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Tarplin Mitchell was born in 1817-1818 in Virginia according to the 1860 Lincoln Co, Missouri Census. He is listed with his wife Elna, later referred to as Ellen and his seven children including an unnamed infant we know to be Ora Burton Mitchell. The unusual middle name of Burton may refer to her mother's maiden name. Also listed is Alonzo Smith, 4 years old which may be a sibling but is written as if his last name is Smith. He remains with the family until he is grown.

In the 1870 Lincoln Co, Missouri Census, Ora is eleven years old with three of her siblings at home. Her mother is now listed as Ellen.

Ora Burton Mitchell married Thomas J. Henry sometime after 1874. Her marriage license has not been located but the date has been estimated based on the following evidence. On the 1880 Lincoln Co, Missouri Census, Ora B. Henry is located with her husband, Thomas J. and two children; Mollie (Mary) 3 months and David Henry 6 years.  Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers,  published by the Pike County Historical Society in 1983 on page 373 states:
At Whiteside on August 19, 1900 Gola (Dewey) married Mary Adelia Henry, (1880-1959). She was the daughter of Thomas J. (1844-1886) and Ora Burton Mitchell Henry (1859-1956). She (Mary) had a half brother, David Achor Henry who died in Montana, unmarried, and one brother, Fountain Arris Henry (1885-1968).

David is listed as 6 years old in 1880, so if he is the step child of Ora Henry, she was married after 1874 but before 1879 as her daughter was born in 1880.

Thomas J. Henry is listed as 36 years old on the 1880 census, 18 years older than Ora. The 1850 Lincoln Co, Missouri Census lists Thomas J. Henry as 10 years old with his parents, Simon and Mildred Henry and 5 siblings. In the 1860 Lincoln Co Census (this is two pages) his father has probably died and his mother is listed as head of household. In 1870 Lincoln Co Missouri Census he was more difficult to find. I located a Jefferson Henry of the correct age in Millwood Township where they have lived since the 1850 census. I was not sure it was him until I realized, the other persons in the home were his brothers and sisters. His older brother Willis, is listed as head of the family. It does not appear that he has married his first wife yet even though his first child will be born within four years. Please notice that on all the census related to the Henry family posted here, there are always several other Henry families and a family by the name of  Mudd on the same page, living next door. This is also the neighborhood where we find Thomas and Ora in 1880.

Thomas J. Henry died between 42 and 46 years old and Ora Mitchell Henry was left to raise 3 children between the ages of one and twelve years old. To quote  Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers:
"Her mother (Ora Henry) raised her orphaned children in the home of her father, Tarplin Mitchell.."
The 1890 census is lost to us but in 1900 Lincoln Co., Missouri Census, Ora is listed as a widow with her 2 children, Mary and Fountain and her parents. Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers continues;
"...and then married William H. Fox and helped him raise the young children with his family of 10 as their mother had died. Fountain stayed with Gola and Mary (Dewey) until old enough to obtain employment."
William H. Fox is listed in the 1900 Pike Co., Missouri Census with his first wife Belle and their 10 children. In 1902 after the death of his first wife Belle, William Fox had married Ora Henry. They are found in the 1910 Pike Co., Missouri Census living  with five of his children, it states they had been married 8 years.. Mary has married Gola Dewey and after staying with Gola for a time, " Fountain married Lela D. Wells and became a Bowling Green businessman." according to  Pike County, Missouri - People, Places and Pikers. Ora and William Fox are listed in the 1920 Pike Co, Missouri census with William's youngest son, Wade. By 1930 she is living alone and Wade 19 has moved in with his older sister. It also states:
"William Fox died and Grandma Fox spent 14 years with Mary and her declining years with Fountain."
"Grandma Fox" died in 1956 at 97 years old. She had raised two of her own children and eleven step children not to mention her many grandchildren.

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