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Anton & Theresia Doll Klumpp

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Natives of the Grand Duchy of Baden

In the summer of 1831, a couple of newlyweds set out on a journey that would take them to a new country and a new life together. Anton Klumpp, 29, and his bride, the former Theresia Doll, 26, had been married on May 31, 1831 in a Catholic ceremony in their hometown of Offenburg, in Germany's Black Forest region. As they anxiously boarded the ship, Anton and Theresia, took comfort in knowing that their children would be born in America, the land of opportunity.

The trip across the Atlantic took many weeks, and it was not the glamorous adventure it might have seemed. Theresia was probably expecting her first child, and seasickness accompanied by morning sickness may have made her question their decision. Their names have not yet been found on any passenger lists, but it's likely that they landed at the port of New York and Theresia's condition made it impossible for them to continue traveling. They settled temporarily in Pennsylvania, and remained there just long enough for their first son, Anton Jr., to be born. Anton Sr. may have found work to keep them going until they could continue on their journey. Anton and Theresia were in Perry County, Missouri by 1833.

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A New Life in Missouri

Early in 1832, Anton, Theresia and the baby made their way to Perry County, Missouri. They may have traveled overland, taking the Ohio and Mississippi route, or by ship to the port of New Orleans and then up the Mississippi. Perry County was attractive to Anton and Theresia for a couple of reasons. Much of the land there was still unsettled and cheap. The work would be hard, but a family could make a success of it if they tried. And Perry County had a strong Catholic community, much like the one they'd left in Baden.

According to Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri, Anton and Theresia Klumpp arrived in Perry County with just $28. Within a few years, they had purchased a 728 acres of farmland. The Klump farm was located on what is today known as Allens Landing Road, east of Perryville. In August 1836, Anton Klumpp made his declaration of intent to become a citizen of the United States at the Courthouse in Perryville.

After five years in Perry County, Missouri, "Anthony Klumpp" was granted his citizenship on July 24, 1838. Mauritz Boehlert, John Wilhelm and Joseph Doll were also granted citizenship on that same day. It is suspected that the Boehlerts, Wilhelms, Dolls and Klumpps, who were all from Baden, Germany, may have known each other in their homeland. Boehlert's wife was a Wilhelm, and Klumpp's wife was a Doll. Some of them may have travelled to America together. Over the next few years, they were joined by the Hubers, Hunts, Schindlers and Sutterers, also from Baden. All these families lived near each other, and there were many marriages between their descendants.

After the move to Missouri, Theresia gave birth to five more sons: Joseph, Andrew, August Claude, Ferdinand and William. All of them grew up working on the farm. When they married, Anton gave them each a generous portion of land to farm for themselves. These sons and subsequent generations of Klump children had fun exploring the caves located on the Klump property.

"There are many beautiful, interesting and extensive caves here, two of which extend a distance under Perryville. The caves are the result of the action of the rain waters on the lime rock on which the hills are built. The acid in the water percolating through the soil, literally dissolves the lime rock, which is corbonate of caclium (sic). Aided by the tooth of time in the course of ages, these caves haves (sic) been formed. They are so numerous on the south, the north and on the eastsides of Perryville that they form a natural sewerage system. Underground streams underlie this whole section. Among the many well known caves are the Herrington, the Mertz, the Manning, the Klump, the Gorman, the Mecker and the Shelby, all lying within a radius of three miles of Perryville."
Source: The Centennial History of Perry County, Missouri, 1921, Chapter IV, Caves and Springs

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Anton and Theresia's Legacy

Theresia Doll Klump died on 20 December 1856 at the age of 51. Her youngest son, William, was just 11 years old. She is buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery in Perryville. Many of her descendants are also buried there.
Theresia Klump, Photograph taken in April 1998 at Mt. Hope Cemetery by Shirley A. Rankin

Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri does not mention another wife for Anton, but a marriage record has been found showing that he married Margaret Werth 25 July 1858. She is also listed right behind Anton in the 1860 Census. No subsequent records for Margaret have been found. It appears that August married a third time, for his obituary mentions a wife named Elizabeth.

