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The Sell Family

This surname enters the family tree with my maternal great-grandmother, Eleanor Sell.

My mother has a wonderful photograph of Nellie, as Eleanor was known, sitting in the midst of her huge family, looking every bit the fearsome Victorian matriarch.

The Sell branch of the family has very strong roots in the town of Royston, on the Hertfordshire/Cambridgeshire borders (it has swapped counties once or twice in its history).

Most of the family was born there, mainly in Bassingbourne, and intermarried with other branches of the family, making an extremely close-knit tree.

If you want to follow the surname through, the best person to start with is my great-grandmother, Eleanor Mary Sell.

Here are the individuals whose trees feature here:

Joseph Oliver Sell 1836-1921
Sarah Sell 1835-1900
Ann (Annie) Sell 1860-?
Emma Florence Sell 1865-1871
Eleanor Mary Sell 1871-1943