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by Clarence McDaniel, Jan 15 2016

This site will have downloadable files which contain genealogy relating to the Paschal/Paschall families of America with some British connections for a few lines. History note: Modern Paschal research was instituted by Edward Early Paschal(1866-1930),K536. Many, many people have contributed to these files besides myself over the last 42 years. Many of the old errors are corrected(see scrapbook,biographies.) Only the Paschal line is researched in depth but spouse data is included.SOURCE notes by the 1000's are included. I believe in FREE genealogy!! Please send data/corrections to: Clarence E. McDaniel; email to: cemcdan AT replace AT with the symbol @, no spaces or caps; put word paschal somewhere in subject line.


NOTE My paper library has been donated to the W G Rhea library of Paris, TN. My hometown. I continue to research and put new data on this site and will continue until....

When I receive an email with info about a P'l ancestor(name, time, place) I proceed to look up in my file and ID the line, etc. I then ask the person submitting the info for their permission to post the info citing their name, city, state. If I get a query asking about the submitter, I send it them so they can decide what to do. Several persons have met lost cousins in this manner. My only request is that they keep me in the loop so that ALL Paschal's benefit. There are over 8800 P'ls & spouses in my file, most born before 1900. I believe people should do their own leg work after 1900...they can start with the free 1940 census and work back.Those that can not do this may send me the info and I will do what I can.(no charge)

My new genie program, Ancestral Quest(AQ) has added several types of files that may be put in their scrapbook for each person. I am adding documents to these scrapbooks daily. They are accessed from the individual files right after the name by the word, "scrapbook". For example look at William, C, the 1st name in the "William Paschal of the NC land grants" to see his Bible,Will, biography and signatures.

I think maybe a lot of you are missing an important part of this site. For each main Paschal I have written a biography of his life as I interpret it from the documents that have been gathered. When there is no evidence but I believe certain common events occurred I so state them. I indicate these assumptions and do not maintain they are true, just best guesses based on my experience of over 40 years. These biographies are found after the persons name like so > (scrapbook). If no scrapbook go to the father, etc.

********* END OF NEWS *********

Main Genealogy Files

Here is a list of of my web files made with Ancesral Quest. They are in .htm format with indexes.

Paschal-Paschall families of New Jersey

New Jersey, as a state, never should have been. Situated between New York and Pennsylvania,it was early divided by a diagonal line running northwest to southeast.These divisions were known as East NJ and West New Jersey.

West New Jersey was settled by William Penn's Friends Society while East New Jersey was claimed by New York's governor, Lord Andros. Confusion and temperaments were manifested in the various land claims. To this day deed records in New Jersey are hard to find and understand. The New Jersey State Archives have been working for years to obtain and consolidate the land records.

The revolutionary war had several battles fought in New Jersey destroying many records. There is no census extant before 1840!

Paschal- Paschall records

The first Paschal record found in NJ is his signature of 1729 on the will of Thomas Pike.Then a purchase by William Paschall of 100 acres from a Joseph Allin(Allen) in Essex county occurred in 1730. The original record appears to have survived.The important thing here is the names of the 3 witnesses. An early searcher noted that these 3 witnesses were residents of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co, East NJ. Woodbridge was only a few miles south. One of the men was Nath(aniel) Paine, the 2nd husband of Jana Inglis Parker. The Parker family were early settlers in East NJ from the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts.From these facts we can assume that William was likely from Woodbridge and possibly related to Nath(aniel) and Jana Paine or the Samuel Parker family.

We next look for more evidence to support this assumption.

Early on, c1684, there was a migration of several families from Cape Cod(Yarmouth,Barnstable, Scituate,Newbury, etc) to Woodbridge, NJ. These families were surnamed Lothrop,Parker, Dennis, Crowell, Bishop, Kent, Scullard, Pike,et al. These families were dissenters from the Church of England; some followed the Reverend John Lothrop's Church; Some were Congregationalists(puritans). The women often had names like Temperance, Charity, Reliance, and the men had old testament names like Elisha, Hezekiah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekial.

Recently an old Bible has been brought to light: It has writing which ID's it as the bible of Jana Inglis(English) Parker and contains her signature as well as that of several Parker men and two signatures of William Paschall, one dated 1730. Records of Woodbridge confirm her marriage to Nathaniel Paine after her husband(Samuel Parker) died. They are also buried in the Presbyterian cemetery in Woodbridge. Jana was the mother of the famous, James Parker, the 1st printer of New Jersey. See internet.

Thus our assumption above is confirmed in both time and place.

