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The Stark Family

This is my mother-in-law's maiden name, and establishes her family's historic connection with the Isle of Wight, a place we love dearly and visit every year (one day we may even return our family to the Island!)

Her father, Harry Leonard, brought the family back to the mainland. Before that, they mainly married into other families on the island: hence the connection with another Island surname, Morris.

The family has a strong naval tradition, serving (and dying) on Navy submarines and warships during World War II.

If you want to follow the surname through, the best person to start with is my husband's maternal great-grandfather, Harry Leonard Stark.

Here are the individuals whose trees feature here:

William Stark 1856-????
Adolphus Edward W Stark 1880-????
Ethel Stark ????-????
Mildred Stark ????-????
Harry Leonard Stark 1885-1971