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John E. Groves Biography

Compiled by Sandra Burbridge

John E. Groves is the great great grandfather of my father, Harold W. Groves. His sons were George Groves and Samuel Groves, grandfathers of William Groves whose children, Daniel and Perlina, married their first cousins. This biography focuses on this "direct line". Details on siblings, related families and reference materials are included in the attached Groves Study.

First Generation

Samuel Groves of Prince William, Viriginia father of John E. Groves and Revolutionary War Veteran. See Groves Family Study.

Second Generation

Prince William County, Virginia, 1787, was the birthplace of John E. Groves. He is listed in the Latter Day Saints genealogy records.

LDS Church _IGI Records
Sex: M
Born: 1785
Film Number: 448052
Page Number: 0045
The record of John Groves' death in Grant County lists his parents as Samuel and Mary Groves.

Footsteps of the Past- Grant County Newspaper - 1997
John E. Groves, 65 year old white male born in Prince William County, Virginia, married farmer residing in Grant County died February 2, 1852 of scarlatina. Father, Samuel; mother, Mary.
Transcribed from Sutton Records in Grant County Court House
Samuel Groves, father of John, appears to have been a Lieutenant in the Revolutionary War under Captain James Smith but he never lived to file for his pension. His wife, Mary is listed as a widow in 1799 in Chappawamsic Neck, Virginia.

In the early 1800s, John Groves relocated to Clark County, Kentucky. He was not found on the census for that county but married Priscilla Shipp there on February 28, 1816. Several other Groves appear in Clark County around the same time and are presumed to be his brothers. Daniel Groves married Nancy Shipp in Clark County in 1815. They are thought to be the daughters of ELIJAH1 SHIPP (SHIPP) died Abt. September 8, 1828 in Clark County, Kentucky. He married REBECCA PRICE June 10, 1792 in Fauguier Virginia. She was born 1771 in Virginia. Elijah Shipp was listed on their marriage bond and is in the Clark County census for 1800, 1810 and 1820. Refer to Shipp family history for more details.

Ship(p) Marriages in Clark County
Family Tree Finder Sec II Chpt 20
John E. Groves to Priscilla Shipp 2/28/1816
Daniel Groves to Nancy Ship 9-21-1815

John Groves is first found on the Grant County Tax List in 1820 as John C. Grooves and in 1821 as John Graves. He is not listed again until 1829 through 1838.

He was originally reported in the 1820 Grant County Census as John Graves on page 146 of the census. However, James R. Glacking reported this as an error on page 19 in " History of Grant County". John Groves owned 50 acres on Crooked Creek, purchased from Jacob Myers in August of 1830 for $100.

Grant County Kentucky Deed Book B 1827-1834
Jacob Myers of Grant County to John E. Groves of Grant County for $100
land in Grant County on Crooked Creek beginning at the beginning of Watson's Patent Line with Mrs. Myers' line containing 50 acres.
14 Feb 1828
witnesses: Robinson Nelson, John Greenlee.
ack. August court, 1830 in Grant Co. by Myers B:259.

John and Priscilla had eight children. Their first child was a girl, Julian, born in 1817. There second child was Samuel Groves, born in 1818 and George Groves born in 1819.

James was not born until 1828. Henry was born in 1832. The last children were Elizabeth, born in 1834, Addison, born in 1835 and the baby John H. Groves, born 1836. John and Priscilla are listed in the Grant Co Census for these years. Not much is known about the life of John E. Groves. He is listed in the 1850 Grant county census with his younger children. The older children are grown.

1850 Grant County Census Page310
John E. Groves 65 yr. male farmer
Priscilla 52 yr.
Henry 18 yr.
Elizabeth 16 yr.
Addison 15 yr.
John 14 yr.

