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New Haven Colony Laws

Conveyances Fraudulent

To prevent, or avoyd the mischievous inconveniences which may grow by fraudulent conveyances, and that every man may the better know what estate or interest other men may have in any Houses, Lands, or other Hereditaments which he purposeth to deale in, It is Ordered, That no Morgage, Bargaine, Sale, Grant or Conveyance, made of any House or Houses, Lands, Rents, or other Hereditaments, within this Jurisdiction, where the granter remaines in possession, shall be hereafter in force, against any other person or persons, then the granter and his heirs, unlesse he same be acknowledged before some Court or Magistrate within this Jurisdiction, and Recorded as hereafter expressed.

And that no such grant, bargain or sale already made in way of Morgage, &c. where the granter remains in possession, shall be of force against any other but the granter and his heirs, except the same shall be entred (as here expressed) within one month after the first publishing of this Order, if the party concerned be within this Jurisdiction, or else within three months after he shall return.

And if any such Granter be required of the Grantee, his Heirs or Assigns, to make an acknowledgement accordingly, of any grant, sale bargain, or morgage, by him made, and shall refuse so to doe, it shall be in the power of any Court or Magistrate, to send for the party so refusing, and upon evidence of his injuriousnesse herein, to commit him to Prison, without Baile or main prize, untill he shall acknowledge the same.

And the Grantee in such case is to enter his caution with the secretary, or other Officer appointed to Record such Deeds, and this shall save his interest in the mean time.

But if it be doubtfull whether it be the deed or grant of the party, he shall be bound with Sureties to the next Court of Magistrates, and the caution shall remain good as aforesaid.

Lastly, It is Ordered, That in each Plantation, either the Secretary, or some other Officer, be appointed duly to enter and Record in a Book kept for that purpose, all and every such grants, sales, bargaines, morgages of houses, Lands, Rents, and other Hereditaments, as aforesaid, with all and every such caution, together with the name of the Granter and Grantee, thing, and Estate granted, with the date thereof; the Grantee paying six pence to the Secretary or Officer for each such Entry or Record.

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