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Daniel Family History

Our Tennessee Roots - John Daniel

Our earliest Daniel ancestor is John Daniel born about 1769 in Virginia.   Some published genealogies have linked him with various Daniel families from Virginia, but these have not yet been proved.   The earliest record for John Daniel is the 1820 census for Warren County, Tennessee.   Here he is listed with 6 children: presumably his 3 sons and 3 daughters.   In 1830, in the same county, John Daniel is listed with just 1 male child and 2 female children.   In 1840, part of Warren County had become Cannon County, Tennessee, and John Daniel is listed with just one female (presumably his wife).  

John's wife was named Nancy, surname unknown.   The one child of John and Nancy Daniel that we know of is Peter Daniel.   The other Daniel sons (if they were such), either died quite young, or moved away.   Likewise, no records of any daughters have been discovered.   The 1850 census for Cannon County, Tennessee lists John Daniel, age 83, born in Virginia and wife Nancy Daniel, age 75, also born in Virginia.  

Land Transactions

John Daniel purchased two parcels of land before 1830 in Warren County, Tennessee.   18 January 1826, the land was surveyed by William Daniel and Thomas Cummings.   In a document filed 22 May 1827, the surveyors described Entry No. 1498 as 100 acres "lying...on the head waters of the east fork of Stones river..."  The following day, surveyors William Daniel and Peter Daniel filed a second document, Entry No. 1499, for "50 acres of land on the waters of Mountain Creek". Peter Daniel is John's son.   The relationship with William Daniel is unknown, but possibly he was John's brother or one of the missing sons.  

John Daniel next purchased an additional 200 acres in Warren County, Tennessee, and the Entry No. 3003 was recorded 04 April 1831.   Once again, William and Peter Daniel teamed up to survey the parcel located on the west side of Mountain Creek on 23 March 1830.   13 October 1846, John Daniel sold 259 1/2 acres of land to his son Peter.  

A map of the area, formerly in Warren County, Tennessee, shows the location of the
Daniel farm near Mountain Creek.  Not too far away is the town of Bethel.   Peter Daniel's wife was a descendant of the early Bethels in this part of Tennessee.  

A closer view of the area shows a road possibly named for
William Daniel, surveyor of the Daniel farm in the early 1800s.  

Last Will and Testament

John Daniel made his will on 04 February 1850, naming his son Peter as executor.   The 1850 census records his personal property value at $300.   All his property consisting of 2 tracts of land (about 105 acres) was bequeathed to Peter upon the death of his wife Nancy (who was blind).   He also left horses, hogs, cattle, sheep, and a wagon and harnesses.   John Daniel passed away in 1853 in Cannon County, Tennessee at the age of 87 and survived by Nancy.  

Descendants of John and Nancy Daniel

John Daniel was born 1769 in Virginia, and died 1853 in Cannon County, Tennessee.   He married Nancy A.(Daniel).

Child of John and Nancy Daniel is:

  1. Peter Daniel, born May 22, 1811 in Warren County, Tennessee; died October 21, 1890 in Dade County, Missouri; married Mary Cantrell Bethel, February 02, 1837.
  2. There were possibly as many as six other children, names unknown.

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