The Will of John E. Groves

Volume II Page 30
Will of John E. Gr(a)ves
wife: Prisilla (spelling variance)
My seven children: Samuel, George, James, Elizabeth, Henry, Addison and John.
Executor: son Samuel
Witnesses: T.T. Thompson, Samuel McClain, William McClain and John Rulan
Written February 1, 1852; Probated December 14, 1852
Probate Abstracts from Grant County KY Book C 1845-1855.
(Julian is mentioned in earlier text of original will)

Text of Will from Copy of Original Will

In the name of God Amen
IJohn E. Groves of the county of Grant and state of Kentucky being sick in body but strong in mind, leave this my last and testament, this 1st day of February 1852,
First I give my soul to the Lord and all my last debts and funeral expenses be paid.
Then I give and bequeath to my beloved wife PRISCILLA her dower in the land whereon I now live and such other property as the law provides-Item
I give and bequeath to my daughter JULIA ane? Red? Caur?
All the Balance of my Property Real and Personal be equally divided among my seven children
My will and desire that after my death my executor sell my Personal Property
an a Reasonable Credit not otherwise disposed of- my will and desire is that SAMUEL GROVES my son be my executor to carry ??? Efect in testamamy whereof I have hereinto set my hand and seal first above written. Attest
Samuel McClain John E. Groves seal (signs with an X)
William McClain
John Rulan

(NOTES: Samuel McClain is uncle and guardian of Rabecca Mclain, wife of George Groves (2nd son of John E. Groves). Julian Annes is mentioned in the first part of will, but her inheritance is undetermined)

Volume II Page 38
Division of Lands: Estate of John E. Groves
land involved is on Crooked Creek
Land is given to Prissilla (spelling variance) Groves, widow; and to George Groves, Henry Groves, Elizabeth Groves, Addison Groves, Samuel Groves and John Groves.
October 18, 1852 Probate Abstracts from Grant County KY Book C 1845-1855
(NOTE: James is not listed.)

Volume II Page 43
Estate Settlement: John E. Groves
Administrator: T.T. Thompson
includes a receipt from Samuel Groves
September 13, 1853
Probate Abstracts from Grant County KY Book C 1845-1855

Priscilla Ship Wife of John E. Groves


Priscilla is listed in the Latter Day Saints genealogy records:

IGI Record
Priscilla SHIPP
Sex: F
Event(s): Born: ABT 1803
Of Princess Ann', 'Virginia
Film Number: 183423
Page Number: 238
Reference Number: 8567

Elijah Shipp signed the marriage bond of Priscilla Shipp when she married John Groves in Clark County. Her sister Nancy Shipp married Daniel Groves also in Clark Co. See Shipp family history for details.

Priscilla is found living with her son, James Groves in 1860 after the death of her husband.

Grant Co 1860 Census
1137 Groves, James 32 M KY farmer $275
Sarah E. 41 F TN
James G. 15 M OH
Laura A. 5 F KY
Groves, Priscilla 70 F VA

The Will of Priscilla Shipp Groves

Abstract County Court Records
By Janet Pease

Volume III Pg. 110
Will of Priscilla Groves (spelling variance) was produced in court.
Witnesses: R.G. Marks, Jeremiah Morgan
Executor: John C.H. Groves
heirs: Julian Groves, Annis(probably means Addison. Annis is Julians married name)Groves
Samuel Groves, G.W, Groves, Elizabeth Younger, Henry Groves, and John C.H. Groves
July 14, 1862 Grant County KY order Book H 1855-1863
Volume II Pg. 88
Division of Lands: Estate of Priscilla Groves
land is given to Henry Groves, John H. Groves, Samuel Groves and James Groves.
June 20, 1864 Probate Abstracts from Grant County KY Book E 1861-1866

The ThirdGeneration

2. i. JULIAN4 GROVES, b. 1817, Grant Co, Kentucky.
3. ii. SAMUEL S. GROVES, b. 1818, Grant County, Kentucky; d. Bef. 1913.
4. iii. GEORGE W. GROVES, b. 1820, Grant County, Kentucky; d. September 25, 1890, Grant County, Kentucky.
5. iv. JAMES GROVES, b. June 12, 1827, Grant County, Kentucky; d. March 13, 1913, Cynthia, Harrison County, Ky.
v. HENRY GROVES, b. 1832.
vi. ELIZABETH GROVES, b. 1834; m. MORGAN YOUNG, 1860-1864.
6. viii. JOHN HARRISON GROVES, b. April 20, 1834, Grant County, Kentucky; d. June 14, 1898, Grant County, Kentucky.

Juliana Groves - first born of John Groves and Priscilla Shipp

JULIAN(3) GROVES (JOHN E(2), SAMUEL(1)) was born 1817 in Grant Co, Kentucky. She married WILLIAM L. ANNESS February 10, 1838 in Grant County, Kentucky, son of JOHN N. ANNESS.

