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John McCarthy report

I have been able to trace the McCarthy family back to a fairly specific place in Ireland. This has not been an easy task for my other areas of interest in Ireland. The International Genealogical Index lists the marriage of John McCarthy and Anne Coakley in Kilcummin Parish, Kerry Ireland on February 16, 1858. Anne was Hanorah Coakley at birth and became known as Nancy when she imigrated to the U.S. in about 1880.

Extrapalating data into the unknown, an Hannah Coakley was born on October 19, 1837 in Inchyvore, Ireland to Daniel Coakley and Ellen Cronin, the birth was witnessed by John Cronin and Mary Burke. Is this my Hannah/Anne/Nancy? I do not know for sure.
This Hannah Coakley had a brother, Cornelius Coakley, born November 1, 1839. His parents were Daniel Coakley and Ellen Cronin, the birth was witnessed by Timothy Coakley and Hannah Burk in Gearanasreacy (spelling difficult to read), Ireland.
Anne and John had 6 children about whom I have information.


1 a. Mary McCarthy. Born 1861 in Ireland and died 1925 in Peabody Massachusettes. Note: Aunt Eleanor's letter has her arriving in the U.S. at age 16, but the census data shows her arriving in 1880. Not the first or the last time census data does not correspond to other data.

b. Nora McCarthy. Born September 9, 1870 at the Ly-in Hospital. Witness was Elin. Moynahan. Christened September 12, 1870, Roman Catholic, Killary, Kerry, Ireland.

c. John McCarthy. Christened on January 16, 1859 in Kilcummin Parish, Kerry, Ireland.

d. Michael McCarthy. Christened on June 27, 1861 in Kilcummin Parish, Kerry, Ireland.

e. John McCarthy (did the first John die in infancy??). Born February 24, 1864 0329 Molahiffe, Kerry, Ireland. Christened February 27, 1864 in Kilcummun Parish, Kerry, Ireland.

f. Cornelius McCarthy. Born July 23, 1866 in 0319 Molahiffe, Kerry, Ireland.He was christened July 24, 1866 In Kilcommun Parish, Kerry, Ireland.


A letter from Aunt Eleanor says that Mary McCarthy and her brother Michael came to the US first and then sent for the rest of the family, having an apartment ready for them. With the exception of Nora McCarthy, data about Mary's other siblings is pure speculation.
b. (2) Nora McCarthy married William H. Mead, b. May 10, 1867 in South Danvers, Massachusettes a worker of Morocco leather. They were married on April 17, 1890 in Peabody with Father M.J. Masterson presiding. They had 5 children.

b. (2) 1. Catherine Mead, b. 1902

2. John Mead, b. 1903

3. H. Francis Mead, b. 1905

4. Mabel G. Mead, b. 1907

5. William H. Mead, b. 1912

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