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William Tuggle and Nancy Harrison
The third great grandparents of Harold Groves
Submitted by Coral Babb

Coral has done a wonderful job researching the Tuggle family. I appreciate her sharing this thorough work with us. Coral passed away 29 Apr 2002 of cancer. Before she died she gave each of her children their Babb family trees in book form. She was the daughter of Clyde Keller and Nellie Lunsford. She is survived by her husband Lewis Babb, Jr. and three sons, Lewis Alan, John Kevin of Berea and Tony Glen of Dallas, TX. She was a retired teacher, member of DAR, and a Kentucky Colonel. She is buried at Camp Nelson National Cemetery (military) near Nicholasville, Ky.

Carol purchased a headstone for William Tuggle before her own death and had it placed at Camp Nelson though his final resting place is unknown.


William Tuggle was born 27 April 1759 Goochland Co Va to Henry Tuggle lll and Ellender Connelly. William Tuggle took the oath of allegiance to Virginia 9 Oct 1777. He enlisted with the Goochland Militia and served three months. He enlisted 14 Feb 1778 in the Continental Army and served at Valley Forge in the 9th Reg.then transferred to the 5th Reg. He left Valley Forge and went to White Plains, West Point, and Monmouth. He was discharged 1778. He served again for two weeks guarding itish prisoners taken at Burgoyne's defeat at Albemarle Barracks. He was drafted in May 1781 and served with Maj. Holcomb and Gen Lawson. He received a military warrant for 100 acres in Clark County Kentucky . He settled on Four Mile Creek in 1795. He was granted a pension in 1832. Nancy Tuggle applied for a pension 3 Feb 1843.She stated that she was age 83 and had eleven children. Nancy was third cousin to President Benjamin Harrison.

In the year 1834 William Tuggle deeded one acre of his home place to the Antioch Church, Disciples Of Christ. The church was to be built out of the quarried stone from his home place. The Antioch Christian Church stands today on the farm of David Gerry on Muddy Creek Road. Services were held in the church as late as 1954. Today (1999) it serves as a hay and cattle building. About 1900 the Antioch Christian Church built a new building on Muddy Creek Road, Winchester, Ky. The church continues to be a viable church.

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"This is what remains today of the church mentioned in Wm Tuggle's will 1824.
It is known as the "Old stone church". A top has been added to store hay.
It is on Four Mile Creek, Winchester, Ky. It is on the Gerry farm out Muddy Creek Rd." Coral Babb

William Tuggle married Nancy Harrison 12 June 1782 in Goochland County, Va. Nancy Harrison was born 20 Jan 1762 to Charles Harrison and Frances Hughland in Goochland County, Va. Nancy Tuggle died 1855 in Clark County, Ky. The location of the graves of William and Nancy Tuggle are unknown. The graves are most likely at their home place which is at the site of the old church building on the David Gerry farm.

William Tuggle's will is dated 11 January 1834 and is in Will Book 8 p211 in the Clark Co, KY courthouse.

"My will is that my just debts be paid and I will to my beloved wife Nancy the land and premises whereon I now live to hold and enjoy during her life. I also will to my wife three of my Negroes to hold the possessions of until her death, namely Jacob, a Negro boy, and Cauder and Clay, two Negroes, also all my household furniture, and as much of the stock of every kind as she may think proper to take, the balance, if any, to be sold by Exors on a credit of 12 months. I also will to my beloved wife $200.00. I will to my grandchildren born of my dec'd daughter Betsy Lane,formerly Betsy Tuggle $355.00. I will to my grandchildren, children of my daughter Polly Emerson and William Emerson dec'd $386.00. I will to my son Charles Tuggle $345,00. I will to my son and daughter James and Nancy Emerson, late Nancy Tuggle $300. I will to my son John Tuggle 512.00. I will to son William Tuggle $300.00. I will to my daughter, Milly Rout, and her children by Richard Rout, her dec'd husband, $600.00. I will to my son-in-law Edward Railsback and my daughter Fanny Railsback, late Fanny Tuggle, the plantation whereon they live with the land and appurtenances for the consideration of $800.00. I will to my son Thomas A. Tuggle $420.00. I will to my son James Tuggle $460.00.

My will is that all my children shall hold the above named proportions in the way of advancement and any lesser portion than $800.00 to Edward Railsback shall be made up equal to the sum of $800.00 out of my estate at or before the death of my beloved wife Nancy as soon as my Exors can sell and make equalities amongst all my children agreeable to this will, considering my grandchildren of Lane and Rout as each one an heir by the family, and after equality is made the balance of my estate to be divided equally between my 10 children.