Previous to these finds I had been working with two fellow women searchers trying to establish the surname of Reliance whom William Paschal of NC had married. Betty Jo Paschall(I413522 married to H142231) of Puryear, TN, went to the Murray, KY, library and there found a book(NGSQ) with NY Court extracts. One of these of Sept 1739 indicated, ".. a runaway servant of William Paschall of Woodbridge, NJ..."

This find led me to my LDS library where I found a book of Woodbridge, NJ, by the Rev. Dally. In this book there were vital stats with many of the DENNIS family named. I realized that William had named his 7th son, Dennis, and wrote to the women predicting that a daughter named Reliance Dennis should be found in Woodbridge. Several days later Betsy West(editor of Ansearchin News) of Memphis, TN, wrote me saying she had found the 1719 will of Samuel Dennis of Woodbridge in which he named an unmarried daughter, Reliance Dennis. The rest is history.

The Supreme Court of New Jersey

The New Jersey Archives has an online site which has several digital files available online. One of these is labeled: NJ Supreme court cases(dockets). The court took civil cases amounting to over a few dollars in today's money. They have a name index online. I found 3 cases (1736-1737)in William Paschall's name and paid for copies. There are also many cases(32+) in Jana Paines name. This court was held in Burlington and alternately in Perth-Amboy. In one of these William was sued by Samuel M Cohen, a merchant of NYC, for non-payment for general merchandise. William evidently refused shipment of poor quality goods leaving it on the dock at Perth.The important thing here is William's bail was paid for by Samuel and John Dennis. I think Samuel was his bro-in-law. The other 2 cases did not result in a trial so no further info is given. These documents show association to the Dennis family and presence.


I think William left NJ after 1739 and before 1744 and traveled down the Kings Highway to Fredericksburg, VA, then down the FALLS LINE ROAD(opened 1735) to the NC state line. This road entered NC at a point just west of US 85 and Williams 1st grant. Inquiry as to the pioneers traveling over this road indicates there are no records. The road itself is well documented. See

When and where Reliance died is not known but was likely between the birth of James,I, c1739 and Dennis,J, b c1747. Dennis was not likely a son of Reliance. Her death and the court trial may be the reason William migrated to NC.

Here is my own biographical sketch of the life of Will'm Paschal, C, of the NC land grants. here  

I urge you to read this if you are a descendant of Willm.


There are found 8 signatures of William Paschal. The oldest(1729)and the two Bible(NJ) are alike while the later five(NC) are alike.

THE QUESTION is: Are they two different persons or the same person. There is about 15-20 years difference in the dates of the two groups. In the latter five cases William in NC always personalized his given name as "Willm" when he actually signed his name. The 1st group used two L's and no flourish at the end while the NC group has a flourish at the end.

MORE Apr 25 2014 In reviewing the 1744 signature, I realized that it had characteristics of both the early and later signatures. This then seems to confirm that all the signatures are from the same person.The signatures are found in William Paschal's scrapbook.

A brief history of Paschal-Paschall genealogical research. Paschall Family Research history

Since the AQ RIN numbers are useless, I have placed the ID codes as the first line in the notes for each person surnamed Paschal(l). This code is more than a number; Please refer to this code when writing for info.

The purpose of the Identification Code(ID) is to allow systematic listing and identification of persons of common lineal descent. Unlike past schemes a system understandable to both people and computers is desired. A tag(capital letter) has been used previously to identify the main lines of the Paschal(l) family. This tag is suffixed to the given name. Years ago the following convention was adopted and was in use by the Paschall Genealogical Committee(Johnstons of Texas):


A line ..........England
B line ..........Bristol- Phila.
C line ..........Will'm(william) of the NC Land Grants
T line ..........Jeremiah/John/Benjamin, Phila.
William's children(son's by order of his will) By rights these should be
designated, Cxxxxx, but the letters D-P have a long, previous, usage and so are retained here.

D line..........Samuel
E line..........John
F line..........Isaiah
G line..........William
H line..........Elisha
I line..........James
J line..........Dennis
K line..........Thomas
L line..........Sarah
M line..........Dianna
N line..........Rachel
O line..........Ruth
P line..........Reliance

U line..........Unknown persons

In this work the author retains the above convention but suffixes an additional character to each letter for each succeeding generation of the particular line. In second and subsequent generations the numbers 1-9 are used for the first nine children, then the small letters a,b,c for child numbers 10,11,12 and so forth. This is a modification of the paragraph referencing in use by corporations and the military for contracts. In the modified version no period between generations are necessary and only one digit per generation is used. For example:

standard paragraphing =

modified paragraphing = 1b2e

The modified version is highly useful in computer listing as the computer sorting function will put all the descendants in family order automatically which is a boon to the overworked compiler. The generation listing may not always be in the exact order of birth as the birth information often follows after the listing or is later modified by new data. The small letters v,w,x,y,z are sometimes used to signify generations where some doubt as to parentage exists. This usually occurs when there are two or more brothers present and no records to indicate to which brother the children belong. This usage does not indicate illegitimate births. These are generally indicated by a line descended from only a mother. Notes on above: 1. The number of digits in code is the generation; ie. 5 digits equals the 5th generation; it is also the level of indentation or tabbing.

