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New Haven Colony Laws


Although no Creature be Lord, or have power over the faith and consciences of men, nor may constreyn them to believe, or professe, against their consciences, yet to restreyn, or provide against such as may bring in dangerous Errours or Heresies, tending to corrupt & destroy the soules of men,

It is Ordered, &c. That if any Christian within this Jurisdiction, shall goe about to subvert or destroy the Christian faith, or Religion, by broaching, publishing, or maintaining any dangerous errour, or Heresie, or shall endeavour to draw, or seduce others thereunto, every such person so offending, and continuing obstinate therein, after due means of conviction, shall be fined, banished, or otherwise severely punished, as the Court of Magistrates duly considering, the offence, with the aggravating circumstances, and danger like to ensue, shall judge meet.

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The Rankin Family History Project began in 1997 with a simple 3 generation family chart.  When our grandmother found out we were researching our family tree, she loaned us her copy of Maryland Catholics on the Frontier by Timothy J. O'Rourke which helped us discover our St. Louis & Perry County roots.  We are also doing research in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

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