My will is that the land and plantation whereon my son *John Tuggle now lives be sold at my death on a credit of 12 months. The land and plantation whereon I now live shall be sold in like manner at the death of my beloved wife Nancy. My will is that my son William Tuggle shall have my Negro boy Tom at his value. The balance of my Negroes, shall be sold at my death on a credit of 12 months except the Negroes willed to my wife aforesaid and their increase. At the death of my wife I will that all stock, goods and chattels be sold and subject to equal distribution between my 10 children. My will is that my two old Negroes shall be maintained out of my estate; and lastly I constitute and appoint David Hampton and Achilles Tuggle Exors."

*MY NOTE: John Tuggle is the father of Mildred Tuggle, Harold's great grandmother.

1. Elizabeth Tuggle was born 16 Sept 1783 Goochland County Va-died 1834 Clark County, Ky. Betsy married 25 Jan 1813 James Lane born 1779 in Goochland Co, Va. Surety William Tuggle.

2. Henry Tuggle was born 1785 Goochland County, Va. Henry Tuggle died before 1834.

3.Charles Harrison Tuggle was born 1786 Goochland Co, Va and died c1850 Howard Co, Mo. He married 20 Dec 1815 Jane Pope in Clark County, Kentucky.Jane was the daughter of Thomas Pope and Christian Johnson. Marriage records in Clark Co, Ky show that Thomas H Tuggle married Jane Pope 20 Dec 1815.Surety Thomas Pope.

A. Thomas Tuggle was born c1819 Clark Co, Ky.

B. Sally Ann Tuggle married Garret Welch 20 Jan 1847. Surety Thomas A Tuggle.

4.Polly (Mary) Tuggle born c1788 Goochland County, Va married 28 May 1811 William Emerson of Clark County, Kentucky. After William Emerson died she married his other Francis M. Emerson. They were sons of Tilley Emerson.

A. Francis Emerson born c1820 on Two Mile Road in Clark Co Ky married 20 July 1840 Elizabeth Bybee.

5.John Tuggle c1790 Goochland County, Va married 24 Sept 1821 Nancy Adams in Clark County, Ky. Nancy was the daughter of John Adams and Elizabeth Bledsoe of Clark Co, Ky. Nancy married Thomas Potts 7 Feb 1839 Clark Co Ky. Surety Warren Frazer. Nancy died c1887. MY NOTE: This is Harold's 2nd great grandparents.

A. Martha Tuggle 1823-died between 1870-1880 married 17 Nov 1839 Fielding Pope Wood 1821 in Clark County, Ky dau of John Tuggle deceased and Nancy Potts (consent). Surety James Wood. Nancy Tuggle widow of John Tuggle now Nancy Potts.

(1) James T Wood born 1841 married Nancy Howard 12 Jul 1860 in Estill Co, Ky.

a. William T. Wood was born 27 June 1861.

(2) John N Wood was born 1843.

(3) Francis M. Wood was born 1849-died age 11 in June 1860 had been ill 9 years with consumption.

(4) Fielding H. Wood 1849-25 June 1859-age 10 of consumption.

(5) Lucy Wood was born 1857.

(6) William Henry Wood born 27 Feb 1853-17 May 1917. He married 24 Dec 1872 Candace Alexander 14 Feb 1857-10 Oct 1939 to Joshua and Margaret J. Rice Alexander in Estill Co, Ky.

a. Charlie Wood 14 Sept 1873 married 9 Aug 1893 Annie Bet Henderson born 1871 to Aam Henderson and Armilda Berryman in Estill Co, Ky.

b. Minerva Wood 22 Oct 1874-26 Feb 1924 married 19 May 1910 Wesley Bush Witt born 20 Sept 1867-1 May 1933.

(1.1) Willie Kate Witt was born 1913.

c. James W Wood born Bloomington, Ill 28 June 1877-4 Jun 1949 married 14 Aug 1902 Rhoda Ann Tipton.

(1.1) Zobie Wood was born 1904,

(2.2) Elbert Wood was born 1906,

(3.3) Besse Wood was born 1909.

d. Chester Arthur Wood born 22 June 1879 Fox, Ky died 26 Oct 1962, Eaton, Ohio. He married 8 Dec 1897 Tabitha Judd born Sept 1879 to Alexander Hamilton Judd and Samantha Henderson in Estill Co, Ky.

(1.1) Jennie Wood born 1899 Estill Co, Ky.

(2.2) Eva Lee Wood born 1902 Estill Co, Ky.

