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State of Louisiana
Parish of Livingston
Louisiana State Seal

Act of Sale from
Thomas McCabe to George Rankin
20 March 1849

Be it Known and Remembered that on this Twentieth day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and forty nine, and in the year of the Independence of the United States of America, the Seventy Third,

Before me Henry W. Warrell, Recorder of said Parish and duly authorised [sic] by law to exercise the powers of Notary Public therein, personally came and appeared Mr. Thomas McCabe of the State of Missouri in Perry County, who did dictate and say, that for the consideration herein after expressed he does by these presents, grant, bargain, sell, convey, transfer, assign, and set over, with a full guarantee against all troubles, debts, mortgages, claims, donations, alienations, or other incumbrances [sic] whatsoever, unto George Rankin of the state of Louisiana and Parish of Livingston, here present, accepting and purchasing for himself, his heirs and assigns, and acknowledging delivery and possession thereof.

A certain peice [sic] or parcel of Land lying and being situate in the Parish of Livingston, containing ... hundred acres more or less and bounded as follows:

On the North by lands of A. Denker, on the East by the river Ponchatoula, south ... by lands of William Wells, West by Lands of Moses Vineyard, also Sixteen acres and one half acre more or less bounded north by acres [Akers] claim, East by lands of Wells, Ackers & Vinyard, South by Wells, & West by Wells and Akers claim, with all the buildings and improvements rights and ways thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining.

To have and to hold the said property unto the said purchaser, his heirs and assigns, to their proper use and behoof [sic] forever; and the said vendor for himself, his heirs and assigns, said Lands to said purchaser, his heirs and assigns, shall and will warrant and forever defend against the lawful claims of all persons whomsoever by these presents; the said vendor moreover subrogating [sic] the said purchaser to all the rights and actions of warranty which he has or may have against his own vendor or the vendors of his vendor, hereby authorising [sic] the said purchaser to exercise the said rights and actions in the same manner as he might or could have done.

This sale is made for and in consideration of the sum of Two hundred dollars, One hundred cash, the balance in twelve months, for which the purchaser has furnished his promisary [sic] Note of even date with this instrument and paraphed [?] by me, Recorder, to identify it with this instrument for the sum of one hundred dollars with interest at the rate of Eight per cent, per anum of the due till paid, and to secure the final payment of said sum of one hundred dollars and payable as aforesaid, the purchaser hereby specially mortgages and hypothicates [sic] said Land and bargained premises to said vendor and hereby binds himself not to alieniate [sic], deteriorate or other wise encumber said Land or bargained premises to the prejudice of said vendor ... mortgagee.

The certificate of the Recorder of Mortgages is waived by the Parties which releases me, Recorder, from any responsability [sic] for the non-production therefore.

Thus done and passed at my office in the town of Springfield the day, month and year first above written, in the presence of Louis B. Kimball and James Tucker, witnesses of lawful age and domiciliated in this parish, who have hereunto signed their names, together with said appearers and me, said Recorder.

Thomas McCabe
Geo. Rankin

L. B. Kimball
James Tucker

Henry W. Warrell, Recorder
Truly Recorded June 6th 1870
Geo D. Wells, Recorder

Source: Conveyance Records - 1835-1865, Livingston Parish, Louisiana (FHL Film 0355915)

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