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Descendants of James H. Cooper

The grandfather of T.J. Cooper, James H. Cooper was born in Indiana in 1855 according to his grandson. His wife was Narcissus Jane Bolt also of Indiana. Her unusual name and the names of the children by her first marriage, made her parents relatively easily to locate. Her parents, James and Charity Bolt with five of her siblings are found in the 1850 Clinton Co., Indiana Census before Narcissus was born. On January 18, 1855 Narcissus was born and she is found with her family in the 1860 Clinton Co., Indiana Census. By the 1870 Clinton Co., Indiana Census her father has apparently died and her mother, Charity is listed as the head of household.  She is 14 years old and has 3 younger siblings. Later the same year, she marries Thomas Hobson who is 20 years old. She has three children before 1880: William, Carrie and Henry Hobson. It is  possible that Henry, the last child is born after her marriage to James H. Cooper.

There are several Cooper families in the 1860 Clinton Co., Indiana Census, one of the families, William and Eliza Clinton have a 5 year old son named James with several other siblings. This family is also in the area in the 1850 Clinton Co., Indiana Census, 5 years before James is born but by the 1870 Clinton Co., Indiana Census, there are two Cooper families in the Clinton area but neither of them are the William and Eliza from 1860 though one family is in the same neighborhood with the same neighbors. Perhaps they have died and the older children are raising their siblings but I cannot connect the children to the 1860 census. The only 15 year old James Coopers in Indiana are in different counties and though one has parents named William and Eliza they are too young to be his parents.

On November 02, 1878 Narcissus Jane Bolt Hobson married James Cooper. They are found in Kirklin  in the 1880 Clinton Co., Indiana Census with her children. In 1900 they have relocated to Missouri and are found in the Ozark Township of Barton Co., Missouri. With James and Narcissus are Harry W. believed to be the son of Thomas Hobson as he is born in 1878,  Evan E. Cooper born in 1883 and James T. Cooper born in 1893.  I believe this is Thomas James Cooper. Since there are 10 years between Evan and James  and this census states that Narcissus is the mother of 6 children, 5 living. James T. Cooper is listed as a Section Foreman on the Rail Road.

There are also two grandchildren living with James and Narcissus, Ethel and Lee Thomas, believe to be the children of  Carrie (or Cora Hobson). Since we know one of Narcissus' children has died, I assume it is Carrie.

By 1910 James Cooper has relocated his family again. Their frequent moving obviously a result of his position on the railroad. They are found in the 1910 Crittenden Co., Arkansas Census, just two doors down from his son's future wife's family, John Ellsworth Clarke. Both James and his son Thomas and the step brother of his future wife, are working for the rail road. A boarder in the Clarke home, Sydney Kelly, also works for the rail road. He will become the husband of  Oma Shutr? Clarke and the future brother in law of Thomas Cooper.

James Cooper, husband of Narcissus, died in 1910. His grandson reports that he died in Liberal, Missouri. Narcissus Cooper is found living alone in the 1920 Barton Co., Missouri Census in the city of Liberty and in the 1930 Barton Co., Missouri Census. On April 25, 1914, Thomas James Cooper married Viola Nora Clarke in Memphis, Tennessee. They are living in Clark Co., Arkansas in the 1920 Clark Co., Census with two of my uncles siblings, John and Vioma Cooper before the birth of my Uncle T.J. My Uncle was born in Memphis Tennessee in 1923. He  moved to Omaha Nebraska and Liberal, Missouri before 1930 where they are found in the 1930 Kane Co., Illinois Census in city of Aurora. In 1938 they moved to Decatur, Illinois where T.J. Cooper met and married my aunt, Betty Maxine Stratman in 1946.

Thomas James Cooper and Viola Nora Clarke Cooper are buried in Crittenden Memorial Park in Marion, Arkansas.
James H. Cooper 1855 - 1910
.. +Narcissus Jane Bolt 1855 - 1940
2 W.F. Hobson
2 Chas Hobson
2 Cora Hobson Thomas
2 HW Cooper
2 EE Cooper
2 Thomas James Cooper 1893 - 1957
.. +Viola Nora Clarke 1895 - 1987
3 John Harvey Cooper 1915 - 1993
.. +Florence Marie Conrad 1914 - 1994
*2nd Wife of John Harvey Cooper:
.. +Gene Wick
3 Vioma Corrine Cooper 1916 - 1995
.. +William Otis Smith - 1995
3 Thomas James Cooper 1923 -
.. +Betty Maxine Stratman 1926 -
3 Baby Viola Cooper 1926 - 1926

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