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Michael Surname

MICHAEL/MICHAELS Our ancestor James Michel, emigrated from Soumagne on the River Schelde, Belgium, in April 1818, and arriving in Annapolis, Maryland in August. From there he made his way to the American frontier, settling in what would in a few years be Perryville, Missouri. In America, he and his descendants used the Americanized version of his surname. Many variations of the spelling have been found, including MICHAELS, MICHIELS, MICHAL, MICHELLE.

MICHAELS is the 2,373rd, and MICHEL is the 1,061st most common name in the U.S.

Belgique Stamp

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Michael and Layton Family Links

Generation 1:  James Michael Susannah Layton    Generation 2:  Philip Doerr and Mary Theresa Michaels

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