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The Fourth Generation - Daniel and Perlina Groves
Research by Sandra Burbridge

Samuel Groves and Mildred Tuggle Groves
the parents of Daniel Tucker Groves

Samuel and Mildred Groves were married in Clark Co, Kentucky, July 30, 1844. Mildred Tuggle's family was from Estill County adjacent to Clark Co. Her mother was from the William Adams family of Clark Co. Her father John Tuggle had died before 1839 when she was a small child. Mildred and her sibling's guardian was James Bybee, her mother's brother in law. Her mother remarried Thomas Potts in 1839.

Samuel Groves and Mildred Tuggle sold land in Clark Co. in the late 1840s. They are listed in the 1850 census in Grant Co. KY Page 297 with two children John W. 4 years old and James I. 2 years old. They sold land from the Tuggle estate in 1852 the same year that John E. Groves died in Grant Co. and Samuel is named executor of his estate. They apparently moved to Estill Co where Daniel Tucker Groves and his sister, Nancy were born in 1853 and 1854. I have not located the family in the 1860 or 1870 census but Samuel and Mildred are listed in the 1880 Grant Co. census with 6 other children; Andrew, George, Henry, Martha, Mary, Thomas. They have at least one other child, Edward who is listed in his mother obituary.

Daniel Tucker Groves who is 17 years old in 1870 is found living in Owen County, Kentucky adjacent to Grant County living with G.W. Trimenell? as a farm labor.

On December 10, 1874, Daniel Tucker Groves marries Perlina (Jane?) Groves in Grant County at the home of William S. Anness, home of his uncle. This is a copy of their marriage license and note from her father. After locating an actual copy of the note, it was obvious the George Groves was her father. George Groves born in Grant Co., Kentucky, is assumed to be the brother of Samuel Groves and the uncle of Daniel Tucker Groves. However, it is possible that it is another George Groves and further proof of her parentage has not been found.

George Groves brother of Samuel Groves married Rebecca McLain daughter of Johnathan and Susannah McLain on November 9, 1843.
GROVES, George and Rebecca McLAIN,
Bond Date: November 8, 1843
Bondsman: Samuel MCLain.
Bond Book 1838-1847 page 103
Marriage Date: November 9, 1843
Grant Co, Kentucky
Grant County Records Volume IV

They have two children:
1850 Harrison County Census District No. 2
George W. Groves 28 Yr. Farmer R Est $300
Rebecca 26 Yr
William N. 4 Yr
Priscilla 2 Yr
According to her marriage bond, Perlina is born around 1852 after the 1850 census. Rebecca McLain died between 1854 and 1859 and George Groves remarries Mahala Wolfe daughter of Benjamine and Margaret Wolfe on June 27, 1860.

Grant Co Ky Records Volume VII Janet Pease
George W. Groves to Mahala Wolf
Bond Date: 27 Jun 1860
Bondsman: William S. Anness
Consent of John Wolf, grandfather of Mahala Wolf
"or my ward as the case"
Attest: William S. Anness
The consent of the guardian of the lady
was proved by the oath of W.S. Anness
George W. Groves married Mahala Wolf at
the house of Eliz'h Rogers by Jas J. House.
Married 28 Jun 1860

George and Mahala Groves are listed with in the 1860 and 1870 Grant County Census. Rebecca's children are not with him.

Her sister, Priscilla Groves, listed in 1860 Harrison County Census living with Benjamine Robertson pg.489.  She is 11 years old.
Benj. Robertson 62 y male farmer b. Virginia, Caltha 49y female, William 24y male constable Kentucky, William Jones 16y male farmer Kentucky, Pricilla Groves 11y female Kentucky.

General Affidavit Civil War Pension
The proof that George Groves who married Mahala Wolfe in 1860 is the same George Groves who married Rebecca McLain in 1844 is provided by his Civil War Pension records. In a General Affidavit dated January 1898 provided by John W. Anness and G.W. Mauzee after the death of George Groves they state:
That they are well acquainted with claimant Mahala Groves and also knew her late husband George W. Groves. That they were married about the year 1860 at the residence of of Widow Betsey Rogers in Grant Co. Ky. That George Groves was previously married to wife Rebecca McLain who died somewhere between the years of 1854 and 1859..(continued)

The birth of Perlina's daughter Annie:
Grant Co Ky Records.
Annie GROVES. white, female. 2/12, April.
J.T.? (26) and Pulina (25 GROVES, both born KY Grant Co Birth Records Reported in 1880 Census taken 01 Jun 1880.
Page 128

Perlina and Daniel Tucker Groves are listed in the 1880 Grant County Census with their three children.
1880 Grant County, KY Census
E.D. 91 page 6 line15
the Kentucky Soundex
He is listed as D.T. Groves with his wife Perlina and three children. Robert-Lee (4 yrs) William (2yrs) and Annie (2 mo.)