(3.3) Walter J Wood born 1908 Estill Co, Ky.

e. Oliver Wood 18 March 1881-15 June 1962 married 30 June 1908 Lillie Tuttle born to Benjamin Tuttle and Hattiett Winburn on 6 Sept 1884 and died 13 Dec 1908. #2 Oliver Wood married 21 April 1912 Tempie Sissie Stone born 2 Feb 1885. Oliver Wood is buried between Sissie and Maggie in the Wills Cemetery.

f. Letha Wood 28 May 1883-24 Feb 1954 married Emile Rice.

g. Belle Wood born 8 Jan 1884 married Ed Hardin. Buried Fayette Co, In.

h. John Wood born 8 Jan 1886-4 Dec 1966 married Julia McIntosh.

i. Doctor Aries Wood born 10 Nov 1887-died between 1907-1909 married 31 Jan 1907 Letha Richardson. Sarah Leatha Wood married #2 William Gasper in Estill Co, Ky 11 May 1910.

(1.1) Floyd Wood was born 1908.

j. Hubert Wood 2 Feb 1889-3 Oct 1963 married 28 Aug 1915 Rhoda Cottman.

(1.1) Lucille Wood was born 1917.

(2.2) Tracy Wood was born 1918.

k. Nannie C. Wood 16 Sept 1891-14 Sept 1980 married 2 Oct 1919 Fred Witt 1893-1975 Buried in the Sunset Memorial Garden Cemetery, West Irvine, Ky.

l. Fielden Cash Wood 29 Nov 1893-26 Aug 1949 m. Birdie Wood 22 July 1896-8 Feb 1948.

n. Arleith Wood 9 Sept 1899-26 Jan 1983.

o. Cecil Wood 6 Nov 1901-9 May 1944 married Ethel andenburg.

(7) Nancy J Wood was born 27 July 1857.

B. Mildred Jane Tuggle married Samuel Groves 30 July 1844 in Clark Co, Ky dau of John Tuggle deceased, consent by mother now Nancy Potts, surety Fielding P. Wood. Consent of James Bybee, guardian of Milly Jane Tuggle. Age of Samuel Groves proved by James M Cooper. (MY NOTE: This is Harold's great grandparents.

See Groves page for children and descendants of Mildred Tuggle and Samuel Groves

(1) Nancy Ann Groves was born 6 Nov 1854 in Estill Co, Ky. Alan Wood contributed in part to the Wood information.

6.William Tuggle born c1796 was the first child to be born in Clark County, Ky. He married #1 Betsy Howard 24 Dec 1823 Clark County, Ky. Surety Philip Howard. #2 Alba Smith, #3 Lucy Hudnall. William died c1847 in Howard Co, Mo.

A. Charles Tuggle.

B. Nancy Tuggle married Alvin Amick.

C. Henry Tuggle married Angeline Webb.

D. Mildred "Milly Tuggle" married Hiram Wilkerson.

7. Nancy Tuggle born 7 March 1799 Clark County, Kentucky and died on 3 December 1863 in Linn County, Mo. She married James Emerson on 8 August 1815 in Clark County, Ky. Surety William Tuggle. James Emerson was the son of Tilley Emerson. They are buried in the Botts Cemetery, three miles North of Meadville, Linn Co, Mo.  Nancy Emerson Dec.3,1863 67yr-8mo-27days-James Emmerson Nov.9,1863 age 73-11mo-28days. No other Emersons are buried in the Botts Cemetery.

8. Emely (Mildred T.) Tuggle was born c1800 Clark County, Ky. She married on 7 Dec 1818 Richard Routt in Clark County, Ky. Surety William Tuggle.

9.Fanny (Frances) Tuggle was born c1802 Clark County, Ky. She married on 18 Nov 1818 Edward Railsback in Clark County, Kentucky. Surety William Tuggle. Edward was the son of Daniel Railsback and Elizabeth Dossee Railsback.

10. James Hughland Tuggle born 1804 Clark County, Ky. He married Jane B. Thomas 26 Dec 1827 in Madison County, Ky.

A. Talitha Tuggle born 1828 married John Roberts Estill Co Ky

(1) Napoleon B. Roberts born 1849.

(2) William Roberts born 1852.

(3) Fred Roberts born 7 Feb 1654.

B. John Thomas Tuggle born January 1833 married Laura G. Tipton born 1830 in Estill Co Ky on 21 Dec 1857.

(1) Henry C Tuggle born 25 Nov 1859 married Mollie Kindred 2 Jan 1872 and #2 married 12 May 1881 Nancy Margaret Alcorn born 25 Oct 1864 Estill Co, Ky.

a. Lizzie G Tuggle born March 1882 Estill Co, Ky.

b. Josie G Tuggle was born 1890 Sioux Co, Nb.

c. Ollie Clay Tuggle was born Oct 1894 Sioux Co, Nb.

d. Ora Tuggle was born Aug 1898 Estill Co, Ky.

e. Minnie M Tuggle was born 1909 Estill Co, Ky.

