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History of Santa Barbara County, 1883

John Bailard

John Bailard, a rising young man, is pointed out as a successful farmer. He is a native product of California, born in 1859. His father, Lawrence Bailard*, came from Missouri, and was long noted as a most successful farmer. The stories told of his immense crops seem almost incredible. Among others 24,000 pounds of Lima beans were raised from sixteen acres. The product of a single acre was sold for $187. Young Bailard seems to have inherited his father's energy and ability, and is also raising famous crops.

The advantage of being to the manor born and perhaps also better means of acquiring an education were his, hence his success. His highly cultivated place is romantically situated, the gray rocks of the mountains in the rear and the restless sea, with passing vessels, in front. Few persons commence life with such pleasant surroundings as Mr. Bailard; the greater number never reach that degree of prosperity at all, or until the evening of life is near at hand.

* Correction: Andrew Bailard was the father of John Bailard.

Ranch & Residence of John Bailard, Carpenteria, Santa Barbara Co., Cal.

History of Santa Barbara County California 1927


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