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New Haven Colony Laws

Mayming, wounding, &c.

If any shal in distempered passion, or otherwise, sinfully hurt wound, or maime another, such person shal be punisht by Fine, with some valuable Recompence to the party; and shal pay for the cure, with losse of time, &c.

And when the case requires it, The Court of Magistrates are duly to consider the mind of God, as it is revealed,
Exod: 21. 18, to the 28. Levit: 24. 19, 20.

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The Rankin Family History Project began in 1997 with a simple 3 generation family chart.  When our grandmother found out we were researching our family tree, she loaned us her copy of Maryland Catholics on the Frontier by Timothy J. O'Rourke which helped us discover our St. Louis & Perry County roots.  We are also doing research in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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