesday, October 13th.

Joseph Freaux et al vs. Jule Gros et al; partition.

Robert N. Dean, ex-rel Emanuel Smith, vs. Clement J. Fenwick; action on bond.

Robert N. Dean, ex-rel. &c., James M. Smith, vs. Clement J. Fenwick; action on bond.

John Blume vs. Clement Schindler; debt.

Emanuel Block et al, exparte.

Evastus Nitcher et al, exparte; partition.

Lewis Dickson vs. James Oneal; a suit to foreclose mortgage.

Christopher Popp, administrator, vs. James Oneal, attachment.

Thursday, October 14th.

John W. Langlois vs. Henry L. Caldwell et al; ejectment.

John W. Langlois vs. W. W. Hamilton et al, ejectment.

Leon Bogy, administrator of H. B. Kinnison, vs. James L. Crow, administrator of Wm. Allen, deceased; suit to foreclose mortgage.

John T. McBride et al vs. Fielding Lowrey et al; partition.

James M. Mattingly et al. exparte, partition.

Margaret C. Oneal vs. Wm. Oneal; divorce.

Annie Wagner et al vs. Barbara Schmidt et al; partition.

William Litsch, treasurer of Perry county, vs. Jones A Rutledge; debt.

Simeon Mattingly vs. Simon A Layton, appeal from justice peace.

Friday, October 15th.

Zachariah Mueller vs. Peter W. A. McPike, debt.

James I. Moore et al, exparte; partition.

Mary J. Gatewood et al, exparte, partition.

Philip Popp vs. Christopher Popp et al; vendors lein [sic].

Matilda M. Jones et al vs. Emaline McLaine; partition.

John T. Dippold et al, exparte; partition.

Joseph R. Garner et al vs. Willie N. Garner et al; partition.

Thomas G. Chadwick and Julia Block, exparte; partition.

Henry Stelling et al, exparte; partition.

August Kreft et al vs. Mariah Tomforte; petition to admeasure dower.

Julia A. Lauk et al vs. Isidore Layton; partition.

The Return Docket

Andrew J. White vs. Austin Drake; civil suit.

Lucien Crozet vs. Peter Crozet, attachment.

John B. Robinson, vs. Frederick Sittner et al; partition.

Mary C. Abbott et al vs. Mary Hix et al; partition.

Felix Bey vs. Jacob R. Leonard and Nereus Cissell, debt.

Robert N. Dean, trustee in partition sale vs. John C. Farrar and John W. Venable; debt.

Robert N. Dean, trustee in partition sale vs. John C. Farrar, Drury Abernathy and John W. Venable, debt.

Martha T. Favell vs. William M. Favell, divorce.

Ignatz M. Schneider vs. Theresa Schneider et al; petition in return deed.

Nereus Layton et al, exparte; partition.

Sarah A McCauley vs. Pius McCauley, divorce.

Martha C. Abernathy vs. Daniel Rhyne, damages.

Emily Tucker et al vs. Henry Daemund; dower.

Johanna Buttner et al vs. Christoper Popp, debt.

Harrison Gore vs. John Spray et al

Josh W. Burgee et al vs. Lawrence Brown, partition.

Irenius Brown vs. John P. Layton et al; partition.

State of Missouri to use of Joseph Guggemos vs. Henry C. Caho et al; action on bond.

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