(2) Gillian Tuggle was born Sept 1860.

a. Charles Tuggle born Oct 1888.

b. Park Tuggle born Dec 1892.

c. Hattie Tuggle born Oct 1897.

(3) James H Tuggle born Nov 1864 married Elizabeth Williams 18 Sept 1884 Estill Co, Ky.

a. Lucy Tuggle was born Aug 1884 Estill Co, Ky.

b. Lore Tuggle was born April 1886 Estill Co, Ky.

c. John Tuggle was born April 1892 Estill Co, Ky.

d. James Tuggle was born May 1895 Estill Co, Ky.

(4) Jacob Tuggle born 1866-died before 1900 married Matilda Ann Cole on 8 July 1886 Estill Co, Ky.

a. Guy Tuggle was born June 1888 in Estill Co, Ky.

b. Callie Tuggle was born June 1890 in Estill Co, Ky.

c. Millard Tuggle was born Aug 1893 Estill Co, Ky.

d. Fanny Lee Tuggle was born Feb 1898 in Estill Co, Ky.

(5) Jane Tuggle born 1866 married 30 Aug 1888 Houston Tipton born 1857.

a. Lillie Tipton was born 1888 Estill Co, Ky.

b. Minnie Tipton was born 1891 Estill Co, Ky.

c. Ruth E Tipton was born 1895 Estill Co, Ky.

d. Stella Tipton was born 1898 Estill Co, Ky.

e. Edna Tipton was born 1903 Estill Co, Ky.

f. Viola was born 1905 Estill Co, Ky.

g. Mattie Tipton was born 1908 Estill Co, Ky.

1.1 Cox, John B. born 1905 Grandson.

(6) America E Tuggle born 1869 married 27 Dec 1884 Elidge Blackwell born 1859.

C. George Tuggle born 1834 married 19 Nov 1856 Sarah McQueen born 1843 Estill Co, Ky.

(1) Mary Jane Tuggle born 1858 married 30 April 1847 Joseph D. Brinegar born Mar 1854 in Estill Co, Ky.

a. George Brinegar born August 1879.

b. Samuel T. Brinegar born Sept 1881.

c. Charles Brinegar born May 1887 married 12 Dec 1907 Letha Plowman in Estill Co, Ky.

1.1 Walter Brinegar was born 1909.

2.2 Dovie Brinegar was born 1911.

3.3 Richard Brinegar was born 1913.

4.4 Forrester Brinegar was born 1915.

5.5 Eva Brinegar was born 1919.

d. Adda Brinegar was born May 1887.

e. Provy Brinegar was born May 1889.

f. Monie Brinegar was born born June 1893.

g. Gertrude Brinegar born Sept 1895.

h. Fanny L. Brinegar born Dec 1897.

i. Maggie Brinegar born Jan 1900.

Two children died young.

(2) Nancy Tuggle born 1859 married Jesse Williams born 1855 on 25 Dec 1873.Jesse was a Widow in 1880.

(3) Julia Tuggle born 1862-1893-97 married 6 Mar 1878 James M.Flynn born July 1853. J M Flynn married 7 Sept 1897 Dovie Cox born Sept 1876.

a. George Flynn born Oct 1879 married Louisa 1906.

1.1 Stella Flynn was born 1907.

2.2 Jessie Clark Flynn was born 1909.

3.3 Julia M Flynn was born 1912.

4.4 James K Flynn was born 1914.

5.5 Violet Flynn was born 1916.

6.6 Hazel Flynn was born 1920.

b. Thomas F. Flynn born May 1881 married 1904 Mary W born 1886-c1915.

1.1 Rubby H Flynn born 1906. A son.

2.2 Dayton Flynn was born 1909.

3.3 Beatrice Flynn was born 1911.

4.4 Earnest Flynn was born 1915.

c. Susan F. Flynn born May 1883.

d. Monie G. Flynn born May 1883 married 19 Dec 1904 J.S. Gabbard born 1882. J.S. Gabbard was alone with the two children in 1920.

1.1 Susan Gabbard was born 1907.

2.2 Carrie Gabbard was born 1913.

e. Daniel Mc. Flynn born May 1887.

f. Charles H. Flynn born March 1889.

g. Edgar R.T. Flynn born Dec 1891.

h. Wesley W. Flynn born Nov 1893.

(4) Sarah Tuggle born 1865.

(5) Rebecca W. Tuggle born 1867 and married 16 Aug 1883 James Jones Jr born 1862 Scott Co Va. James Jones married the second time 10 May 1894 to Mary E Profitt born 1878.

a. Harvey Jones was born 1887.

(6) Susan Tuggle born 1869 married George B. Richardson born 1864 on 28 Dec 1887.

(7) Pattie Tuggle born 1888 married 28 Nov 1896 Wilson S. Neal born May 1828. Wilson is a widow in 1900. 

