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Do you know this lady?

Her picture was found among my father's papers. I assume she is a family member. I have a photograph of his maternal grandmother, Nancy Hart, so I know it is not her. Her mother, Nancy Brown, was born around 1833 and died after 1870. Her mother in law, Sarah Bolen, was born around 1823 and was still alive in 1870.

It was with my grandfathers papers, William Groves. So perhaps it is a picture of Williams mother, the illusive Perlina Groves 1852-abt 1890. Her mother, Rebecca McLain, died arnd 1859. I don't think photography was available to the average man that early.

Mary Jane Tuggle Groves, the paternal grandmother of William Groves, was born in 1832 and died in 1914. Perhaps it is her.

It is possible that it is a picture from Samuel Sheibly's family, Harold's step father.

I cannot not even date the photo. The photo paper is very thin, brown tone paper. It is pasted to another piece of slick paper about 5" x 7". The photo is 3" by 5". (I have artifically colored it to make it visible on the net. It is faded and has very poor contrast.) Her clothes appear to place her in the late 1800s but there are no markings or writing of any kind.

This is how it appears without touch up.

mystery2.gif - 226607 Bytes

Hopefully, someone is researching these families and have old photographs to compare it to. I would be very appreciative of any information.

Sandra Burbridge

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