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Dr Campbell's Index

Dr Campbell started a hugh project and transcribed the baptism and marriage dates for a vast number of parishes in the county of Somerset. He subdivided these into a surname index written on to card files which are held at the Somerset Archives and Records Service.

I have a photocopy of a few of these surname indexes and have so far typed up the information for the following surnames: BURGE, MALE, OATEN.

FOURACRE, RICHARDS, and HAWKINS still to type up.

Settlement & Bastardy Orders

The Somerset Archives and Records Service have a number of card files which are indexed by surname. They list lots of Settlement, Removal and Bastardy Orders. I've only typed in the index for the surnames EDMONDS, MALE and PRIDDLE.

Bastardy Order Elizabeth MALE & James GUMMER 26 Jan

Settlement Examination BRISTER Robert & family Shepton Beauchamp to Kingsbury Episcopi 1826

Settlement Examination CHORLEY alias LANGDON Thomas Fivehead 1818

Settlement Examination HALLETT Elizabeth Shepton Beauchamp-Kingsbury Episcopi 1832

Settlement Examination HAWKINS John & family Ilminster to Taunton St Mary Magdalen 1826

Settlement Examination RICHARDS Samuel Curry Rivel-KE 1843

Settlement Examination SUMMERHAYS Jeremiah Curry Rivel-Fivehead 1832


Apprentice Indentures

Apprentice indenture Absolam MALE 28 Sep 1782

Apprentice indenture Hugh MALE 28 Sep 1782

Apprentice indenture Isaiah MALE 23 Aug 1798

Apprentice indenture John MALE 13 Jun 1779

Apprentice indenture Moses MALE 04 Nov 1770 (not completed)


Gravestone Inscriptions

Cheddon Fitzpaine Churchyard


Kelly's directory

Various entries from Kelly's directory:

Barrington 1875

Cheddon Fitzpaine 1875

Creech St Michael 1939

Curry Mallett 1875

Curry Mallet 1939

Fivehead 1875

Fivehead 1939

Hambridge 1875

Hambridge 1939

High Low or Nether Ham 1939

Ile Abbotts 1875

Ile Brewers 1875

Ilton 1875

Ilton 1939

Kingsbury Episcopi 1875

Kittisford 1875

Martock 1875

Shepton Beauchamp 1875

Shepton Beauchamp 1939

Swell 1875

Swell 1939 (see Fivehead 1939)

West Monkton 1875

Newspaper Articles

Whilst on the search for my ancestors, I've photocopied a few newspaper pages. Links will be placed here to the articles that have been typed up: The dates listed are the dates of the newspapers, not the date of the actual event.


