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New Haven's
Settling in
And Some
G O V E R N M E N T :
Published for the Use of that Colony.

Though some of the Orders intended for
present convenience, may probably
be hereafter altered, and as
need requireth other
Lawes added.

L O N D O N:
Printed by M. S. for Livewell Chapman, at the
Crowne in Popes-head-Alley.
1 6 5 6.

Bakers Ballast Barratry Bills and Specialities
Burglary and Theft Capitall Lawes
includes: Blasphemy, Witchcraft, Murder, Beastiality, Sodomy, Rape, Adultery, Perjury, Kidnapping, Rebellion, Rebellion or Profanity toward Parents
Caske and Cooper
Conveyances fraudulent Courts for Strangers Damages pretended, and Vexatious Suites Distresse
Disturbers of the publick Peace Divorce, or a Marriage declared a Nullity. Desertion, &c. Dowryes Fornication
Gaming Heresie Horses Impost upon Wines, and strong Liquors
Imprisonment Incest Lying Magistrates, or other Judges in relation
Manslaughter Marriage Marshall Masters and Servants, &c.
Mayming, wounding, &c. Seamen Sentences of Judgement Single Persons

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The Rankin Family History Project began in 1997 with a simple 3 generation family chart.  When our grandmother found out we were researching our family tree, she loaned us her copy of Maryland Catholics on the Frontier by Timothy J. O'Rourke which helped us discover our St. Louis & Perry County roots.  We are also doing research in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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