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Ancestors of Stephen Sanford

I, Stephen Sanford, started this page in February, 2013 to make some family history documents and information available to the public in case it is of use to future researchers. I currently live in Sharon, PA.

Some of the surnames potentially involved include my paternal ancestors with surnames Sanford, White, and Mattoon who spread into the US Midwest from roots in Massachusetts, and my maternal ancestors with surnames including Scott, Hook, Inghram, and Gordon who mainly lived in western Pennsylvania.

For some background on my branch of the Sanford family concentrating on the family of Herbert and Dorothy Sanford and back to the early 1800s, see the Sanford FamilyGenealogy written by my father, Richard White Sanford, in the early 2000s.

My original motivation was to post this transcript of a White family genealogy handwritten by my great-great grandfather, Charles Abiathar White in 1902. This primarily concerns his ancestors in Massachusetts dating back to the 1600s.

Search for Mattoon Pistol, written by my father, Richard White Sanford, in 2005, concerns his search for the mate to a pistol we have had as a family heirloom that was given to our ancestor Gen. Ebenezer Mattoon of Massachusetts by Gen. Lafayette.

This page belongs to Stephen Sanford.