The death of Perlina Groves was determined to have occurred November 7, 1889 in Clark Co. KY a few months after the birth of her last child, Julius Caesar Groves. Her husband Daniel Tucker Groves applied for the pension of his son , Robert Lee Groves, who died in the Spanish American War. Affidavits filed with this application supplied this information. Cause of death was not reported but it is assumed it was related to childbirth.

She is referred to as "Pliney Groves" by her husband DT Groves in pension application. This is possibly the lady who was present at the death of Perlina (as per Robert Groves pension record)

? DUNN JANE K 084 CLARK 01-26-1914 002 00873 1914

 Julius Caesar Groves was raised by a foster family, reportedly by the name of Shear. His daughter remembers visiting "Grandma Shear" in La Grange, KY in Oldham County in 1938. They were expecting the house to be back in the hills of Kentucky but the home was right off the main road and even had electric lights!
Could this be the Shear family that raised Julius? He is 4 years older than Julius who was born in 1889.
1910 Kentucky Census
James A Spears
Enumeration District: 0080 Color: W
Age: 54 Birth Place: Kentucky
Visit: 0042
County: Johnson
Relation: Husband
Relatives: Wife Miranda 55, Kentucky
Son Sam 30, Kentucky
Son Groves 25, Kentucky
Grandson Auburn Daniels 08, Kentucky

When Daniel dies three years later, Julius is in Sangamon Co, Illinois.

Daniel Groves relocates to Springfield, Sangamon County, Illinois in the 1900 census as does is his son William Groves. Tucker Groves is listed in New Berlin Township at the home John Erickson. He is listed as a widow. William Groves is also in the New Berlin Township at the home of Edward Brown.

Daniel Groves died in a hunting accident in 1913. His obituary and death certificate and the death certificate of his mother Mildred Tuggle Groves raised several questions.

There is no reference to Annie Groves in Daniel Tucker Groves' Obituary; the daughter listed with him and Perlina in the 1880 Grant Co KY census. No record of her has been found.  Robert Lee Groves  was a veteran and a casualty of the Spanish American War that his brother William also served in.

Generation No. 5

William Groves born 1878 the second son of Daniel Tucker Groves and father of Harold Groves. On October 4, 1900 he enlists in the US Army and is assigned to Jefferson Barracks, Mo. On December 13, he is assigned to Troop D, 2nd Calvary per R.O. 145 at Hamilton Barracks, Cuba. At time of his enlistment he is describe as 5'5", with blue #12 eyes and light brn hair with a ruddy complexion. Distinguishing marks are "a scar on nose and across cheek and a small scar near elbow and shin". He serves in San Juan, Cuba in 1900 and later received a pension for his service in the Spanish American War. However, it was later denied because he was actually in Cuba after the end of the war. He is discharged October 3, 1903 from Ft. Ethan Allen, VA. Remarks are "excellent."

William Groves married Vandelia "Fannie" Miller in 1917 from Wayne County, Kentucky. This is a copy of their marriage license. She is the daughter of John Miller and Nancy Ida Hart, and is a woman 20 years his junior. He was 39 years old. I have never found an earlier marriage, but it is difficult to believe that at this time in history, he waited so long to marry. A son is born 1920, Harold William Groves. He was divorced in 1921-1922.

Harold Groves, William's son, reported that his father worked for a family by the name of Stice between New Borough and Jacksonville, Ill. Harold's birth certificate lists his father as a "miller". Harold seems to remember him working for a flour mill in the Springfield area before it closed.

He played the punch boards, a form of gambling. He won an Easter egg and gave it to Julius' children. He had custody of his son Harold and lived with Julius and his family for a time. His niece reports that he spoiled his son. However, Harold spent many years with various foster families. Harold remembered his dad having a severe cough which was disabling and may have been from mustard gas during the war. He also worked in a pool hall in Springfield.

William Groves died in March of 1946 two months after his son returned from World War II. He had contracted several diseases while in the military in Cuba. He never married again and was reportedly devoted to his son which he was unable to keep with him.

His address at the time of his death was 220 W. Cook, Springfield, Illinois. He is buried at Camp Butler Cemetery in Sangamon County, Illinois.

Julius Caesar Groves born in 1889 relocates to Illinois and marries Martha Edmonds from that state. They have 4 children Edna, Robert, Roy and Cora.

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