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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 01 January 1869


AN OLD CITIZEN DIED. -- Henry Hooss, an old and esteemed citizen of Perryville, died at his residence on Monday the 28th of December, 1868, about 3 o’clock P. M. of Dropsy

The deceased was born in Hesse Cassel, Germany, on the 9th of September, 1810, came to this country in 1836, and worked at his trade of Carpenter and bridge builder, in Virginia, Illinois and other places, for several years. He settled in this place in the year 1841, and has been a citizen ever since. He tried merchandising on a small scale for several years, but was not very successful. As a hotel keeper, however, he has, for many years, been without a rival in Southeast Missouri.

As a citizen, a father, friend and companion, he enjoyed an enviable reputation, and his loss will be deeply felt by a large number of friends and acquaintances outside of the family circle. To his family the loss id irreparable, for it was in the home circle, in the character of husband and father that all the geniality of his disposition and beauty of his character were to be seen.

Mr. Hooss was a member of the Masonic order in good standing, and was proud of his connection therewith. He tried at all times to be a true Mason and Christian in his deportment toward his fellow-men. The Great Architect has now called him from labor to refreshment, and we are left to mourn his absence from our midst.

JUSTICE SEIBEL’S COURT. -- The proceedings of the above court on the 24th ult. were of more than ordinary interest. It seems that the Methodist Church in Perryville, which has, for some years past, been used as a school house, was closed by the Rev. R. R. Witten, the resident Minister of said Church, because the President of the Board of Education of the town of Perryville refused to acknowledge that the district held it by sufferance of the Church for school purposes. Mr. B. Cissell, in behalf of and by the direction of the majority of the members of said Board, present at a meeting called to consider what steps to take in the premises, instituted a suit of unlawful detainer against Mr. Witten to recover possession of the property. Messrs. Robinson and Killian were retained as counsel on the part of the Church. They first appeared and objected to the sufficiency of the service, which being amended by the Sheriff, they filed a motion to rule the plaintiff to give security for costs, which, after an animated discussion, was by the court sustained and the security given. Defendant’s counsel then filed a motion to dismiss the cause for reasons assigned, which was ably argued by the respective counsel and finally sustained, and the cause after a days’ trial dismissed at the costs of the securities.

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