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Old Glory

Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 01 December 1871


MR. CHAS. COURTOIS left our town on Monday evening last for the land of gold - California. We wish him a pleasant journey.

OLD WINTER, in all its glory, has put in its appearance, and proposes to keep us company. We had considerable snow last week.

CHRISTMAS TOYS. -- John B. Cashion, Esq., has just returned from the city of St. Louis with a fine lot of Christmas toys , &c., all of which he proposes to sell cheap.

MR. FURTH is still selling goods at the lowest possible prices, and as clothing is his speciality, we advise those who want a good article to give him a call, and thereby save money.

HOGS. -- Several of our farmers have been butchering their hogs the past week. Pork is selling at 4 1/2 to 5 cents per pound. It is believed that it will be sold at less prices ere the season is over.

HARD TIMES. -- Times are very “hard,” but “softer” times are promised, though it is thought they will not be around for a “short spell.” -- Money matters are “tight,” but it is thought they will be “loosened.”

HORSE RACES. -- Three or four horse races took place on last Saturday on the Manning track, and we understand that some individuals allowed their angry passions to rise, but nobody was killed or wounded. Naughty boys!

DR. M. G. PARSONS. -- This gentleman left our town last week to make his residence in Carbondale, Ill., though we understand that he intends to make this place a point of visitation every month or two, for the purpose of accomodating those person who may require his services in he treatment of diseases of the eye. His management of those diseases while among us proved very satisfactory. We are pleased to hear this, for the Doctor is not only a good physician, but a gentleman of fine social qualities, and an honor to his profession.

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