George Tuggle married 7 Sept 1882 the second time to Sarah Lunsford Brinegar the widow of Huston Brinegar.

(7) Alma Tuggle born 22 June 1884-died 18 Feb 1933 West Liberty, In. She married c1907 George Jamison born 1864 in Estill Co, Ky.  Previous to this marriage she and Allen Flynn had a son Leonard Earl Flynn in Irvine, Ky. Allen Flynn born c 1873-died 23 Feb 1956 in Hamilton, Ohio was the son of Levi L Flynn and Manerva Hymer.

a. Leonard Earl Flynn was born 7 Mar 1902-died 30 Mar 1977 in Clewiston, Henry Co, Fla and buried Newman, Ga. He married #1 Eva Bell McCoy 1920. She is buried in Kocomo, In. Leonard married #2 Zona Zell POOLe 1942 in Sanford, Fl. She was buried on 2 Oct 1892 Orlando, Fl. He married #3 Ida Mae Hodge 23 Sept 1945.

b.Bernard Louis Jamison was born 17 Sept 1908 Estill Co, Ky. He married Helen Rexrote.

c.Edwin Oscar Jamison was born 31 July 1911 in Greentown, In. He married Helen Hannah.

d.Geniveve Jamison was born 25 Oct 1913 in Howard, In. She married Harold A Pickett.

e.Eugene Ernest Jamison was born 4 April 1915 in Howard, In. He married Wanda Wright.

f.Virgil Dean Jamison was born 20 May 1921 in Kokomo, In. He married Doris Yeager.

(8) William Rice Tuggle 29 June 1885-18 Dec 1969 married 1907 Sarah Reece and #2 Mattie.

a.David Tuggle was born 1908 Estill Co, Ky.

b.Mary Tuggle was born 1910 Estill Co, Ky.

c.Robert Tuggle was born 1917 Estill Co, Ky.

D. Margaret Jane Tuggle 1836 was unmarried 14 June 1880 when she was witness at the wedding of J. W. andenburg and Blue Nettie Finney.

E. Jesse Thomas Tuggle 1837 married Emily Jane Richardson 31 Aug 1844-22 Nov 1862 on 22 Feb 1862. Jesse married 26 July 1866 #2 Nancy G.Webb born 26 July 1848 Jackson Co,Ky. She was the daughter of Joseph Proctor Webb and Joicie Noland Webb. Nancy G.Tuggle died 4 Aug 1908 and is buried with Jesse Tuggle in the Alexander Cemetery, Doe Creek Rd.

(1) James E. Tuggle born 3 March 1865 and married 14 Aug 1890 Liddia Ann Hardy born July 1872.

a. Maude Tuggle born 1891-1959 married 21 Dec 1911 Henry Fraizer of Powell Co, Ky.

b. Katie Tuggle was born 1894 Estill Co, Ky.

c. Zula Tuggle was born 1896 in Estill Co, Ky.

(2) Adelia Tuggle 2 Nov 1868-6 June 1904 married 7 July 1883 Ansil Noland 23 May 1856-1 July 1924.

a. Joseph Noland born Oct 1885-1944 married 3 Sept 1908 Mollie Gabbard 1887-1967.

1.1 Lillian Noland was born 1915.

2.2 Virginia Noland was born 1917.

3.3 Fred Noland was born 1919.

b. Nannie Noland was born March 1889.

c. Pleasant Noland was born October 1891.

d. Bettie Noland was born August 1895-.

e. Addie Noland December 1897-Dec 1911.

(3) Albert B.Tuggle 5 Jan 1870 married 5 Sept 1897 Lou Etta Cox 1870-1903.A.B. Tuggle married 6 Jan 1904 #2 Beulah 1888-1950.

a. Myrtle Tuggle was born 1906.

b. Viola Tuggle was born 1907.

c. Littleton Tuggle was born 1907 married 11 Nov 1926 Julia B. Ingram 1908.

d. Floyd Tuggle was born 1911.

e. Clara Tuggle was born 1912.

f. Bertha Tuggle was born 1914.

g. Gilbert Tuggle was born 1916.

h. Eugene Tuggle was born 1918.

L. Thomas 1888-in Madison Co, Ky.

(4) Bedford Tuggle 18 April 1873-29 Dec 1957 married 30 July 1894 Mary Etta Rice 8 Sept 1872-15 Aug 1903. Bedford married #2 Lucy Jane Lunsford Reynolds, widow of Clayton Reynolds, 1 March 1904. Lucy and Clayton had four childrn: Ernest Jesse Reynolds 1891, Wesley D. Reynolds 1894, Rosa B. Reynolds 1895 and William Clayton Reynolds 1897.

a. Arthur Tuggle was born July 1895 married Provie Elizabeth Wilson.