"DEPARTED THIS LIFE. -- Mr. Anton Klump, residing some one and a half miles east of Perryville, has been in rather a feeble condition for some time, being quite an aged gentleman, and on last Friday evening while his wife was absent from home at his son's, he became somewhat fatigued and returned to his residence. Soon after Mrs. Klump came home, when she found Mr. Klump stretched upon the floor in almost a lifeless condition, but by superhuman efforts, he was restored to consciousness, but only survived some twenty hours, as his soul took its flight heavenward on Saturday morning, January 16, 1875. The deceased was born in Germany in the year 1801, and in July, 1831, emigrated to the United States, and remained a few months in Pennsylvania. Some time during the early part of 1832, he removed to Perry county, and settled upon the farm where he had ever since resided (forty-two years). The subject of this notice was a strict member of the Catholic Church, and lived as he had died a pious gentleman. Mr. Klump leaves a wife, six children and other relatives and friends to mourn his absence from the family altar and home circle."
22 Jan 1875, Weekly Perryville Union

No record of where Anton was buried has been found, but it's possible that he was buried near Theresia in Mt. Hope Cemetery. After his death, his 3rd wife, Elizabeth, moved into town and lived there until her death in 1880.

MRS. ELIZABETH KLUMP, wife of Anton Klump, deceased, purchased the town property belonging to Mr. Michael Zink on Main street last Monday.
29 Jan 1875, Weekly Perryville Union

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Children of Anton Klumpp and Theresia Doll

Anton KLUMPP, born 1802 in Baden, Germany; died January 16, 1875 in Perry County., Missouri. He married (1) Theresia DOLL on May 31, 1831 in Baden, Germany. He married (2) Margaret Werth July 25, 1858 in Perryville, Missouri. She was the daughter of Joseph Werth. He married (3) Elizabeth ----- prior to his death. She survived him by five years.

Children of Anton KLUMPP and Theresia DOLL are:

  1. Anton Klump, born 1831 in Pennsylvania; married (1) Christina Schultz (daughter of Mauritz Schultz and Julia Ponder) on February 14, 1859 in Perryville, Missouri; they were the parents of three sons: William, Lewis and Henry; he then married (2) Sophie Elizabeth Hunt (daughter of Cornelius Hunt and Helena Mertz) on September 25, 1866 in Perryville, Missouri; they were the parents of two daughters: Julia (first wife of Jules F. Chappius) and Lena (wife of Anton Weber).

  2. Joseph Klump, born 1834 in Perry County, Missouri; died May 28, 1890 in Perry County, Missouri; married Lydia Vessels (daughter of George Vessels and Mary Burns) on April 18, 1858 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. They were the parents of five children: George, William Anthony, Andrew (husband of Mary Louise Chappius), Christina, and Joseph J. (husband of Emma M. Denizet).

  3. Andrew Klump, born August 1836 in Perry County, Missouri; married Mary Jane Knott (daughter of Henry Knott and Elizabeth Brewer) on February 05, 1860 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. They were the parents of four children: Henry Joseph (husband of Sophie M. (Klump), James (husband of Mary Emma Moranville), Mary Theresa, and John Augustine (husband of Julia M. Turlin). Andrew's biography was recorded in Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri published in 1888.

  4. August Claude Klump, born June 11, 1838 in Perry County, Missouri; died June 15, 1907 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri; married Frances Hoffman (daughter of Peter Hoffman and Catherine Feist) on April 18, 1864 in Perryville, Perry County, Missouri. They were the parents of eight children: Peter, Theresa Ellen (wife of William Lawrence May), John B. (husband of Appolonia Schrenck), Leo (husband of Sophie M. Hunt), Mary Catherine (wife of James Merritt McCauley), Emil V. (husband of Emma Moll), Frank (husband of Anne (Klump), and Annie Frances (wife of George E. Maddock). August's biography was recorded in Goodspeed's History of Southeast Missouri published in 1888.

  5. Ferdinand KLUMP, born March 06, 1841 in Perry County, Missouri; died September 03, 1925 in Central Township, Perry County, Missouri; married Christina DUERR (daughter of Philip Henry Doerr and Mary Theresa Michaels) on August 29, 1865 in Perry County, Missouri.

  6. William Klump, born February 18, 1845 in Perry County, Missouri; married Mary (Klump) in 1882. No children for them have been found.

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