2. In correspondence the following convention is used;James, I4; George M, I451 This avoids the awkward naming of parents, wife, etc to identify a particular person with a common given name.

3. The author has put the ID code in the 1st line of the Notes for each Paschal(l) in the file.

NOTICE: Some of you have asked about my connection to the Paschall line. Here are some photos:

*** McDaniel line; My mother married Gene Brown McDaniel. His line came from SC(now Laurens Co area) about 1807 to the east bank of the Cumberland river just above the TN state line(Linton, KY). The patriarch here was Morgan McDaniel(c1772 - 1845). This section contains what is known by me concerning Morgan McDaniel and his descendants. Morgan McDaniel

SHOUT it everywhere: William of NC land grants(C-line) is NOT repeat NOT descended from Thomas (B-line) of Philadelphia. This claim, began in the 1930's by Rev. J C Paschal, continues today. It was based on the name William, a grandson of Thomas. This gson died in Phila in 1751. See this document: here Also here is an extract of J C Paschal's own letter of 1937 in which he realizes his mistake.

**********It is easier to start a rumor than stop it!*******

here1 here2 If this doesn't convince you how about the US Supreme Court? They too decided Wm,B11, died before 1754.

HERE is the evidence you need to show that the grandson, William Paschall, B11, of Thomas,B, of Phila. was NOT William Paschal,C, of the NC Land Grants. The grandson, William Paschall, B11, married, lived and died in Phila. This is from the Notes of John Parker written in 1885 in Phila. The notes are on Family History Library(FHL) microfilm #0000348. here

********** There is no way that you can choose who your ancestors are ******

CENSUS UPDATES: I have updated my files to include the 1910, 1920,1930 and 1940 censuses for most of the USA. Great indexes were used to get the job done and it was a job. This should help those having problems getting started. Children born after 1901 were not included in order to keep the size down.

LIBRARY: I have donated a collection of papers in 30 loose-leaf notebooks relating to Paschal history covering a 75+ year research effort by many people. This collection is indexed by the Paschall ID's. Some of the papers are very rare and exist only in this collection. This collection has been donated to the Henry Co, TN, W G Rhea Library. I am getting old!

QUESTION: Where did the American Paschalls come from? About 1987 Dale R Paschal,F33423,(1919-1997) came by my house on one of his visits. He had been to England and brought back a pamphlet titled, "St Mary's Church Great Baddow" by David Papworth, publ 1973. The pamphlet is 24 pages and goes into great detail of the history of this church. The history of the area starts about 1071 but the area of our interest begins on the 2nd page in 1547. I will put several of the pages here in .jpg format. Note: The Bristol Paschalls used the same coat-of-arms as those of Great Baddow. There are 5 generations of Johns that are traceable; from this line the Paschalls spread out all over England. Note: In the 1920's, a scam circulated about a Frenchman that died leaving a large estate. The promoter offered(for a fee) to determine if you might be a heir...many persons fell for this...The author shows that many Pascall's were living in England prior to the edit of Nantes(1685).

MORE: Update 4/19/2013 Stuart Simpson of the UK, is a Pascall descendant. He is from the Pascalls that lived in Dover, England, since early times. Recently I asked him to go to Great Baddow in Essex and photograph St Mary's Church there. He very graciously took the 2 hour drive and sent me a CD disc with 409 pictures! He has determined, among other things, that the origin of the Pascalls whether it be St Mary, the Virgin, Dover, or St Mary's, Great Baddow, is uncertain; they both had Pascalls back to the first records available(c1545).


Transferred to William, C, scrapbook


Here you will find copies of various documents.Note: Many documents are now in the scrapbook of the individual person.

1st bulletin transferred to Edward Early Paschal's scrapbook.

2nd bulletin transferred to Rev. Jacob C Paschal's scrapbook.

3rd Paschal bulletin issued by Allen and Mary Johnston on DEC 1972

Note:I have these bulletins up to #33. The Johnstons had procured a mimeograph machine and cut stencils printing on legal size newsprint paper. For their Elisha book they cut 1200 stencils! These bulletins were transferred to the W G Rhea Library, Henry Co, TN on Jun 7, 2014

4th Paschall #35 issued by Roger Nichols of Paris, TN, Summer 1986.

Note:I have these bulletins up to #41. They had photos and info but poor editing. These bulletins were transferred to the W G Rhea Library, Henry Co, TN on Jun 7, 2014

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