Early Grant Co Kentucky Marriages and Bonds Kentucky County Records by Janet Pease Volume IV
ANNESS, Willaim S. and Julian Groves. Bond Date: 10 February, 1838 Bondsman: John N. Anness. John N. Anness made an oath that he believes that Julian Anness (sic) is 21 years of age because he says her brother Samuel who is younger than her, has been at least 2 years on the muster roll and was enrolled 1 year before that and his father had him taken off the list. Also that he has known her by sight since the year 1819 and that she then appeared to be 4 or 5 years old. Bond Book 1832-1838 page 92 Marriage Date: not recorded

Family Tree, Marriage Index 1720-1926 Sec III Ch 34
Grant County Kentucky Marriage
Julian Groves to William L. Annes February 10, 1838.

William and Julian had seven children. The first child, John W. Anness b. 1839 who married his first cousin, Laura Ann Groves, the daughter of James Groves, 3rd son of John and Priscilla.

Laura and John Anness had seven known children:
(1) James William Anness who married Julia Roland.
They had nine children; Robert, Kate, Lenie, Bessie, Edgar, Newton, Kenneth, Emily and Charles Anness. Robert married Zela Turner, Kate Anness, the great granddaughter of James Groves marries the grandson of George and Mahala Groves, Enoch Bryant, son Julia Ann Groves. Lenie Anness married Charles Eckler, Bessie marries Noah Milner, Newton marries Elmo Courtney, Kenneth marries Ruby Bigg, Emily marries Iris Bigg, and Charles marries Loretta Goodman.

(2) Charles William Anness married his aunt, Elizabeth Groves. She was the daughter of George and Mahala Groves; They also had nine children: Lula, Lillie, Elmer, William, Robert, Charles, Goldie, Myrtle and Iva.

(3) Annie Anness married Charlie Dunn.

(4) Henry Clay Anness whose spouse is unknown.

(5) Susan Anness who married Jepetha Groves, the youngest son of George and Mahala They had least one son, Carl Groves.

(6) George Anness who married Willie Dungan. They had four children Opal, Richard, Daisy and Mary Anness. Opal married Joseph Groves grandson of George Groves and Mahala Wolfe, her second cousin. Daisy married Herman Laytart and Richard married Inez Tilton.

(7) Ben Thomas Anness married Lula Dunn. They had four children; Claude, Pauline, Gertrude and Thelma.

Other children of William and Julian Anness:
Henry Anness - born 1841
Charles Anness - 1843
George Anness - 1845
Missouri Anness - 1849
Priscilla Anness - 1857
married Pete New They had a least one daughter.

Samuel S. Groves - 1st born son of John E. Groves - father of Daniel T. Groves

3. SAMUEL S.(3) GROVES (JOHN E(2)SAMUEL(1)) was born 1818 in Grant County, Kentucky, and died Bef. 1913. He married Clark Co Marriage 1793-1850 Provided by researcher at Winchester Public Library
Groves, Samuel and Mildred Jane Tuggle, daughter of Nancy Potts (consent): 1844 July 30 surety, Fielding P. Wood. Consent of James Bybee, guardian of Milly Jane Tuggle. Age of Samue Groves proved by James M. Cooper.MILDRED JANE TUGGLE July 30, 1844 in Clark County, Kentucky, daughter of JOHN TUGGLE and NANCY ADAMS.

Mildred is the daughter of John Tuggle and Nancy Adams from Estill County. In 1848 Mildred and Samuel sold land in Clark County. They are listed on the 1850 Grant County census with their two oldest children.

1850 Grant County Census, Page 297
Samuel S. Groves 39 yrs
Milly J. 18 yrs
John W.? 4 yrs
James I? 2 yrs
Their first son was John Groves b. in 1846, the 2nd son James Groves was born in 1847. Samuel is named executor to his dads estate in 1852 when John E. Groves dies of scarlatina the same year their 3rd son Daniel Tucker Groves, husband of Perlina Groves, was born. Daniel states on his marriage bond to Perlina that he was born in Estill County. Samuel Groves and his family are not listed in Grant County in 1860 or 1870. In 1880 he has returned to Grant County and has 7 additional children; Nancy, Andrew, George, Henry, Martha, Mary, Thomas and Edward Groves.

samuelsoundex.jpg - 47584 Bytes
1880 Soundex Card for Samuel Groves
Son of John E. Groves - listed in Grant Co., Kentucky

John Groves,the 1st son of Samuel Groves, married Sarah as listed in the 1880 Estill county census. He is with his wife and three children and his brother Andrew Groves.

soundexjgrov.jpg - 30697 Bytes
1880 Soundex Card for John Groves
Son of Samuel Groves,grandson of John E. Groves
- listed in Estill Co., Kentucky

James N. Groves Relocates to Oklahoma nothing else is known

Andrew Groves We know little about Andrew Groves other than he relocates to Arkansas according to his brother and his mothers obituary several years later.