The Langport and Somerton Herald

19 Apr 1884 Marriage: John Kerbey WHITBY of Yeovil to Fanny HAWKINS of Staplegrove

24 Apr 1884 Marriage at Long Sutton: Benjamin PALMER to Ellen RICHARDS

10 May 1884 Death: Mrs Amelia EDMONDS Somerton

11 Oct 1884 Deaths: Mary HALLETT of Merriott, John SQUIRE Long Sutton

29 Nov 1884 Deaths: Charlotte MULES of Ilminster

29 Nov 1884 Barrington - Court Leet Mr Richard MARKER lord of the manor

16 May 1885 Death: Mr George RICHARDS of Pitney

05 Jan 1889 Marriage at Ilminster: Mr John PARSONS to Miss Harriet BUDGE

26 Jan 1889 Marriage at Pitney: Hugh WEBB to Sarah Ann Rowsell BARTLETT

23 Mar 1889 Birth at Bower Hinton, Martock: a son to Mr Wm EDMONDS

30 May 1889 Death at Taunton: Alfred Reginald PRING

29 Jan 1921 Obituary BOWN Albert George Huish Episcopi

29 Jan 1921 Obituary JEANES Mr George Kingsbury Episcopi

26 Feb 1921 Obituary SNOOK, Bertha Isle Brewers

27 May 1922 Accident WILLEY Jack Ile Brewers

27 May 1922 Death BUDGE John Ile Brewers

27 May 1922 Death COATE Robert Stathe

27 May 1922 Fivehead Male Friendly Society

27 May 1922 Obituary SALWAY Heman Fivehead

08 Mar 1930 Death SCRIVEN E. (Mrs) Charlton Mackrell

08 Mar 1930 Obituary PRIDDLE Mrs Eliza West Lambrook

22 Mar 1930 Obituary LOUCH Mrs Ellen Fivehead

22 Mar 1930 Wedding anniversary 60th ENGLAND Mr John & Rhoda Thorney Kingsbury

29 Mar 1930 Death SPARKES James Cheddon Fitzpaine

12 Apr 1930 Obituary HARVEY Daniel Ile Brewers

21 Jun 1930 Inquest Drowning & Obituary MALE Edward John Fivehead

21 Jun 1930 Shepton Beauchamp Friendly Society

05 Jul 1930 Obituary SCRIVEN Joseph Pitney

02 Oct 1937 Obituary MALE Elizabeth (Mrs) Fivehead

02 Oct 1937 Obituary MALE G (Mrs) Fivehead


The Langport Herald

12 Jan 1856 Accident Mr R. HURMAN, traveller for Mr LANG of Hambridge Mills

12 Jan 1856 Marriages Mr Philip WALROND to Miss Jane PHEVEN Pitney

12 Jan 1856 Deaths Mr James BARBER Clerk at Hurst, Martock

19 Jan 1856 Miss Martha HILLARD Auction Curry Rivel

19 Jan 1856 Births GARE Pitney, BOWN Upton, WEBB, Pitney

19 Jan 1856 Deaths George SPRAKLING Stonemason Huish

26 Jan 1856 Accident John LAVIS Long Sutton

26 Jan 1856 Marriage Mr Henry RICHARDSON of Fifehead to Miss Camilla WHITCOMBE of Foxhound, Fifehead

10 Dec 1859 Deaths: Mr P JEFFERY Puckington, Mr Thomas White FOURACRE Durston, Mr Robert GENT Aller, Rev John REYNOLDS at Footing Surrey of Martock

17 Dec 1859 Death: Mr Henry HAWKINS Taunton

31 Dec 1859 Death: Mr Joh TALBOT of Curry Rivell

07 Jan 1860 Ilminster Petty Sessions: John SPARKS summoned Jacob PLAYER, Richard MALE charged Charles RYLAND

07 Jan 1860 Marriage: Mr CRABB to Miss CLATWORTHY of Isle Abbotts

28 Jan 1860 Death: Mrs Elizabeth MATTHEWS Pitney, Mrs Mary BROOKMAN

18 Feb 1860 Marriage: Mr Samuel NORMAN of Yeovil to Miss Caroline PERRAM of Pitney


The Somerset County Gazette

13 Jan 1912 Obituary OATEN Ellen Taunton

18 Oct 1958 Obituary HAWKINS Rose (Mrs) Taunton

Sep/Oct 1963 Accidental Death OATEN Henry Thomas

Sep/Oct 1963 Fatal Crash KITCH Sidney Fred of Bridgwater

05 Oct 1963 Obituary OATEN Henry Thomas Taunton


The Somerset County Gazette & West of England Advertiser

01 Apr 1860 Bigamy at Martock: George NICHOLSON, Harriet CLARKE, Mary NICHOLSON

15 Apr 1865 Inquest at Langport: Mr John MANNING

04 Mar 1865 Marriage at Pitney: Mr John HEBBERD to Miss Eliza Southwood FOSTER


Wellington Weekly News

24 Oct 1906 Obituary BULL Elizabeth (Miss) Kittisford

24 Oct 1906 Obituary FOURACRE James Hayes Kittisford


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