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New Haven Colony Laws


It is Ordered, That if any Seaman, Marriner, Master of ship or Vessel, or other person, shal receive into any ship, innace, Bote, Cannooe, or other Vessel by what name so ever called, and shal carry away, or suffer to take, or have passage, out of any harbor, or plantation, within this Jurisdiction, any child, servant, or other person, whether Male, or Female, whom he knoweth to stand in relation, or under the charge and government of another, and so not at his, or her own present dispose, or any Debtor, Delinquent, or Offender, whom he knoweth;

Or hath heard to be under, or liabel to any ingagement, censure, or punishment, to or from any particular person, or the authority of this Jurisdiction, or any plantation therein without express, and written license, from some Magistrate, dwelling in the plantation, or from he Constable, or Deputies intrusted for civil affairs, where there is no Magistrate, or at least from the master, or governor of the Family, who hath the trust or power, where there is no other ingagement or guilt.

He shal be liable (if known and apprehended in any part of Jurisdiction) to satisfie, and pay all such debts and ingagements as any such person oweth, or ought to satisfie, and to pay such damage or fine to the person or persons wronged, or to the Plantation, or Jurisdiction, as the Court considering the case, with the circumstances shal judge meet.

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The Rankin Family History Project began in 1997 with a simple 3 generation family chart.  When our grandmother found out we were researching our family tree, she loaned us her copy of Maryland Catholics on the Frontier by Timothy J. O'Rourke which helped us discover our St. Louis & Perry County roots.  We are also doing research in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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