1.1 William Glen Tuggle married Ruth Cowgill.

2.2 Douglas Tuggle married Diane Wagner.

3.3 Geneva Tuggle married Clarence Combs.

4.4 Edward Tuggle married Jean Kessler.

5.5 Katherine Tuggle married Charles Holton.

b. Ivan Tuggle born August 1897-1931.

1.1 J. D. Tuggle.

2.2 Ruth Tuggle.

3.3 Charles Tuggle.

c. Nettie Tuggle was born May 1900.

d. Mattie Tuggle was born 1901 married Clayton Lunsford.

1.1 Mary Lunsford married Farris then Cory.

2.2 Margie Lunsford married Loren Townsley.

e. William Tuggle was born 1903 married Myrtle White 1903- a sister to Robert White.

f. Hiram Tuggle was born 1908 married Myrtle Gilbert.

1.1 Lorine Tuggle married Russell McKeever.

2.2 Bedford Tuggle married Irene.

3.3 William Tuggle married Barbara.

4.4 Betty Tuggle married Allen Campbell.

5.5 Eva Carol Tuggle married Earl Buell.

g. Jesse Tuggle was born 1910 married Hallie Merriman.

1.1 Dorothy married John Gilmore.

2.2 Ruby Tuggle married Vernon Collins.

3.3 Shelby Jean Tuggle married Tom Press.

(5) Ruford Tuggle born 29 Sept 1876 married 1903 Lillie Cox 14 Feb 1881-14 June 1906. He married #2 Mary Peters 19 Aug 1907 in Estill Co Ky. Mary Peters was daughter of Robert Peters b Va and Barbara Cole b Estill Co, Ky. Ruford Tuggle's farm was taken for he Blue Grass Ordinance. The graves were moved to the Richmond Cemetery.

a. Hallie Tuggle was born 1904 married Palmer?.

b. Della Tuggle was born 1906 married a Benton.

c. Tracy May Tuggle was born 1911.

(6) Addie Tuggle 8 March 1879-2 March 1954 married 29 Dec 1898 Edward H.Bybee 1874-1951 born in Madison Co,Ky.

a. Wilburn Bybee 1903-1985 married Anna Mae Moore.

b. Anna Bybee 1905-1993 married Robert White 1898-1960.

c.Alverta Bybee 1918-1989 married James Morris #2 Boyd Durbin 1910-1970.

d.Virgil Bybee 1911-1989 married Edith Rhodes 1910-1991.

e. Beverly Bybee 1914-1966 married Marie Winkler 1913-1987.

(7) Molly Bybee 1882-1898 married 7 July 1898 Kayton N. Bybee 1876-1937.

a. Viola Bybee.

(8) Charles Tuggle 1884-1954. Charlie Tuggle married Lucy.

a. Mable Tuggle was born 1908.

b. Essie(Bessie) was born 1910.

c. Hassell(Hazel) was born 1912.

d. Marvin Tuggle was born 1914.

e. Arnold Tuggle was born 1917.

f. Roy Tuggle was born 1918.

(9)* Jennie Tuggle 1888-1954 married Hampton andenburg, #2 Ray Goforth, #3 Mr. Michael.

a. Effie andenburg 1907-.

b. Helen Goforth married Walter Reichter.

e. James Goforth.

f. Charles Goforth.

(10)* Joicie Tuggle 1888-1972 married Robert B. Lunsford 1880-1957 from Lee Co, Ky.

a.Nelly Lunsford 1905-1993 married 25 April 1933 Clark Co , Ky Clyde Chester Keller 1910-1966 Owsley Co, Ky. Clyde Keller is buried Mt, Eden Cemetery, Scottsburg, In.

b.Joicie Nancy Boyd Lunsford 10 Oct 1910-25 Dec 1994 married Charles Roscoe Wheeler Nov 1940 Clark Co,Ky.

c.Artemisia Whitehouse Lunsford 18Aug1913-10 Nov1919.

d.Robert uce Lunsford 16 April 1916 married 10 Oct 1940 Jewell May 28 Aug 1924 of Salyersville, Ky.

e.Raymond Tracy Lunsford 30 Jan 1919-11 March 1919.

f.Dovie Catherine Lunsford 26March1920-Nov1989 married 25 Sept 1940 Edwin C.Daniel 11 Aug 1918-Aug 1990.

g.Ralph Travis Lunsford 12 July 1922-25 April 1991.

h.Dorothy Elinor Lunsford 22 Oct 1924-11 Dec 1979 married 1945 Charles Abe Goode of Blair, Ky.

i.Rudolph Gains Lunsford 23 May 1926 married Libby Cooke of Louisville Ky. #2 Martha Quiggins of Louisville, Ky.

j.Dale Quinton Lunsford 13 Aug 1929- married #2 6 Dec 1959 Betty Hopper 18 July 1937 Russell Springs, Ky.

k.Verna Thornton Lunsford 15 July 1935 married Ben Alexander who died 30 June 1983.

