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Doerr Surname

DOERR, DOR (Ger.) Descendant of Dorr, a form of Isidorus (gift of Isis); descendant of Dioro, a form of names beginning with Teuer (dear), as Diurard and Deorovald. Doerr/Duerr spelling is the anglecized version of Dor (umlaut over "o").

Doerr is the 5,312th and Duerr is the 12,853rd most popular last name (surname) in the United States.

Our earliest known DOERR ancestors are Andrew and Christina Doerr. They emigrated from Usingen, Hesse-Nassau, Germany, in what was the Kingdom of Prussia in 1834. They travelled by ship to New Orleans, Louisiana, and then made their way up the Mississippi to Perry County, Missouri where they purchased land and raised a large family.

Prussian flag

Prussian Flag design of the 19th century

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Generation 1:  Andrew and Christina Doerr    Generation 2:  Philip Doerr and Mary Theresa Michaels    Generation 2:  John C. Doerr    Generation 2:  Louis Doerr    Generation 3:  Christina Doerr and Ferdinand Klump

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