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Rural Valley, Pennsylvania - Bits and Pieces of History

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1908 postcard from Rural Valley
1908 postcard to Miss Elizabeth Caylor, Creekside, Pa., signed "From Grandma." Submitted by Linda Repine.

Here is some of the history of Rural Valley, Yatesboro, and surrounding areas in Cowanshannock Township, Armstrong County, Pennsylvania that I've gathered up along the way. This is a work in progress with much more to be transcribed. Many of these materials were found while I was cleaning out my aunt's home in Rural Valley. Quite a few others came from the estate of Mary Elizabeth ("Lib") Caylor and were generously donated by Linda Repine. Submissions are very welcome!

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Civic Histories

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Group of people circa 1900 with a Rural Valley banner
Back row: Louis McKelvey, Bertha Neal, Mrs. McKelvey, unknown. Front row: unknown, Mary Neal


Cowanshannock Township is located in the eastern part of Armstrong County, on the border of Armstrong and Indiana counties. Towns in Cowanshannock include: Atwood, Barnards, Blanco, Bryan, Hoosicks Mill, Hughesville, Lumstead, Meredith, NuMine, Rose Valley, Rural Valley, Sagamore, Smeltzer and Yatesboro.

Cowanshannock's neighbors are:

Armstrong County area maps:

Indiana County area maps:

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Jim and Jessie Ambrose with their Studebaker
Jim and Jessie (Huber) Ambrose with their 1938 Studebaker - back in the day when cars were CARS.


Individuals' biographies, letters, memorial cards and obituaries.  Most are people from Rural Valley and Cowanshannock; some are folks from other towns who are related to families in the area.

Other resources:

Receipt for a lot in the Rural Valley Grave Yard
1890 receipt for a lot in the Rural Valley Grave Yard.



1920's picture of Main Street
Craig Stewart and his dog Buddy bicycling on Main Street, probably in the 1920's. The building on the right is the old Opera House.


1905 picture of Jacob Espey
Jacob Espey, about 1905, in the Gourley House, Rural Valley. Submitted by Linda Repine.

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