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New Haven Colony Laws


Whereas many questions, and sometimes troublesome suites grow betwixt men, about Horses running together in the Woods unmarked, It is Ordered, That each Plantation in this Jurisdiction shall have a marking iron, or flesh-brand, for themselves in particular, to distinguish the Horses of one Plantation from another;

Namely, New-haven an iron made to set on the impression of an H, as a brand-mark, Milford an M, Guilford an G, Stamford an S, Southold an S with an O, in the middle of it, Brainford a T.

Which Plantation brand-mark, is to be visibly and as sufficiently as may be, set upon the near buttock of each Horse, Mare, and Colt, belonging to that Plantation.

Beside which, every Owner is to have, and mark his Horse or Horses with his own particular flesh-brand having some Letter, or Letters of his name, or such distinguishing mark, that one mans Horses may be known from anothers.

And that in each Plantation there be an Officer appointed, to Record each particular mans mark, and to see that particular mans Horse, Mare, and Colt, branded, and to take notice and record the age of each of them, as near as he can, with the colour, and all observable marks, whether naturall or artificiall; and what artificiall marks it had before the branding whether on the ear, or elsewhere, with the year and day of the month when branded.

And in each Plantation, the Officer for his care and pains, to have six pence of the owner, for each Horse, Mare, or Colt, so banded and Recorded.

And that after the publishing hereof, every one who hath any Horse or Horses, of what age or kind so ever, doe duely attend this Order, at his perill;

The Officer also is to require as satisfying evidence of his right, who presents any such Horse, &c., as may be had, or to Record any defect of due Evidence, that a way may be open to other claimes.

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