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Trexler Family

Descendants of Conrad Drechsler

Generation No. 1

Conrad Drechsler was born May 1624 in Dettingen, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany, he died March 7 1693/94. He married Catherine about 1655 in Palatinate, Germany

  Children of Conrad Drechsler and Catherine were:

Generation No. 2

Nicholas Drechsler married Elizabeth Zimmerman about 1675 in Dettingen, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany. She was born May 5, 1659 in Sternback, Germany


Children of Nicholas Drechsler and Elizabeth Zimmerman were:

Generation No. 3

John Peter Trexler married Catherine Breinig


Children of John Trexler and Catherine Breinig were:

Generation No. 4

Jeremiah Trexler married Maria Catherine Schumacher in 1726 in Northampton, PA


Children of Jeremiah Trexler and Maria Schumacher were:

Generation No. 5

John Peter Trexler married (1) Susanna Bauer Hassler; (2)Maria Catherine Elizabeth Albright


Children of John Trexler and Susanna Hassler were:

Generation No. 6

Israel Trexler married Hannah Ott in 1813. She was born January 26, 1794 and died December 11, 1875 in Allentown, PA


Children of Israel Trexler and Hannah Ott were:

Generation No. 7

Emanuel Uriah Trexler married Caroline Hoover on September 14,1836

Children of Emanuel Trexler and Caroline Hoover were:

Generation No. 8

Charles Lewis Trexler married Emma Mary Fried on October 25,1875. She was born June 22,1854 and died December 19,1939

Children of Charles Trexler and Emma Fried were:


Generation No. 9

Caroline C. Trexler married Fred H. Pickard between 1895-1924. He was born in 1876 and died December 29,1952

  Children of Caroline Trexler and Fred Pickard were:


Charles Orlander Trexler married (1)Stella Gordon Cox, b. October 5,1892; d. January 12,1945 and (2)Mary Rebecca Maurer on March 25,1947, Mary was b. November 25,1907; d. April 24,1988

Children of Charles Trexler and Stella Cox are:

Generation No. 10
Wayne A. Pickard married Charlotte.

Child of Wayne Pickard and Charlotte is:


Edythe P. Pickard married Russell A. Forsythe between 1933-1956. Russell was born April 8,1917 and died June 22,1963.

Children of Edythe Pickard and Russell Forsythe are:


Lisle M. Pickard married Margaret Rose.


Children of Lisle Pickard and Margaret Rose are:


Charles Wendal Trexler married Muriel Annie Black on September 18,1947. She is the daughter of DeWayne Black and Florence Laraway.

Children of Charles Trexler and Muriel Black are:

Generation No. 11
Linda Ann Trexler married Ashley McKeen.

Children of Linda Trexler and Ashley McKeen are:


Arlene Trexler married (1)Richard Woodlen and (2)John King.
Children of Arlene Trexler and Richard Woodlen are:

Charles Stanley Trexler married Deborah Johnson.
Children of Charles Trexler and Deborah Johnson are:

Stella Florence Trexer married Darrell Bort.
Children of Stella Trexler and Darrell Bort are:

Chris Marie Trexler married Joe Granciale.
Child of Chris Trexler and Joe Granciale is:

Kim Louise Trexler married Doug Champion.
Children of Kim Trexler and Doug Champion are:

Teresa May Trexler married Mark Chapman.
Children of Teresa Trexler and Mark Chapman are:

Mark Lee Trexler married (1)Sandra Lynn Reynolds on October 8,1983 and (2)Pamela Renee Thomas on June 19,1994.
Children of Mark Trexler and Sandra Reynolds are:

  Children of Mark Trexler and Pamela Thomas are:

For the entire Trexler line, see the Reynolds Family file.

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