(11) Henrietta Tuggle 11 Nov 1891-3 Feb 1968 married 25 May 1908 Dan Noland 18 Jan 1887-17 Oct 1955.

a.Geneva Noland 1909-.

b.Clarence D. Noland 6 Sept 1911-21 Aug 1975 married Amanda Fike 10 Feb 1913-.

d. Forrest Noland 1915-

e. Ruby Noland 1919-.

f. Ida Mae Noland c1922.

g. Rosa Nell c1925.

F. Mary Louisa Tuggle 1841-married 17 Feb 1858 Hugh Banks Tipton born of Estill Co, Ky.

G. Nancy Ann Tuggle 1847 married 2 Jan 1862 Sylvester Land 1839-1911 in Estill Co Ky. Nancy Tuggle Land died 19 Jan 1919 in Lone Wolf, OK at the home of her son Dr.J.A. Land. He ought her body home to the Alexander Cemeterty, Ravenna, Ky.

1.1 Martha Jane Land born 10 Sept 1865 married 13 April 1882 Rankin Tipton.

2.2 Louise Land born April 1869 married 25 Nov 1886 eck Rawlins Jr.

3.3 Narcissa Land born 10 Aug 1871 married Grant Tipton.

4.4 James Alfred Land born 21 Sept 1873 married 22 Feb 1905 Flossie Craig born Nov 1880, Panola, Ky. She was the daughter of Samuel Taylor Craig and Margaret Elizabeth Thomas the daughter of Ryburn Thomas and Miriam Boles Thomas of the Thomas community and Panola, Ky. James Alfred Land received his medical degree in 1904 from the Kentucky Medical School at Louisville, Ky and then practiced in Estill County until 1908 when he and Flossie went to Loan Wolf, Kiowa Co, OK. Flossie Land died 21 Nov 1921 in Lone Wolf, OK. James Alfred Land married Mrs Billie DePriest in Hobart, OK. James Alfred Land lived in Natalia, Texas from 1938 until his death 10 Feb 1951.

a.a Hazel Craig Land born 1 Nov 1909 Irvine. Ky. She married William F. Glasscock c1929. Hazel died December 1999.

b.b Harold Alfred Land born 15 Nov 1908 Irvine,Ky. He married Marjorie.

c.c Madge Eleanor Land born 27 Mar 1911 Retrop, OK. Madge married 1O Oct 1931 Cleo Leon Dodd born 31 July 1908 -died 18 April 1992 in Enid, OK.

5.5 Mary B Land born 8 April 1876 married 8 Nov 1893 Lycortus Dunaway born 1839-c1899.

a.a Charles E Dunaway was born Nov 1894.

b.b Alfred Dunaway was born Sept 1896. Alfred "Doc"Dunaway died 1948.

c.c George Dunaway born 31 May 1898-20 June 1953 married Mattie Bush 16 June 1912.She was born Feb 1888 Estill Co, Ky.

6.6 Robert Land born 17 June 1879-1947 married Lena Becknell born 12 June 1889-14 June 1911. Robert ran a grocery store in the Cow Creek area. Children remember him watching the candy.

7.7 Edward Sherman Land 11 May 1882-27 Jan Sept 1922. He married 2 Jan 1919 Bessie Noland. He was a lawyer and became Supertendant of the Estill County, Kentucky school system.  Edwin Sherman Land was buried in a country cemetery which fell to ill care and Edwina placed a stone for him in the Sunset Memorial Gardens Cemetery at West Irvine where she is also buried.

a.a Edwina Land married Elmo Drake.

8.8 Adda C.Land born 9 April 1886-3 Nov 1918 married 1906 Shelby Muncie 16 Aug 1885-23 Jan 1961.

a.a Hester C. Muncie 1908.

b.b May B. Muncie 1909-. Mae Muncie Jones Gross lives (1999) in Richmond, Ky.

c.c Beulah Muncie 1910-.

d.d Berneice C. Muncie 1912-.

e.e Vandelia P. Muncie 1914-.

f.f Victor P. Muncie 1916-.

9.9 Rhoda May Land 27 May 1889-19 oct 1969 married James Willian Wagers 27 Dec 1880-18Aug1973.

H.Paulina Tuggle 17 June 1858-2 Nov 1940 married 16 March 1876 William B Finney 17 Nov 1853-18 Aug 1927 in Estill Co, Ky.

a. Robert Finney was born Aug 1878-1949 married 28 Feb 1907 Annie Allen Dec 1888-1972 to James Allen and Malinda Rice.

