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Groves Census Documents

During the Depression President Roosevelt created jobs for Americans. One of those jobs, was to take the census and list all the state residents by their last name. (Grouped according to "sound a like". The result was the "Soundex". I was able to locate the Groves famiy in Grant Co, KY instead of the county I thought they were in. The following is the Soundex Cards for our Groves family in 1880.

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This is the family of Samuel Groves,
2nd great grandfather of Harold.
Several of his children have already left home:

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This is the family of Daniel Tucker Groves (D.T. Groves),
Grandfather of Harold Groves.
Further proof is the listing of Harold's dad William
who was born, according to his pension recrods in 1878.

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This the family of John Groves,
the Uncle of William Groves, Harold's father.
They are in the Estill/Clark County area which is where
I had been looking for other members of the family.
His brother Anderson is living with him.

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Each of the surviving children are listed in Mildred Jane Tuggle Groves' and Daneil Groves obituaries.

This is a great poem about "The Census Taker". It takes you back to how it must have been.

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