Nancy Groves born in 1854 in Estill County was unknown to me until recently. I have no other information on her at this time.

Daniel Tucker Groves my 2nd great grandfather, husband of Perlina. See the Fourth Generation

George Groves marries Kate and has two girls; Myrtle and Naomi. Naomi married a Holden and is the informant on her fathers death certificate. George Groves, who was a railroad conductor, died in Florence KY in 1960 at the age of 96 yrs. He was a widow.

Henry Groves possibly remained a bachelor living in Boone County and died in Florence, Kentucky in 1943.

Martha Groves marries Frank Hennigan in 1895 in Grant County. She had one unnamed daughter in 1900 and a 2nd daughter in January of 1901. She apparently dies in childbirth of Brights disease and her child dies 6 months later in 1901. Her obituary indicates she leaves three children.

Mary Groves marries William Simpson Thomas in Grant County in 1888. They relocate to Clark County, home of her mother, and have four children; Catherine, Lettie, Gertrude and Charles. Several of her descendants are still in the Clark county area.

Thomas Groves marries Maude or Mary Childers and has two children; Zedman Groves and an unnamed daughter. They are listed in the 1900 Kentucky census.

Edward Groves who was not listed in the 1880 census but in his brothers obituary in 1913. He married Edith Cavanaugh.

George Groves -2nd born son of John Groves - father of Perlina Groves

GEORGE W.(3) GROVES (JOHN E(2), SAMUEL(1)) was born 1820 in Grant County, Kentucky, and died September 25, 1890 in Grant County, Kentucky39. He married (1) RABECCA MCLAIN November 09, 1843 in Grant County, Kentucky40, daughter of JOHNATHAN MCCLAIN and SUSANNAH MCCLAIN. He married (2) MAHALA JANE WOLFE 1860 in Grant County, Kentucky41, daughter of BENJAMINE WOLFE and MARGARET BRISSONS. He married (3) NANCY SMALLEY July 24, 1890 in Williamstown, Grant Co., KY42.

GROVES, George and Rebecca McLAIN,
Bond Date: November 8, 1843
Bondsman Samuel MCLain.
Bond Book 1838-1847 page 103
Marriage Date: November 9, 1843
Grant Co, Kentucky
Grant County Records Volume IV

Rebecca was the daughter of Jonathan and Susannah McLain who were both deceased at the time of her marriage. Rebecca and her siblings, Margaret and James were the legal wards of Lewis Kendall, and later Samuel Dunn husband of Susannah's sister Jane and Samuel McLain brother of Susannah McLain.

Rebecca and George had two known children who were listed with in the 1850 Harrison County census, William Noah Groves and Priscilla Groves.

1850 Harrison County Census District No. 2
George W. Groves 28 Yr. Farmer R Est $300
Rebecca 26 Yr
William N. 4 Yr
Priscilla 2 Yr

Notes for William Groves

William, who went by the name of Noah, was born November 16, 1846 married Lucy Jane Nelson in March of 1874. Lucy was daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte Nelson and Mary Ann Burrows. They had three children Walter Frank Groves, Hettie Groves, and Luther Calvin Groves.

Walter Frank Groves born in 1874, who was known as Frank Groves, married Lena Hampton in 1893 who was the daughter G.W.Hampton of Harrison County. Their children were Ralph and Erm Groves. Erm married Fredda Davis in March 1914, in September of that same year she committed suicide. The daughter of Justin Davis was only 16 years old. The wife of Ralph Groves is unknown. Frank was divorced and remarried a second time to Agatha Brown possibly from Pennsylvania where he had relocated.

His sister, Hettie Groves died in 1896, before her twentieth birthday.

