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Buffalo Grove Cemetery
Louisiana, Missouri
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Compiled by Emil Burbridge, 4th great grandson

Located.9 tenths of a mile from the railroad tracts south of Louisiana, Missouri on Highway 79 to Eola turn off by Power Plant. Turn west, east is the Mississippi River. Travel west 1.6 miles on road to Eolia to SP Rd #3 251 which is across from small cemetery. Turn north on gravel road .9 tenths of a mile. Cemetery is on a hill to your left. Can't miss it. Grave stie is at top of hill by east tree.

Buffalo Grove Cemetery is located 3 mile south* of Louisiana, Missouri in the rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains. It is 1.5 miles from the highway on a gravel road. The area is serene, beautiful and just minutes from the Mississippi River. This is probably the area Roland Burbridge settled when first coming to Missouri from Kentucky in the early 1800's. On the top of the hill by the old tree, are his tombstone and the tombstone of his wife, Jane Wells Burbridge. A plaque has been added by the Sons of the American Revolution commemorating his service as a Revolutionary War Solider.

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Roland Burbridge, Revolutionary War Solider
Plaque placed by the Sons of the American Revolution in 1989

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Wife of Roland Burbridge

Pittsfield West Mausoleum
Pittsfield, Illinois

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This cemetery and mausoleum are located on the west side of Pittsfield, Illinois, 24 miles from Louisiana, Missouri on the other side of the Mississippi River. Emil' s great grandparents are buried in the masoleum and his grandparents are buried in the cemetery.

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