(1) Herald Finney was born 1910.

(2) Laura Finney was born 1912.

b. Mollie Finney was born Aug 1881.

c. Everett Finney Feb 1884-1957 married 20 Sept 1906 Ethel Thomas 1879-1954 to W.R.Thomas and Carrie Thomas.

(1) Glen Finney was born 1908.

(2) Ollie Finney was born 1909 Dau.

(3) Blanch Finney was born 1911.

d. Maggie Finney was born May 1886.

e. Rhoda Finney was born Sept 1889.

f. William Finney was born 15 Jan 1892-8 Mar 1928.In the 1920 Estill Co, Ky census W. B.and Pauline Finney have in their HH three grandchildren:

(1) Dennie Finney 14 born 1906.

(2) Lesinne Finney 14 born 1906.

(3) Justice Finney 7 born 1913.

11. Thomas Achilles Tuggle born 1806 married 5 March 1928 Ann Catherine Eaton in Clark County, Ky. Surety Zachariah Eaton.

a.Nancy Tuggle born 1829.

b.Elizabeth Tuggle born 1831-died between 1900-1910 probabably in Carroll, Carrollton County Mo and married 1851 Samuel Dunn (W) born 3 April 1833 in Clark Co, Ky to Anderson Dunn and Agnis Scantlan who married 13 Oct 1819 in Clark Co, Ky. Samuel was a widower when he died 21 July 1911 in Carroll, Carrolton Co, Missouri.

(1) William Dunn was born Jan 1853 in Carroll Co, Ky.

(2) Millard Dunn was born Dec 1858 in Missouri.

(3) Samuel Dunn,Jr was born 1862 in Platte Co, Mo.

(4) Martha Dunn was born 1864 in Platte Co, Mo.

(5) Alwilda Dunn was born 10 April 1867 near Platte City, Platte Co, Mo. She married c1892 Watson Eastman born 20 Dec 1865 in New Sharon , Maine son of Jacob Eastman and Isephene J. Tinker about 1892. They lived first in Vancouver BC Canada , then Aberdeen Wa, then Los Angeles Ca before moving to Portland, Oregon where she lived for forty years until her death 11 Sept 1951 at the age of 84.

a.a William Watson Eastman was born 9 April 1893 in Vancouver , itish Columbia .

(6) Ida Dunn was born 1871 in probably Carroll Co, Mo.

(7) Silas N Dunn was born May 1873 probably Carroll Co,Mo.

John Eastman contributed in part to the Dunn information.

c. William Tuggle born 1838 was captured at Vicksburg ,Pa on 4 July 1863.

d. George S. Tuggle born 1839 married Sarah True 11 Aug 1864.

(1) Elizabeth Tuggle married Moses Lowe.

a.a Claude Lowe.

b.b Moses Lowe, Jr.

c.c Walter Lowe.

d.d Bush Lowe.

e.e Albert Lowe.

f.f Mack Lowe.

g.g Mrs J E Kerr.

h.h Mrs Albert Kerns.

(2) Gus Tuggle.

(3) Edith Tuggle married Mr. Insko.

a.a.Mame Insko Clark.

(4) William R.Tuggle married 30 Nov 1893 Jessie L. Gordon.

(5) Thomas Tuggle. Had a son Thomas Tuggle.

(6) Sallie Tuggle. Never married.

(7) Clayton W. Tuggle married Mildred Becker.

(8) Stephen Tuggle.

e.James Tuggle born 1844 in Clark Co, Ky married Nancy Jane Harrold born 11 Oct 1842 Indiana and died 1925 Ind. Nancy was the dughter of Byram Harrold and Martha Johnston Harrold.

(1) Mary Tuggle was born 1859 in Mo.

(2) Malvaria Tuggle was born 1857 in Ill.

(3) Manda Tuggle was born 1863 in Mo.

(4) William Tuggle was born 1862 in Mo.

(5) Nancy J Tuggle was born 1866 in Mo.

(6) Charles A Tuggle was born 1867 in Mo.

(7) James T Tuggle was born c1870 Mo.

(8) Hattie L Tuggle was born 1874 in Mo.

f.Mildred F. Tuggle born 1846.


Jane Tuggle and John Keen had a daughter 21 Oct 1861 in Estill Co, Ky.

Nancy Tuggle and John J Wiley had Sarah A Wiley 17 Sept 1878 Estill Co,Ky.

Pauline Tuggle and William Daniel had Robert Daniel 8 Aug 1878 in Estill Co, Ky.

Rebecca Tuggle married Bige Allen at the home of Bige Allen 12 Oct 1897 in Lee Co, Ky.

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