Luther Calvin Groves born in 1879, the 2nd son of William Noah Groves and Lucy Nelson, married Bertha Antrobus. They had three children Ellis, Lottie and Imogene. Ellis Nelson Groves married Martha Reider and died in 1979. Imogene Groves married Estell Prather and has 3 children.

William Noah Groves, son of George Groves and husband of Lucy Nelson, died in 1880 at the age of 34 years old. Lucy remarries Henry Spears and the three of them as well as George Groves, William' father and Lucy's family, are buried in the Nelson Family Cemetery in Grant County.

Notes for Priscilla Groves

The second child of George Groves and Rebecca McClain was Priscilla Groves, named for her grandmother. She was born in 1849. Her mother, Rebecca, died between 1852 and 1860 and she is found in the home of Benjamine Robertson in the 1860 census. She is 11 years old. In May of 1873 she married John Dunn of Grant Co. son of Abraham Dunn and the twin brother of James Dunn. They had 5 daughters; Lucy Jane, Bertha, Catherine Bell, Bessie Eva, Nancy Ann and one son, Harry Dunn.

Lucy Dunn married James Windings and had 6 children.
Bertha Dunn married William Hicks and had 12 children.
Catherine Dunn married Albert Doane and had 9 children.
Bessie Dunn married Hayden Martin and had 3 children.
Nancy Dunn married Charles Hamilton and had 2 children
Harry Dunn married Lula Martin and had two children.

Notes for Perlina Groves

The only other known child of George Groves and Rebecca McClain is Perlina Groves. On some documents, she is referred to as Paulina. She was born in 1852 after the 1850 census. She married her first cousin Daniel Tucker Groves. See Third Generation Notes.

After the death of Rebecca McClain, George Groves, the 3rd son of John and Priscilla Groves marries Mahala Wolfe in June of 1860.

Grant Co Ky Records Volume VII Janet Pease George W. Groves to Mahala Wolf Bond Date: 27 Jun 1860 Bondsman: William S. Anness Consent of John Wolf, gradfather of Mahala Wolf "or my ward as the case" Attest: William S. Anness The consent of the guardian of the lady was proved by the oath of W.S. Anness George W. Groves married Mahala Wolf at the house of Eliz'h Rogers by Jas J. Houes. Married 28 Jun 1860
Mahala is the daughter of Benjamine Wolfe and Margaret Brissons of Harrison County. Her parents died when she was young. Her grandparents, John Wolfe and Rebecca Robinson of Harrison County raised Mahala and several siblings. 1870 Harrison County Census
Rutland page 232
George Groves 51 yrs Mahala 31 yrs Louis A. 9 yrs John 5 yrs Charles 3yrs Mardie E. 3 mos

George and Mahala had eight children.
Lewis Groves born in 1861 married Mary Plunkett in 1894 and had 5 children.

John Q. Groves born in 1862 and was married three times. His wives were Lizzie Wolfe who died in 1890, Nora Adams with whom he had at least one child, Hattie Groves who married Bill Hutchinson. In 1894 he married Minnie Jones. They had 12 children.

Minnie Jones, wife of John Q. Groves, is the daughter of Leonard Jones and Jane Crawford and the granddaughter of Henry Harrison Jones. Several of their descendants have remained in the Grant, Boone, Harrison and Kenton County area. There children were Eva Groves who married Peter Straub, Mary Mettie Groves who married Benjamine Morgan in 1914, John W. Groves, Minnie Jane Groves who married John Baker, Mahala Groves who married Henry Pigg, Joseph T. Groves who married Opal Anness great granddaughter of Julian Groves Anness. Grover Groves who married Carrie Schuler, Jacob Groves, Christine Groves, Coley Groves who married Marie Mays, Lewis Groves, and Jepetha Groves.

Charles Groves married Elizabeth Ellis and had two children.

Other children were:
Wade Groves
Martha Ellen Groves who married Thomas Gunsauli and had 5 children.
Julia Ann Groves married Jesse Bryant and had 10 children.
Mary Elizabeth Groves married Charles Anness, grandson of Julian Groves Anness. They have nine children.
Jepetha Groves married Susan Jane Anness, sister of Charles and also a grandchild of Julian Groves.

