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Weekly Perryville Union
Perryville, Missouri, Friday, 01 August 1873


JOHN B. ROBINSON, ESQ., is now proprietor of a horse and a bran[d] new buggy.

GEO. B. SAWYER, ESQ., of Brooklyn, new York, was in town this week on business.

JOS. C. KILLIAN, ESQ., is making preparations to erect a fine brick residence on his property near his mill.

A SUBSTANTIAL plank fence is to be built around the Perryville Public School building. This is a sensible move.

SICKNESS. -- Some sickness is reported in our county, and the flux seems to be the worst. Several persons have died from the effects of it.

THE PERRYVILLE MILLS has been undergoing repairs during the past few weeks, and we understand that Mr. Schindler will be ready to grind in a few days.

COLLECTOR’S NOTICE. -- In another column of to-day’s paper will be found an advertisement from John C. Doerr, Collector for this county, giving the times and places he will meet the tax-payers. Don’t fail to read the notice.

COUNTY COURT will be in session next week, it being the regular August term. Mr. Robert N. Dean will sell on Tuesday, the 2d day of the term, several tracts of land, and those wishing to invest in that kind of property had better attend the sale.

STATE UNIVERSITY. -- By reference to another part of the paper will be found an advertisement from this Institution of learning. It will be seen that Perry county is entitled to send to the departments of the State University at Columbia or Rolla five students for the term of forty weeks.

KOCH’S HOUSE. -- The brick work of this gentleman’s house is finished, and Mr. Nabert, our efficient tinner commenced putting on the tin roof last Monday. Mr. John B. Gotto done the brick work, and Kiefner and Tarrillion are doing the carpenter work. This building is 41 x 44 feet and 29 feet high. When finished it will be a nice house.

TO BE CONSTRUCTED. -- The stockholders of the Chester and Tamaroa and Chester and Iron Mountain rail roads have consolidated as the Iron Mountain, Chester and Eastern railroad, and have elected a board of directors for the ensuing year. We understand that it is the intention of the company to push the Chester and Iron Mountain road through rapidly to completion. It is stated that about forty miles of this road is graded. Ere many months have passed in to oblivion, the iron horse will wend its way through a portion of our county.


Notice is hereby given that the undersigned public administrator of Perry county, Mo., took charge of the estate of Geo. W. Lewis, deceased, on the 11th of June, 1873. All persons having claims against said estate, are required to present them for allowance within one year from said date or they many (may) be precluded from any benefit of raid estate, and if such claims are not presented within two years from the date of this publication they will be forever barred.

JAMES L. CROW, Public Administrator


THE TAX-PAYING inhabitants of Perry county, Mo., are hereby notified that I will meet them for the purpose of collecting and receiving their taxes for the year 1873, at the following places & dates:

Brazeau Township -- Wittenberg Sept. 1 Altenburg Sept. 2d and 3d; Frohna Sept. 4th and 5th.
Union Township -- Eureka Sept. 6th; Uniontown Sept. 8th and 9th; Longtown Sept. 10th.
Cinque Homme Township -- M. Biehle Sept. 11th; Conrad’s mill Sept. 12th; Dickinson’s store Sept. 13.
Ste. Mary’s Township -- Yount’s store Sept 15; Silver Lake Sept. 16th and 17th.
Saline Township -- Vincent Hagan Sept 18th; Frazer’s Sept. 19th; Col. Brewer’s mill Sept. 20th.
Salem Township -- Wm. Favell’s Sept. 22d; John Swan’s Sept. 23d; Bailey’s Landing Sept. 24th.
Bois Brule Township -- Wm. R. Allen’s Sept. 25th; Clarrysville [sic] Sept. 26th; Joab W. Burgee’s Sept. 27th.
Central Township -- At Perryville on and after Sept. 29th.

JOHN C. DOERR, Collector


The attention of the Tax-Payer is respectfully called to Section 113 and 118 of the Revenue Law. -- Section 113 provides that the tax-layer of each township in the county shall meet the Collector at the time and place appointed, and pay such taxes as may be due against them. Section 118 provides that the Collector shall have power to seize and sell the good and chattles of persons liable for taxes, and no property shall be exempt from such seizure and sale. And the Collector shall not receive a credit for delinquent taxes, until he shall have made affidavit that he has been unable to find personal property out of which to make the same.

JOHN C. DOERR, Collector of Perry County, Mo.

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