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Research of Barbara Radcliffe Rogers
on the Isaac Sanders/Elizabeth King Family
of Prentiss County, Mississippi

I first became aware of the research of Barbara Radcliffe Rogers (1935-2003) through an exchange of e-mail  in January 2013 with Cathy Eshmont who is also a descendant of the Sanders of Randolph and Montgomery. This research developed from Barbara Radcliffe's marriage to a son of Katie Sue Sanders (1912-2005), a great granddaughter of Isaac Sanders (1817-after 1880) of Prentiss County, Mississippi. During the 1980s Barbara Rogers became interested in her husband's genealogy and eventually compiled the resulting data into into a book that was distributed to several descendants of  Isaac's grandson, Calvin Newton Sanders (1874-1957). Obviously, this work was done before the Internet was widely used and most of the research was done through searching old family records, interviewing family members, and traveling to cemeteries and courthouses.

The book consists mainly of family group sheets, and although there are  copies of marriage licenses, pictures, and other documentation for more recent generations, there are very few notes. Consequently, for the material on Isaac Sanders and Elizabeth King, we have no obvious documentation. My conclusion is that, nevertheless, Barbara Rogers must have had access to a family Bible that belonged to either Isaac Sanders or to his son Aaron Sanders (1837-1903) or to another Sanders descendant who copied that material into a later document. For example, she has exact birth dates of Isaac and his wife Elizabeth and all their children and the dates of death of the children who died in infancy. Most of these are not obtainable through any official records as birth and death records were not common in those days, and we do not even know where most of these children were buried. Yet these dates match very well with the clues we get from the census and those few cases where a tombstone or other records exist. Where the dates differ (for example, she has June 20 as the birthdate of my grandfather Jesse Sanders instead of June 30 which is the date on his death certificate and tombstone, of which Barbara was unaware), the difference is not very great or can be easily explained: for example, perhaps the number on the page she read was so faded she could not tell whether it was a "2" or a "3." Apparently, Barbara Rogers knew nothing about the origins of the family before they moved to Mississippi, and her work is devoted mainly to the line from Isaac, to his son Aaron, to Aaron's son, Calvin Newton Sanders. Her research has only the dates of birth and not the place of birth of the children of Isaac and Elizabeth, which is even more suggestive of her having worked from an old Bible or other early document.

For the benefit of Sanders researchers, these family group sheets and other documents that Barbara Radcliffe Rogers compiled are being made available here in PDF format. To prevent possible confusion where there is a conflict with subsequent research, I have in a few cases added "sticky notes," but otherwise the sheets are presented exactly as Barbara compiled them nearly thirty years ago. Her work and dedication in preserving these records is a legacy that will be helpful to generations of Sanders researchers.
--Gary B. Sanders

Family Group Sheet, Isaac Sanders (1817-after 1880) and Elizabeth King (1817-after 1880)

Family Group Sheet, Aaron Sanders (1837-1903) and Hester Ann Champion (1854-1920)

Wedding Certificate of Aaron Sanders and Hester Champion

Family Group Sheet, Calvin Newton Sanders (1874-1957) and Susan Katherine Azbell (1877-1939)

Veterinary Certificate of Calvin Newton Sanders, 1895

Marriage Certificate of Calvin Newton Sanders and Susan Azbell, 1903

Picture of Calvin Newton and Susan Sanders, 1930

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Picture at top from a nineteenth century  U.S. government certificate.  Other gaphics by Cari Buziak.