Mahala and George Groves were named in her grandfathers estate:
All Volumes by Janet Pease.
Grant County Ky Records

Division of Lands: Estate of John Wolf
widow: Margaret
land is given to Lewis Wolf; to Joel and Ann Barlow;
to Newton Wolf; to George and Permelia Gordon;
to Nancy and William Tate; to Rebecca Wolf, heir of Benjamin Wolf;
to L. W. Wolf, Nancy Wolfe, Richard Wolf, and Mahala and George
GROVES - also to heirs of Benjamin Wolf; to Barbara and John Martin.
30 Apr 1863. [Page 79]
Mahala Groves b. 1839 listed in 1880 Harrison Co. Ky census as widow (divorced) Sheet 9 Line 1
Children: Louis 19, John 15, Charles 13, Ellen 10, Julia 7, Mary E 4, and Jeptha 1.

George W. Groves listed in Grant Co Census w/Ben Robinson. Listed as divorced.
George Groves is a Civil War Veteran, serving on the Unions 7th Calvary, Company D. He applied for a pension in 1887 for a disability due to a hernia acquired during the Civil War. He died in September of 1890 after marrying a young girl by the name of Nancy Smalley in June of that year. Mahala Wolfe applied for a widow's pension in 1894, stating that George and her had been separated for 12 years but never divorced. Nancy Smalley, 26 years old, also applied for a widow's pension, stating that his previous wife had died.

Was enrolled June 28, 1862 at Williamstown, Kentucky as a private. Mustered out withcompany on July 10, 1865 at Edgefield, Tennessee. From Pension Record. Soliders Cert. #417,288 Syn "Metcalf Cavalry".

George Groves married Nancy Smalley

Williamstown Courier
Genealogical Index
Vol I Par A
Groves, Geo W. married 7-24-1890 age 70
to Nancy Smalley age 26, liscense issued 21 July, 1890
George Groves died in September of 1890, two months after his marriage.He is buried in Nelson Family Cemetery in Corinth with his son William Groves and his sons wife, Lucy Jane Nelson. No dates are on his tombstone.

James Groves - 3rd son of John and Priscilla Groves
JAMES3 GROVES (JOHN E(2), SAMUEL(1) was born June 12, 1827 in Grant County, Kentucky58, and died March 13, 1913 in Cynthia, Harrison County, Ky59. He married SARAH ELIZABETH INDACUT60 February 05, 1850 in Grant County, Kentucky61.

Grant Co Ky Records
James Groves to Elizabeth Indacut
Bond Date: 05 Feb 1850
Bondsman: James J. Ross
The lady is a widow.
The gentlemen is of lawful age.
Married: 05 Feb 1850 (page 45)
Sarah Indicut is listed as a widow and this maybe her married name. They are listed with a 3 year old son, James Groves, in the same year, which indicates this maybe also be a 2nd marriage for James Groves.
1850 Grant County Census page 310 line 22
James Groves 23 yrs
Elizabeth Groves 30 yrs
James E. Groves 3 yrs
(NOTE: James and Elizabeth m. 1850 son possibly from previous marriage)

1860 GRANT CO KY CENSUS page 972
Sarah E., 41, born TN
James G., 15, born OH
Laura, 5, born KY
Priscilla GROVES, 70, born VA
James and Sarah are also listed in 1870 census with 4 children, 3 of them were born before 1850 when they were married. The following are the children of James and Sarah.

James G. Groves b.1846
Roxie Groves b. 1848
John Groves b.1849
Betty Groves b.1852
Laura Ann Groves born in 1854. She married John William Anness her first cousin, son of Julian Groves Anness.
Joe, Clara, and Minie Groves born 1858 to 1860

JAMES GROVES Civil War Veteran
was enrolled for three year October 22, 1861. He was mustered in as a Private in Company F, 20th Kentucky Infantry, January 6, 1862 at Smithland, Kentucky. He was mustered out of service January 17, 1865 at Louisville, Kentucky.

Grant County 1890 Special Census:
James Groves enlisted as a Private in Company F, 20th Kentucky Infantry November 16, 1861 and was discharged January 17, 1864.

Harrison county 1900 Census- Cason Precinct- June 17, 1900. James Groves -age 72 Widower-born June 1827 in Kentucky. both parents born in Virginia.

Harrison Conty 1910 Special Census: Union Veteran James Groves, age 83 widower resides with his daughter, Laura A. Anness an her husband, Union veteran John W. Anness.


Sarah dies August 3, 1897 and James is listed alone in the 1900 census. He is at thehome of his daughter, Laura Ann and her husband John Anness in the 1910 Harrison County census. Spouses of his other children are unknown. He dies March 13, 1913 andis buried at Raven Creek Cemetery in Harrison County next to his wife.

Harrison Co Kentucky

James Groves
Born 12 Jun 1827
Died 13 Mar 1913

Sarah F. Groves
Born 20 Dec 1818
Died 03 Aug 1897
Wife of James Groves.

Henry Groves - the 4th son of John and Priscilla Groves

HENRY GROVES (JOHN E(2) SAMUEL(1) Henry Groves was born in 1832. He is mentioned in his father will in 1852 and in his mothers will in 1862. No marriage or other record has been found.A Henry Groves Listed in Clark County KY in 1900 census, Sheet 26 line 38, 71 yrs. old.

Elizabeth Groves - the 2nd daughter of John and Priscilla Groves


Elizabeth Groves was born in 1834 and listed in her fathers will in 1852 and in her mother's will in 1862. She is referredto as Elizabeth Younger. No marriage record or census data has been found for her under that name. She is beleived to be wife of MorganYoung listed in the Grant County census in the 1860 There is a Morgan Young with wife Elizabeth which is similar to her age. A Prissy Groves who is 65 years old is living with the family. There is no stated relationship. (This is not Elizabeth's mother who is living with her son, James Groves)

Could this be Elizabeth who reportedly married a Younger? 1860 Grant Co census indicates married name is YOUNG.
1860 Grant County Census
County of Grant of Kentucky
Post Office Cordovia
. Young, Morgan 35 M KY farmer
Elizabeth 23 F KY
Newton 6 M KY
James M. 4 M KY
John 3 M KY
Armilda 1 F KY
Groves, Prissey 65 F KY

Addison Groves - the 6th son and John and Priscilla Groves

Addison Groves was born in 1835. He is mentioned in John and Priscilla's wills. In 1852, Addison and his younger brother John H. Groves selected Wm. H. Morgan as their guardian after the death of their father.
All Volumes by Janet Pease.
Grant County KY Records

Guardianship: Addison Johnson GROVES and John Harrison GROVES - orphans
of Jno. E. GROVES, dec'd, being over the age of 14 years, chose Wm. H.
Morgan as their guardian. Security: T. T. Thompson.
September 1852. [Page 33]
William Morgan is the son of Jeremiah Morgan. No other reference to Addison Groves has been found.

John H. Groves - the youngest son of John and Priscilla Groves

JOHN HARRISON(3) GROVES (JOHN E(2)SAMUEL(1) was born April 20, 1834 in Grant County, Kentucky65, and died June 14, 1898 in Grant County, Kentucky66. He married ELIZA JANE SWITZER October 24, 1854 in Harrison County, Ky67, daughter of SWITZER and CYNTHIA.

Groves, John and Louisa Jane Switzer. Bond #4743
Bond Date: 24 October 1854. Bondsman: Michael New
Certificate of his mother and guardian proven by Jno Groves
and consent of her father (given0 in person
H. Co. Bond Book 1854-1862, page 163
Marriage Date: not found in marraige books
Not found in Sutton Register

Louisa Jane Switzer is also known as Eliza Jane. She is the daughter of Cynthia Switzer who later married Michael New. John and Eliza Groves had eleven children.

Mary E. Groves and Roxie Groves who died at birth.
Missouri Ann Groves married James Brooks
William Henry Groves married Alice Faulkner.
Other children were: John A. Groves
Sarah E. Groves,
Eliza Groves married Benjamine Rulon,
Perry Groves married Francis Cunningham,
Lucy Groves married George Magee
Ulyseus Groves whose spouse is unknown
Mollie Groves
who also died at birth.

John H. Groves died in Grant County June 14, 1898 and is buried in the Groves Family Graveyardon the Wilbur McGill farm. His three children that died at birth are buried with him. His widow, Eliza Jane Switzer remarries G.W, Million in 1903.

In 1854 after his older brother, Addison, became of age, he selected Jeremiah Morgan as his guardian. There is no known connection between the Morgan and Groves family. Henry Clay Morgan, son of Wm. Morgan, married Nancy Jane Anness daughter of William Anness of Cordova. This may be the husband of Julian Groves. Jeremiah Morgan was witness to the will of Priscilla Groves in 1862.

Perlina and Daniel Groves the 4th Generation
the Groves Family Study
Harold Groves
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